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About the author:

Jake is a thirty-year-old, single writer from the Northeastern United States and has been writing erotica off and on for the past six years. He started posting at the old sexfiction.com and revved up from there. Jake currently has over twenty stories posted at eroticstories.com and would like to thank everyone for their support and great emails. Jake has been writing in general for almost fifteen years and has had training in playwriting and screenwriting as well as short story writing. During college Jake wrote and directed several student films. "I think the greatest appeal of erotic stories, what really gets me, is the taboo aspect. I love to take a normal, everyday woman (or man) and put them into a situation where their lust and desire drive them to do things they never thought they would be capable of. Some of my favourite erotic authors are Slowhand, Stormbringer, and Graymouse." Jake is currently working on his Exploitation of Lindsey Cooper series and hopes to have it wrapped up sometime this summer.

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Sue's morning seemed like it flew by. With her husband Frank out of town on business she'd had to get the kids out and off to school and preschool by herself. After she'd done that and gone to the cleaners, she rushed home, slipped into her spandex bodysuit and leggings to run through the workout video she'd been going at for weeks now. And after forty-five minutes of that, she was out the door for her morning jog in the park.

Sue was only in her early thirties, but she'd had three kids close together and knew without anyone telling her that she'd let her body slip a little bit. Sue had always been athletic in high school, on the volleyball and softball teams...that was how she'd met her husband. But after the third baby, she could tell that Frank just wasn't looking at her the same way anymore. It wasn't afraid that he'd go cheating on her, they were both devout churchgoers, but she didn't feel as good about herself.

Well, that was six months ago. Sue designed herself an intense workout regimen, and followed it religiously. And now all the hard work had paid off. Her five foot six inch frame was back to the hundred and fifteen pounds she'd been in high school, her ass was firm, and her tight C-cups still stood proudly from her chest. She looked damned good in that little spandex outfit when she slipped it on in front of the mirror, and she knew it. Sue felt like she could even give those teenage girls from the church youth group she helped with a run for their money, if she put her mind to it.

But all that Sue was thinking about right now was the burn of her run, and she leaned over beside a park bench to catch her breath. Sue heard someone jog up beside her and looked up. What she hadn't noticed was that he had been standing a few feet away admiring her for a few minutes before that.

At first, she didn't recognize Alex Scott. She mostly only seen him in his Sunday best in church, or on those infrequent occasions he came out to help with youth group too. But then, he mostly talked amongst the kids, since he was only in his early twenties himself. He waved his blond hair out of his eyes.

"Hi, Sue," he said brightly, "you're one of the last people I thought I'd see out here."

"Well thanks, Alex," Sue laughed. "What's that supposed to mean?"

"Oh, nothing, I just thought with that brood of kids you have, you didn't have any time for yourself."

"Sometimes it seems that way, I'll admit, but after I have them all packed off to school, I can squeeze a little pleasure time in."

"You call this pleasure time?" He said with mock shock.

"Sure, it feels good to get out."

"Personally, I hate this crap. It's work to drag my ass out here."

Sue laughed again. "Well, to be honest, I hate it too, but I'm not as young as I used to be."

"You look perfect to me, Sue."

Something about the way he smiled at her unnerved Sue. She liked it, but it was unnerving never the less. "C'mon, I'm a sweaty mess. Look at this mop." Sue gestured to her short, thick brown hair.

Alex reached out and tussled her hair. "I think it's kinda cute, actually."

Sue actually felt a flush rise to her cheeks. "Well, thank you, but as I remember, you usually wear glasses."

"My contacts are in."

Sue laughed again. "You have an answer for everything, don't you?"

"It depends on the circumstance." His blue eyes glittered, despite his squinting to avoid the sun. Or was that why? Sue felt herself almost physically drawn to him, as his eyes seemed to drink her whole body in, catching every facet of her auburn hair, green eyes, full lips, etching her every curve into his mind. His hand burned across the back of her neck scorched her cheek. Sue's lips parted in a silent sigh. He smiled at her, a predator's smile, she thought. A friendly smile, she hoped.

"I'll have to keep that in mind," she finally croaked.

"You keep me in mind, Sue. I'll certainly do the same."

