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The lithesome late 20ish brunette looked around at the massive studios surrounding her, barely able to fathom that her dream job had become a reality. Elizabeth Day had finally been hired on at QVC as a program host, and although her initial hours on air would consist of the graveyard shift where the main audience would be the hard core home shopping addicts and insomniacs, it was her chance to be a tv star, a great paycheck, and an almost unlimited opportunity for advancement if she did well.

As Liz strolled around the grounds, introducing herself to everyone, her smile as big as the day itself, she tried her best to remember the names of everyone from the other hosts she encountered to the customer service reps and the grunts.

Although her first real on air shift would be weeks away, practice demos, product info seminars, and daily suggestive selling and speaking exercises would fill her days before she finally got a chance to jump off the deep end selling T-Fal cookware at 4 in the morning.

While making the rounds the first day as an official employee, several of the other hosts made it a point to come up and congratulate the eager dark haired beauty. One of those hosts was Suzanne Runyan, a voluptuous quick witted down to earth blonde. The two women talked amiably in one of the studio's hallways.

"Welcome aboard Elizabeth", Suzanne gleamed.

"Thank you, thank you so much, you can call me Liz, please", the giddy new employee offered.

"We sorely needed some fresh blood around this place, I was hoping maybe you were free after work tonight. A model here, Linda, and I were going to the local watering hole for a few drinks to discuss an upcoming show, we'd love it if you'd tag along. A little informal welcoming committee, you know", Suzanne said, nothing but good intentions etched across her face.

"Oh, I don't know. I'd feel like I would be butting in. My husband wanted to take me out anyway to celebrate", Liz fidgeted, really wanting to accept the offer.

"You sure, offer still stands till the end of the working day", Suzanne smiled.

"Oh why not, he usually works until 7:30 or 8 and I get off at 5:30 so I don't see why I can't go and let you girls show me some of the more happening places around town', Liz accepted with a pleasant sigh.

"It's a date then. Linda and I both should be waiting out in the front lobby when your done with those silly voice exercises they put you through. See ya then!" Suzanne said, pleased the shy new girl accepted their offer, and curious as to the possibilites.

The rest of the day was a whirlwind was Liz, meetings, makeup and wardrobe tips and product seminars ranging from jewelry to vaccums. Although she wasn't a big drinker, as quitting time approached, with her mouth parched and her wits at an end, she was ready for a drink or two.

Suzanne and Linda were both waiting in the lobby as Liz sauntered slowly out of the studios, looking beat. Suzanne introduced Liz to the lovely golden maned model named Linda and all three women made their way out to Suzanne's minivan for the short trip to the upscale club in downtown West Chester.

The bar was quite relaxed and subdued when the three ladies strolled in. The happy hour crowd was thinning out and there was an hour or so before the night crowd began filtering in. Suzanne, Linda and Liz found a booth in the middle of the club, sat down and ordered their drinks and appetizers.

"They have the best Long Island ice teas and sex on the beaches in town, Liz", Suzanne suggested.

"Hummm, I don't know what to get, I'm not much of a drinker, it will probably go straight through me", Liz said hestitantly, knowing how upset her newlywed husband would get if she came home from her first day at her new job sloshed, especially since he wanted to take her out.

"Ahh come on", Linda laughed.

"O.K. I'll take a Long Island ice tea, I might try sex on the beach later", Liz smiled at her own attempt at humor. The other two women smiled as well, their plan coming together nicely.

One drink turned to two and two turned to five and by 8pm, Liz's head was floating as the night crowd began to filter into the club. As the three ladies continued to drink and shoot the breeze about what Liz could expect at her new job, several men had come up to try and hit on Linda mainly. Although all 3 ladies sported prominent wedding bands, Linda's perfect face and figure tended to bring out the daring in most men, especially in the darkened atmosphere of a bar. Linda however politely declined each time.

When a taller, wellbuilt older gentleman in a suit, probably a doctor, eased up to Liz sitting at the table and tried striking up a conversation, Liz could barely contain her drunken excitement. It had been years since a man approaced her in a bar, even if he was old enough to be her father. Still she politely refused as well, subtly showing him her expensive wedding ring before he took a hint and strolled several tables down to talk to some college aged girls who seemed a little more interested in what he was offering.

The three ordered another round of drinks.