She smiled shyly. She opened her mouth to speak, but quickly clamped it shut. I'm a grown, married woman, she chided herself. What am I doing out her flirting with a man I barely know!

Sue tried to brush off her feelings of unease, but caught in Alex's gaze, she couldn't. "Well, I have to get back. I do have housewife things to do."

"Are you out here every morning?" Alex asked.


"Then hopefully I'll see you tomorrow." With a wink, Alex jogged off, and although Sue tried to fight it, she watched his ass in his tight little running shorts as he did.


Sue peeled the sweaty workout clothes off and tossed them into the corner of the bathroom. She settled into the hot, bubble filled tub and felt the water soak the soreness out of her muscles. Baths had always been one of her favorite things. When she and Frank had first married, he used to luxuriously bathe her, carry her into the bedroom of their apartment, lay her across their soft sheets and deeply massage her. Afterwards, Frank would take Sue into his arms and make slow, deliberate love to her.

At the thought of it, Sue hunched a little deeper into the bath while her hand fell instinctively to the warmth between her legs. When her other hand found her nipple, it was already standing firmly, like a dark, ripened cherry against her pale flesh. Sue's pulse quickened when her fingertips brushed the nub of her clit, peaking from between her lips. She moaned, smiling at the memory of her husband's hands stroking at her body.

Sue's heart now beat rapidly, but as she further succumbed to fantasy and memory, it did occur to her that it had been quite sometime since Frank had taken her like that, and it was then, like the sun coming from behind a cloud, that Alex was revealed in her mind. Alex took her in his arms, drew his lips across her nipple, tugging at it, his hands dipping between her legs, easily entering her wetness. Sue's orgasm washed over her immediately, but she sat up hard, sloshing water onto the floor, breathing hard, her eyes open wide...trying to push Alex out of her mind.


The next morning Sue seemed to be moving in slow motion. She barely got the kids to school on time and then dragged through her morning chores. By the time she got to her daily exercise, it was well into the afternoon, and she could only take an abbreviated jog in the park. She breathed a sigh of relief when Alex was nowhere to be found.

It went that way the next day and the day after that. If pressed Sue would have had to admit that she probably was trying to avoid Alex, but since she didn't want to admit that he had turned her on in the first place, she never had to go that far down the road of introspection. She just told herself that she was busier than usual, and between being a mother to three and the various church functions she helped with, she was quite busy indeed. She also tried to ignore that fact that she was suddenly horny as a teenager.

Frank was due to get back in sometime Friday night, but he had to catch the train home from the airport since Sue was out helping with the church youth group. They were having a night of "Goofy Games" to culminate in a game of lights-out volleyball, after the younger kids had gone home. The night was going pretty uneventfully for the most part. No teens choking on the food they raced to stuff in their mouths. There was a skinned knee when Jeanne Myers skidded across a finish line, but a Band-Aid quickly took care of that.

It was around ten o'clock when Sue's heart almost exploded out of her chest. The younger kids were starting to gather their things to meet their parents and in strolled Alex. He stood looking lost for a moment, and then went over to say hi to all the kids.

Sue tried to busy herself with cleaning the big hall, but her eyes kept drifting back to Alex and the crowd of kids with him. Actually, for the first time, she noticed it was all the kids who seemed to be surrounding Alex, it was the teenage girls surrounding him. Sue was shocked to find a tinge of jealousy. She was so lost in her thoughts that Barbara almost had to knock her over to get her attention.

"Are you going to give me that punch bowl so I can wash it, or hold it all night?" she asked.

"Sorry," Sue said, handing the bowl she clutched over. "I must have been a million miles away."

"S'okay, it happens to all of us. What's on your mind anyway? You've been acting weird for the last half hour."

"Oh, nothing, just thinking. How long have you and Lee been married?"

"Geez, it's almost ten years now. Nearly as long as you and Frank, I guess." Barbara and Sue had known each other for a long time, had met when Sue and Frank had first started going to this church. Barbara's husband, Lee, ran the youth group, and that's one of the reasons Sue had gotten involved. The women usually met at least once a week to do each other's nails after the kids had been packed off.

"I want to ask you something, but promise me you won't think different of me."

Barbara eyed her with mock suspicion. "Are you sleeping with the Pastor?"

Sue playfully shoved her. "No. Nothing like that. Well, actually, maybe something like that."

Barbara turned up the water, but stopped washing. "Ooo, now this is interesting. C'mon, what gives?"

Sue wrinkled her nose. "Do you ever think about other men? I mean, like fantasize, but not your husband, someone else?"

Barbara let out a snort. "What's the point of fantasizing about the man you already have? Of course, I've thought about other men. Not obsessively, but everyone does sometimes."

"I never did before."

"Then Frank must be some dynamo in bed. You should have him talk to Lee for me." When Sue didn't laugh, Barbara nudged her. "C'mon, don't be so serious, it's not the end of the world. All little girls play what-if, women just do it differently. The Bible says we can't cheat, but occasionally letting your mind wander isn't bad. But, who is it? Anyone I know?"

Sue blushed. "Don't embarrass me, geez! I'm sorry, you're right. I'm just being silly. Forget about it."

"Forgotten. Besides, it's probably just lonely housewife's syndrome. Frank'll be there when you get home, you then you can welcome him properly and you won't have another thought of what's-his-name."

"Yeah," Sue replied, half-heartedly. Alex had been in her mind all week, not just a little fantasy. And here her heart was beating like a schoolgirl since he walked in. But Sue made an effort to put it out of her mind again. Until...

For the last volleyball game of the night, the teens decided that it should be the small group of leaders versus the youth group. With all the shades drawn and the lights out, about the only thing visible in the dark hall were the white sheet thrown over the net, and the volleyball, streaked with phosphorescent paint.

The game was going well, with a lot of sustained volleys, and Sue found herself in the back corner of the court, where the ball was rarely coming. She concentrated so much on watching the darkness for the ball that she nearly jumped out of her skin when the whisper floated to her out of the darkness.

"I've been looking for you all week, but you've been missing."

Sue didn't want to respond at first, but then felt silly not to. She didn't want to show Alex how much his presence unnerved her. "I've just been really busy with my husband out of town, that's all. It threw my whole schedule off."

"That's a shame, I was hoping we could become regular workout buddies." His whisper sounded so close she took half a step back, but in the wrong direction, and bumped into Alex. His hands lingered on her half a beat longer than necessary before she pulled back.

"That would be nice, if things worked out, but like I said..."

"You sound nervous, did I do anything to upset you? I'm sorry if I did, I know I come on a little strong sometimes."

"Of course not." Sue said a little too quickly. She hoped no one noticed the two of them in the corner of the court. At that moment, the ball headed their way, but Alex easily smacked it back over the net.

"That's good, I'd really like to be friends. I like having close woman friends. If you don't mind, of course. I know some would disapprove of a married woman being friends with a single man."

"That's silly," Sue said, although part of her felt that way.

Alex stepped into her again, sliding his arm around her waist. To her surprise, Sue made no move to pull away. "That's good. You're a fine woman, Sue. You know why the kids wanted this last game, don't you?"

Sue, too scared to speak, barely shook her head, her face brushing his.

"It's so the kids can grope each other in the dark. But don't worry, it's nothing too serious, just harmless teenage fun." Was that Alex's hand brushed against her breast, stiffening her nipple? "Well, I hope I see you Monday morning, and tell Frank I said hi when you get home." Were those his lips against her ear, or just his breath?


Sue drove the two blocks back to the house in a daze. It was almost midnight, but she hoped Frank would still be up. The kids were at her mother's, so they'd have the house to themselves. She found the house dark, except for the glow of the TV in the family room. She skillfully navigated the minefield of discarded toys to come up behind her husband without a sound. If he'd heard the front door, he didn't react to it. Leno was on, chatting up some B-list celebrity about their latest telemovie.

Sue stripped off her oversized t-shirt and knelt behind the couch, sliding her arms around her husband. She kissed the back of his neck and he turned his head. "Hello there," he said. Sue ignored the greeting and continued kissing his neck. "How was youth group?" he asked.