"Thank you so much for inviting me out. It's been so long since I had a night out with the girls, probably since college I guess, "Liz gloated, in a ever increasing slurred tone."I guess I really should call my husband see if he's home and let him know I'll be home in a few."

As Liz made her way over to the payphone on the wall, Linda and Suzanne talked amongst themselves about the course of the evening.

When Liz sat back down and began hinting about leaving, the other two women got the message.

"He's pissed your not home, isn't he Liz,"Linda guessed correctly.

"Yep," Liz admitted.

"Well we'll get you home in a jiffy, I'm sure my hubby is wondering where the hell I'm at too. There is just one little thing Linda and I wanted to ask you Liz,"Suzanne said playfully.

Liz looked at the two women curiously,"What?"

There is a little initiation process we have done for the new girls who come aboard, like a sorority thing I guess, nothing painful or embarrassing. It won't take long either. Are you interested?" Suzanne said, putting the offer on the table.

Liz thought momentarily about her husband stewing at home and also thought about how much she wanted to fit in with her new co-workers. Through the alcoholic fog in her head, she chose the latter.

"What do I have to do, take off my skirt and run screaming here through the bar,"Liz joked.

Both Suzanne and Linda busted out laughing. "Gee, that's a better idea than the silly little thing we've got planned,"Linda giggled.

"No, no, all were going to do is blindfold you and drive you for a few miles, that's it. You'll be home and back in your hubby's arms before you know it", Suzanne said fiegning honesty.

"Well if everyone else has done it over the years, I guess I have no other choice, do I," Liz accepted more curious than anything else.

"Do you want to call your husband and let him know you'll be home in an hour or so?" Linda asked.

"No, he's pissed. I'm out late anyway as it is. What's another hour or so, I'll deal with him in the morning,"Liz said, putting her fate in the hands of her new friends.

The two QVC vets paid for the drinks, then walked with Liz out to the parking lot. As Linda got into the backseat and Liz took her place in the passenger seat, Suzanne started the minivan and began to ease it out of the club's lot. As Liz sat back anticipating what was coming, Linda reached around and placed a dark ebony colored scarf across Liz's eyes.

"Let me know if I get this too tight,"Linda offered sweetly.

"It feels fine, this is just like my sorority rush, where are we going?" Liz asked knowing they wouldn't tell.

"Don't worry, we'll be there before you know it," Suzanne said as she drove through downtown West Chester.

As Suzanne pulled her van into the parking space of Room 138 at the Super 8 that she had rented earlier in the day, Linda and Suzanne spilled out of the vechicle and went to the passenger side door to open it to let a blindfolded Liz Day out.

"Are we there?" Liz asked, her breath smelling slightly of the booze she had injested.

"Sure are," Suzanne replied.

Both woman helped their blindfolded co-worker out of the van as a few other hotel patrons looked on with curiousity as two pretty women led a another blindfolded girl dressed in a pink business suit out of a van and led her into a hotel room.

Flanked on both sides, with Linda and Suzanne supporting her arms for balance, Liz tettered slowly from the sidewalk outside through the door of the room. Although her head swirled in her forced darkness, she could sense she was going inside because the dull thud of her high heels on the sidewalk was replaced by the feeling of having her heels disappear into the soft carpet of the room below. She could also feel the unmistakable chill of the airconditioning on her sensitive skin, raising goosebumps on her forearms both because of her anticipation and the chill of the room.

As Liz sensed a light being turned on in the room, a moment of fear swept through her being. There was no way there was a sick perverted cult at QVC that went around recruiting new sacrafices to torture unmercifully and have their way with, was it...,she tried convincing herself that it wasn't possible. That silly thought stayed in the back of her mind as Linda and Suzanne led her over to a chair. She was thankful both women were there to support her because the effects of the copius amounts of booze from earlier in the evening was really beginning to take its effects on her. Combined with her lack of vision, Liz was relieved to no end when Linda and Suzanne sat her down sofly in a chair and told her not to touch the bilndfold and that they would both be back in just a second.

After a few moments alone, Liz sensed by the sounds around her she was probably in a hotel room somewhere because of the other doors slamming and the unmistakable sounds of the central A.C. in the room cutting on and off. The front door opened once again and Liz tensed involuntarily when the sound of footsteps re-entered the room.

"I brought you a glass of water, if you want," Linda's voice offered from above.