"Oh, fine," she replied between kisses. Frank pulled her up over the back of the couch, into his lap. Their lips met and Sue tried to devour him. He came up for air, asking, "To what do I owe this particular homecoming?" But Sue was not to be deterred and took the opportunity to pull his sweatshirt over his head. "Can't I just miss my husband?" she asked before resuming her oral attack, this time sucking at his nipples, bringing a grunting response.

She reached to the front of his jeans and massaged his already hard cock. Frank was beyond asking any questions. He pulled the white straps of her bra down off her shoulders, revealing firm, creamy white skin. He manhandled her breasts like an impatient high schooler, bowing his head to suckle at them.

They maneuvered themselves to the floor and Frank removed his jeans, then helped his wife free herself of the black leggings she'd worn underneath the oversized t-shirt. A Power Ranger brushed out of the way and Frank entered her almost immediately. Sue was dripping and more than ready, but still a little surprised by the abruptness of it. Frank slid into his wife rapidly and then established a fast, staccato rhythm, thrusting into Sue with abandon.

All too quickly, Frank gritted his teeth, pushed deep inside her and amid the applause and laughter of the Burbank audience, came inside her. He fell onto his wife, panting, and breathed words of love to her. But as excited as Sue had been when she got home, it was all too quick for her. She hadn't nearly enough time and the hunger between her legs was swiftly replaced with frustration, a little anger even. Frank was rarely good for more than once a night anymore. Suddenly, Alex came into her mind, and she had little desire to push him from it. Her muscles tightened around her husband's flaccid cock, but he didn't react. And Sue wished she were anywhere but there on the floor of her family room.


After that night, Sue had kind of tried to steer away from having to spend time alone with Frank. With three children in the house, that wasn't exceptionally hard to do. And it proved that Frank was too busy anyway. A Saturday afternoon call informed him that some of the equipment that had been set up in Durham that week was not functioning quite properly, and he would have t fly out there again first thing Monday morning. Frank ended up spending most of the weekend going over the system specs.

Frank had caught a taxi while Sue was delivering the children and was gone by the time she got back. She squeezed into spandex bicycle shorts, and a black tank top, and rushed through her aerobics tape so she could get to the park, at approximately the same time she had that morning last week. Sue paused at the same park bench, but after almost forty-five minutes, there was still no sign of Alex. She ran home at a furious pace to try and burn off her private embarrassment at hoping for the encounter.

Alex had been on her mind all weekend long and almost subconsciously she had decided to meet him again. Rationally, it was just to have a workout buddy. She knew deep down that nothing would happen, no matter what parts of her might have wanted.

Sue had the kids tucked in when Frank called to say that he would be away for the better part of the week and he would call back when he knew more for sure. He was disappointed when he couldn't say goodnight to the kids, and told her he loved her and was sorry he had to be away so much recently. He promised to make it up to her. Sue immediately felt guilty for rushing off to meet Alex that morning, even though she told herself she had no reason to be guilty. But simple guilt did not stop her from making the same trek the next morning.

Sue sat fidgeting on the park bench for about ten minutes before she was startled by the first from behind her: "Thinking I was never going to show up?"

"I wasn't sure, I thought maybe after my not coming back next week, you decided it was a wash." Sue twisted her neck to see him.

"To be perfectly honest, I was here yesterday, but I wanted to punish you, so I watched from those bushes over there." Sue jumped up, but Alex placed his hands on her shoulders and pushed her back down. His hands remained, massaging. Her head lolled back.

"Are you always mean like that?"

"Only when duly provoked."

"I'll have to keep from that then."

"I wouldn't mind being provoked."

"So you just sat and watched me?"

"I like to just sit and watch sometimes. You were awfully fidgety, looking here and there, you looked so expectant. It was nice to feel so appreciated. You seemed very eager to see me."

"I-I wasn't that eager." Sue stammered.

Alex brushed her protestations aside. "What would you like to do now?"

She'd become so lost in his massaging hands that she hadn't thought beyond the moment. What was the exc-- reason for meeting him? "Ah, I thought we were going to work out together. I dunno, we could jog or something."

"I'd love to take you up on that, ma'am, but I'm not too sure you could keep up with me. I'm a pretty fit young man."

Sue turned red and huffed. "Let's go." She took off running down the path to the right.

Alex started jogging behind her, keeping pace. "First one to the creek wins the bet?"

"Sure." Sue shouted over her shoulder.

Alex only let her stay a few yards ahead of him down the slope. It was when they were approaching the last sharp turn before they reached the creek at the bottom that he really turned it on, flying past Sue and disappearing around the bend. Sue finally reached the bottom of the path, a small grass covered clearing and skidded to a halt at the creek's edge. She stood looking around, panting, but Alex was nowhere in sight. She called out his name, but there was no answer. She knew he couldn't have gotten across the creek that quickly, but there was nowhere else he could have gone. Then Sue remembered about him hiding in the bushes the day before. Sue went off to the bushes on the left, closer to the creek. She reached to pull them apart, but Alex grabbed her wrists and hauled her in. Sue turned over and landed on a soft bed of moss. Alex slid on top of her.

"You figured me out this time."

"You did say you like to watch." Alex smiled at her. Sue wriggled under him. "Why did you pull me in here?"

"To show I could reach out and grab you. Whenever I wanted to."

"You grabbed me, now you can let me go."

"What about our wager? I made it to the bottom first, I won."

"What do you think you won?"

"You never specified. I thought the wager was anything I wanted." Alex's hand crept up inside Sue's t-shirt, massaging her breast. She was dumbstruck, didn't know what to say. Alex covered her open mouth with his and in seconds she was responding passionately to his kiss.

It was a couple minutes before Sue's reason prevailed and she twisted her lips away from Alex's. She lay there panting, Alex still on top of her, his fingers still circling her nipple, which was quite hard by now.

"We cannot do this. It's wrong." Sue said.

"You didn't find anything wrong with it a couple seconds ago." Alex shot back.

"I-I was caught up in my feelings. But I am in control now."

Alex bent and nipped her nipple through her t-shirt with his teeth. Sue moaned. "Are you?"

She hesitated. "Yes."

"Lying is wrong too."

"What do you want from me?"

"I want you to tell the truth. To me. To yourself."

Alex's gaze held her firm.

"Yes, I am attracted to you. Are you happy I said it?" Sue was so torn by what she felt was right, and what she wanted that she was near tears. Alex had pushed her t-shirt up to her neck now.

"I will be happy when you do what is right. And I don't mean morally. I mean what is right for you. What is right now."

And when Alex opened the clasp on her bra and sucked on her nipples, she made no move to stop him. His mouth seemed to be everywhere at once. Sucking her nipples, nibbling all the tender flesh surrounding them.

Sue also didn't stop him when he pulled off her shorts and panties and gently spread her legs, opening her lips with his thumbs. His tongue touched her and her cries seemed to echo throughout the forest surrounding them. At first he was slow, deliberate with his mouth, but soon he was consuming her, hands gripping her hips to keep her from squirming too far from his ravenous mouth. She lay there on the bed of moss, legs spread, hips tilted forward, ears screwed tightly shut, mouth agape, and it all came crashing down on her when she saw the lightning behind her shut lids.

Sue vibrated, ripples shooting out through her limbs, her wetness flooding Alex's mouth. She had not exploded like this in years, if ever. And slowly...

Sue drifted....

...on her cloud...

Until she...

...fell back to the moss bed...

...and felt Alex kissing her.

As she dressed, Sue felt somewhat confused. Alex had just given her intense pleasure, but had made no move to try and make her return it. She wanted to ask why, but wondered if that was impolite.

Alex kissed her again. "I am going to come to you tonight, after 10. I want you to be ready to succumb to me."

A million protests came to Sue's lips, but the only thing that escaped them was: "Yes..."


Even as ten pm approached Sue was having second thoughts. The church directory sat open on the kitchen counter, opened to Alex's number, as it had been for the past three hours, yet every time Sue reached for the phone beside it something stopped her. She'd made plans and taken preparations for tonight as if in a trance, as if trying to deny the deliberateness of her actions. Packing the kids off to her mother's, cleaning the house top to bottom, putting fresh, crisp white linen on her bed, taking a long, luxurious bath and lastly, choosing what to wear. Sue rifled through her lingerie drawer, things she had accumulated over a decade of marriage. She pulled everything out, laid it on the bed, but then she wondered how obvious she should be. Alex was pretty clear about why he was coming over, but should she appear so eager? Sue neatly folded all the lingerie and placed it back in the drawer. Understated, she decided, would be better.