"That's just what I need,"Liz said thankfully as Linda held out the glass and Liz took a long quenching sip.

As Liz sat there in the chair bindfolded, knowing the other two women were milling around the room, she marveled at the way her other 4 senses had increased in sensitivity now that her vision was blocked. She could hear the ice cubes crackle in the glass of water beside her, she could feel how cool the chill was delightfully on her arms and could almost sense the excitement coming off Suzanne and Linda as they moved about the room. Although she didn't have any reason to believe it, she also sensed the presense of another person in the room, a heavier set of footsteps than the ones Linda and Suzanne cast. Liz filed that away as well in her mind as her conscience was jolted by a cold harsh yet erotic rush.

Two simultanious freezing jolts descending upon Liz's pale white neck. Suzanne and Linda had each taken an ice cube and placed it firmly on Liz's neck right above each shoulder blade. Both women slowly eased the melting cubes around Liz's throat tenderly until, they met at the center of her neck, underneath her chin. Suzanne and Linda held the cubes there, in the most sensitive of places and let drip after freezing drip from the two cubes leave a wet cool trail down under the collar of her blouse until it pooled seductively across her heaving chest directly on the elastic band of Liz Day's white lacy bra.

As the chilling riverlettes of water meandered down her neck and onto her chest, a wealth of questions began seeping into Liz Day's head. With each passing moment, it seemed her rational mind was helplessly caught in a downward whirlpool.

"What would her husband think if he found out,"Liz fearfully thought. "What about her marriage vows that were barely a year old. Would this even be considered cheating, they actually hadn't tried to have sex with her.. yet. . Oh God, but if they did, would that make her a lesbain. " She cringed at that thought, being rasied devoutly religeuous Liz was always taught that kind of behavior was morally damning.

Although her mind was awash in torturous questions, her body was a willing partner. When Liz felt a pair of soft insistant hands try and push her knees apart, she hestitantly but willingly made their access between her legs easier by lifting her legs like a flower opening expectantly, as those same warm hands disappeared under her bunched up skirt.

Liz cooperated by lifted her behind off the chair slightly, allowing the two women beside her to lift her skirt all the way up to her waist, exposing the lacy top of her thigh high stockings and her surprisingly moist and sticky white panties. Liz would have been embarrassed if she had seen just how turned on having two beautiful women stripping her down had made her.

She could also feel how soft amd sensuous Linda and Suzanne's blonde hair felt as they both brushed up against Liz's inner thighs as each lady made their way onto their knees in front of the new girl, making their way to the nector filled hair rimmed bulls eye of her crotch.

The two QVC vets began planting butterfly kisses on Liz's inner thighs, up over the stocking covered tender white flesh ,up ever closer to Liz's suddenly frothy vagina.

Although the last thread of rational thought in her mind tried getting her tongue to say "stop that", all that came out of Liz's mouth was a low gutteral moan of exquisite relief.

Liz's soft lovely long brown locks flowed against the back of the chair she was grinding down in, her head arching backwards from the duel assault on her pussy.

Suzanne and Linda's tongues were now no more than an inch apart as they both slid their long pink tongues up and down briskly over each of Liz Day's blood filled exposed vaginal lips. Liz grabbed the arms of the chair in each of her hands for support as the two woman's tongues slid wetly over each others, coming to a convergence at the raised bud of Liz's tingling clitoris. She tugged at the soft blonde hair of each of her co-workers wih her manicured nails as they dutifully went about the process of eating the beautiful brunette out, and preparing her for the next level of the initiation.

As Liz felt herself begin to tumble towards the first feminine created orgasm of her life, suddenly to two women pulled free from her sticky vulva, causing a blindflded Liz to whimper in dispair.

Linda and Suzanne licked Liz's sweet nectar off each other's lips as they motioned the third member of their initiation team over to the side of the bed where Liz was strewn in the chair, her ravaged pussy exposed, begging to be used.

"I think she's ready" Liz heard Linda say to someone, over the pounding rush in her own head .

The third person that Suzanne and Linda had met at the hotel for Liz's initiation happened to be a male stripper from a nearby Philadelphia night club that many of the ladies at QVC had frequented over the years. Many of the hosts and models had also done a lot more than watch the blonde bodybuilder with the moves of Berishnikoff take his clothes off. It was clearly evident from the first time that a woman saw the young man named Devin take his clothes off that he simply had a lot more to offer a woman than his electric dance moves and chisled body. It was the 9 and a half inch thick piece of manhood that hung between his legs, like it was an entity all its own , now becoming erect between his muscular thighs.