It was quarter to ten and Sue sat in her living room, hands in her lap, foot tapping incessantly. The lights were dim. Silence surrounded her like a cocoon. There was still time, Sue told herself for the thousandth time. She could answer the door and tell Alex she just couldn't go through with it. She was sure he'd understand. He would have to. Then she flashed back to that morning in the bushes, Alex's weight on top of her, his mouth touching. In spite of what she morally thought of what she was about to do, Sue just could not deny how badly she wanted this. Sue decided it was the silence that was driving her crazy and walked back to the family room to turn on the TV for background noise, but not before stopping in the kitchen to swallow the last of the wine she'd been working on since the early evening. She picked it up when she ran out for her stockings. Sue rarely drank anymore and the wine spread its warmth through her.

Sue picked up the remote control from the coffee table, thumb on the POWER button, when the doorbell rang. She was rendered stone, a statue with its hand elegantly extended. The doorbell rang again and she slowly lowered the remote. I could just let him ring until he gives up, she thought. She knew Alex would not go easily, though, and she did not want him to. Sue dropped the remote, straightened her spine, and went to the door.

Alex did not ring again, perhaps confident that Sue could not help but answer. She pulled the door open and there stood Alex, in a white oxford and jeans. Neither of them spoke. Sue could not tear her eyes from his. She leaned into the door and finally said, "Hi."

"You look beautiful," he said. Sue blushed slightly at the compliment. She had decided on a short black skirt, you could never go wrong with the basic short black skirt, and a soft pale blue blouse with a neckline that showed a tantalizing hint of cleavage. Sue did not want o be too dressy and had chosen low heels.

"Thank you. Did you think I wasn't going to answer?"

"Not for a moment," Alex answered. "May I come in?"

Sue suddenly felt silly, keeping Alex in the doorway, but she also realized that letting him enter her home, her family's home, was crossing an important threshold. "Of course," she finally said a little hesitantly.

As Alex brushed past her, he kissed Sue on the cheek. He had a hand on her hip and it lingered. She knew he felt her garterbelt. Sue detected a slight smile, but he said nothing.

Alex was in the living room, looking around. Sue quietly closed the front and joined him. "It's a very nice house, it feels comfortable, warm."

"It's hard to keep it intact with three small children. It's so different when no one's here, still."

"Yes, it is still. The anticipation is palatable," Alex said. When he moved, Sue jumped. He held her face in his hands, eyes boring into hers yet again. He looked like he was about to say something, but he didn't. Instead, his mouth went to hers. Sue tried so hard to control her trembling. When he kissed her this time, Sue held nothing back, opening her mouth to his, putting her arms around him and responding with a fierce passion that had long been dormant. They kissed long and hungrily. Sue felt freed, her apprehension quickly melting away. And then, as softly as he'd begun this kiss, Alex stopped it.

"You want me as badly as I want you?" Alex asked, still holding her face, gently stroking her cheek.

Sue bit her lip, afraid to answer, afraid to verbalize what she was feeling.

"I can feel it. Can't you feel what's inside you?"

"Yes," Sue whispered.

"Then tell me. Tell me, please."

The words Sue heard could not have been hers. She could not be saying this to anyone other than her husband. "Yes, I do want you." But then, when was the last time she'd felt like this with Frank.

Alex kissed her. "Good. Just place yourself in my care, you don't have anything to fear."

"Yes," Sue whispered again. It was like she couldn't say anything else to Alex.

Alex kissed Sue deeply again, arms going around her. Sue molded her body to his. He felt so firm under his clothes. He was tense with his need for her. Sue responded to Alex's mouth more aggressively, knowing she'd given herself over to surprising Alex a bit. His hands moved from Sue's hips to her ass, pressing her pelvis against his.

Their kiss broke and Sue leaned her head against Alex's shoulder, breathing deeply. Sue was so unsure of what to do. It was like being fifteen all over again. Alex murmured to her, "Unbutton my shirt, undress me." Sue was happy for the guidance and even found Alex's instruction erotic. Frank had always been the more dominant partner, but he'd never expressly taken control of her as Alex was now, as he had from the beginning. He seemed to sense what she wanted and need and by offering her little choice, he allowed her to indulge her forbidden desires.

Sue first lifted Alex's glasses off, placing them on an end table. She found that even as she slowly worked the buttons of his shirt open she could not tare her gaze from his. She was so easily lost in the deep blue pools. Sue pushed the shirt from Alex's shoulders. His chest was well defined, but not too muscular, and nearly hairless. She kissed his chest, ran her fingers over it delicately, as if he might break. Sue licked his nipples, felt him respond and sucked them between her full lips while her hands played over his toned stomach, then lower. She cupped his bulge, then pulled her hands away as if burned. Alex took her hand and placed it back against him. "Go ahead, Sue, touch me. I want you to explore me freely." Alex put her other hand on the snap of his jeans.

Sue steadied her hands. Alex felt very large through his jeans. The only sound in the whole house was her own raspy breathing and Alex's zipper going down was a thunderclap. Beneath the denim was the thin cotton of his boxers, which Sue pushed down with his jeans. Alex was not yet fully aroused, but his cock was very large to Sue, not that she had seen very many. She had only been with a few guys before Frank and they were all fumbling teenagers. Sue would take off her blouse and they would just about be done right then. Sue held her breath and touched Alex. The organ was warm and throbbed in her hands. She cupped his balls, ran her hands over his soft shaft and a small droplet formed in the slit, which Sue smeared around. The cock grew in her hands. Alex ran his hands up and down Sue's body, massaging her, his grasp more firm as she touched him. When Alex's lips came against hers they were hungrier, more insistent.

Finally Alex stepped back and kicked out of his jeans. Sue felt suddenly odd, standing in her living room fully dressed with a naked man. Alex would remedy that. He stepped around Sue, moving close behind her. He sucked her neck and nibbled her ears. He ran his hands down her sides, caught the hem of her skirt, then lifted it high enough for his fingertips to play over her stockingtops. He traced the lines of Sue's garters. His erection pressed into the cleft of her ass as she leaned against him. His fingers inched higher and higher. Her silk panties were damp. Sue's skirt slipped from his hands and he raised the bottom of her blouse. His fingers on her stomach almost tickled. He traced the underwires of her bra. Sue's nipples strained through her bra and blouse. Her eyes were closed. "Raise your arms," Alex said softly. She did and he lifted her blouse away.

Alex was no longer pressed against her and Sue turned to find him sitting on the couch. He beckoned and she stepped closer, standing between his legs. She had to resist the urge to cover her breasts, displayed so perfectly by her sheer black lace bra. Her nipples, a deep red, seemed to burn through the gauzy materiel like embers.

Alex leaned forward and caressed back of Sue's calf, which felt so smooth through her black silk stockings. At the last minute Sue had decided to add the garterbelt and had to run to the mall for stockings to match it. Alex was clearly enjoying the stockings and it made Sue happy to know she'd made the right decision. Her knees became unsteady when he touched their backs. His touch was so light, his fingers floating across her flesh. Feeling her reaction, Alex continued along those lines. Sue moved still closer to him when he touched the backs of her thighs, then widened her stance when he moved to her inner thighs. She could not help but shake when Alex's fingertips found the hot flesh just above stockingtops. Sue was keenly aware of how Alex's eyes were riveted to her, studying her every reaction. His one hand dropped to caress her legs while the other had disappeared beneath her skirt. It was so weird to stand there for him, just so he could touch her as he pleased. His hand kept moving teasingly close to the moist juncture between her legs, but Alex merely brushed her there. Sue's breath rasped from her throat. Alex was completely attuned to his lover, something her husband had not tried in years. It only served to make Sue yearn for Alex all the more.

Sue felt Alex trace a continuous circle over the wet spot at the front of her panties, the pressure slowly increasing. She closed her eyes tight and put a hand on Alex's shoulder for support. Her panties clung to her lips, plastered their by Alex's pressing fingers. His other hand traveled up the back of Sue's leg then moved around front so he could run his palm over her aching nipple. Simultaneously, Alex pushed aside Sue's panties and opened her slick lips. He caught her nipple and clit at the same time, pinching and rubbing.