As its thick base portruded out of a clasp of dense blonde pubic hair, the racquetball sized head raised like a divining rod right at Liz Day's exposed but unsuspecting steaming vagina.

Devin had become a regular for the QVC girls' initiation exercises over the past year and both Linda and Suzanne had gladly taken a quick suck of Devin's white rod to glisten and grease it up for its inevitablly tight journey within the new girl's deep vaginal walls.

Linda and Suzanne looked on with glee and admiration as Devin slowly eased his way between Liz's trembling legs, guiding his arching manhood mere inches from her steaming entrance. He held his dick firmly in his hand, bathing in the feeling of the immense warmth being cast onto his hand and cock from Liz's needy pussy.

Devin silently motioned for both Linda and Suzanne to get on each side of Liz and pull her legs a little further apart, so he could have enough access to her tight pink juicy snatch.

When Liz felt her legs be pulled even further apart she fully expected Suzanne and Linda to both return to their devilsh work inside her thighs. What she actually got totally blew her away.

Although Liz was by no means a virgin, her experience with men was limited and solely tied to her now husband for the past year and a half. She really didn't have that many experiences to compare this with, so when something large began penetrating her sizzling pussy, she could only fathom that the girls had brought some kind of sex toys to use on her . That's the only thing Liz thought that could be so large, but as she grinded her teeth together and bit her lip from the sweet piercing pain, she thought that a dildo would not be hot and as insistant as what was drilling slowly through her moist folds was at that moment. What was entering her seemed to be attached to something with a great deal of power and energy and by its unrelenting action a great deal of insistance as well.

As the hot foriegn object slammed against the back wall of her womb like a submarine hitting an iceberg, Liz finally heard the man above her gasp lovingly, his dick buried in her tight sheath.

"Oh dear God," she thought, "Another man is fucking me, how could that whole thing be a dick in me." For the first time now Liz was sorely tempted to try and grasp at her blindfold to get a look at what was happening to her, but suddenly the strapping young male dancer grabbed her small hands in his and placed them onto his washboard ab muscles, letting her feel ,like a blind girl, just what was so deliciously and deeply using her.

Liz's hands quickly lost their tension as they began to voluntarily rub over the rippled abdominal muscles the young blonde adonis had worked so hard to develop. He flexed them for Liz as she squeezed them and rubbed them with her long red nails. That signaled to Devin that she did indeed want what he had sunk so deeply into her never before touched regions.

Suzanne and Linda opened Liz's blouse and undid the front snap of her bra with no resisitance and each took one of her fleshy white orbs into their mouths and sucked lovingly on them as Devin made short but intense work on Liz's dripping wet womanhod.

The anticipation of the buildup, the lovely feel of having two beautiful women strip her and eat her out for the first time and then open her up for the most incredably hung adonis she could have ever dreamed of was too much for little Elizabeth Day to handle. As Devin began to grunt as he pressed his thick white member deep into the happily married newlywed, she tightened up around his fleshy manhood and let out a loud gasp of tortured release.

"UMMMMPHHHHH... AHHHHHH.. OHHHHH. UMMMMMMMM. YEAH.. YEAH... YEAH... AAHHH... AHHHH," the blindfolded Liz squeeled as Devin pressed harder and harder through her molten vagina as Linda and Suzanne sucked ruthlessly at the acorn sized nipples that were screaming for attention.

Feeling the familiar sensations of a tight pussy cumming spastically over his rigid manhood was just the trigger Devin needed. He pulled his cock free with a powerful tug from Liz's sopuy grasp and stroked it several times before raining down a powerful shower of cum onto Suzanne's and Linda's faces while they each continued to hungrily lick, suck and fondle their new co-workers firm tits.

As Liz sat as far back in the chair as she could, no one stopped her from lifting the blindfold off her eyes this time and as she did, the hazy outline of the blonde adonis came into sight rising above her like a God with, the largest cock she'd ever seen twitching , raining endless torrents of cum down on her and her two female partners.

Liz Day just had the most intense sexaul experience of her life and now that she was a fully initiated member of the QVC staff, she couldn't wait till the next girl was hired so she could perhaps get in on the initiation from the other end.

The End
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