"Oh God," Sue groaned.

Alex kept teasing the two sensitive buds until he felt Sue on the brink of orgasm, then he eased off. She looked down at him, panting, a quizzical expression on her face. "Raise your skirt," Alex instructed. Sue did as she was told, gathering her skirt in both hands at her waist. Sue's eyes focused on his lap. She wanted him inside her so badly. Sue thought she would burst if he teased her much longer. Alex pulled Sue closer by her garter straps; so close she could feel his hot breath on her bare thighs. He kissed her belly button deeply, which made Sue giggle a bit, while rolling down her panties. She kicked them off and Alex's hungry mouth sought lower. Sue was wet and swollen, ready for him. His lips just barely touched her, his tongue snaking inside her and Sue was cumming explosively, her juices soaking Alex's face and her thighs. He did not relent, instead he grabbed her taut ass and pulled her harder against his mouth.

"AlexAlexAlexAlexAlex!!!!!!!!" Sue cried over and over, chanting his name like a mantra while he transporter her to a whole new world of pleasure with his tongue. When she could take no more she sagged against Alex and he allowed her to slip into his lap.

Alex held Sue, stroked her hair, and kissed her, giving her another new sensation. Not that she could remember the last time her husband had gone down on her, but she never allowed him to kiss her afterward. She found the very idea distasteful. Now, however, she tasted herself on Alex's mouth and she found it pleasant and kissed him even more voraciously. They sat on the couch that way for a while, lips kissing and sucking, hands exploring, for quite sometime. Alex held both Sue's heavy breasts, nibbling their entire surface, biting her nipples through the restraining lace. Whenever Sue tried to unhook the front clasp of her bra, Alex would stop her. It was not until she was whimpering that Alex finally freed her breasts and then he redoubled his assault on them. His hand returned between her legs, fingers slipping inside her. Soon Alex's mouth and hand had Sue writing in his lap, cumming all over again.

When Sue calmed down she returned to caressing Alex's cock. The more she played with it, the larger it grew, until she could barely get her hand around the thick, throbbing organ. She squirmed around on his lap to get better access. Now Sue could hold him in both hands, massage his sac while her hand moved on his shaft. Alex breathed more deeply, pleased with what Sue was doing.

Alex was not content with just Sue's hands, however. He titled her face toward his, kissed her, and whispered, "Do you take Frank in your mouth?"

The question caught Sue off guard. In her teens she'd gone down on a few boyfriends, partially to remain a virgin, she didn't enjoy it all that much. She had gone down on Frank, but not anytime recently. Not since their last child was born. "No," she answered.

"Good," Alex smiled, sliding Sue from his lap. She knelt in front of him on the floor. Alex had not directly asked for this, but he did not have to. Sue wanted to do this for him. She wanted to provide whatever Alex needed.

Although it had been a while, it all came back to Sue quickly. Her tongue swabbed his head, flicked down the underside of his shaft, darted over his sac before she sucked it between her lips. Sue pumped him while sucking below, then slurped her way back to the head, leaving his shaft glistening and dripping. Sue's eyes were locked to Alex's as his head disappeared between her lips, her cheeks hollowed. Alex's eyes widened when he felt her swirling tongue. Her eyes never left his. More and more of his shaft entered Sue's sucking mouth, her lips stretched, but she kept going lower. Only when she reached the base did Sue finally look down. She closed her eyes in concentration and used every bit of skill she could remember to milk her lover. In high school Sue had been very good, using her full lips and agile tongue skillfully. Although she didn't want to, she often found herself swallowing the boys' loads because she got them off so fast. And now Sue used all that teenage experience to please Alex. She held his entire shaft in her mouth a while longer, something she doubted many other women could do because of his size then let him slide wetly from her lips until she held just the head. Sue looked up at him again, saw how flush he was, and she knew she was doing well. Sue began a slow bobbing motion.

True to form, it was only a few minutes before Alex was gently cradling Sue's face, rhythmically humping up at her mouth. He ran his fingers through her short hair, rubbed her neck and shoulders. Sue felt his sac swelling and she knew he could not hold on very much longer.

Sue was moving faster and faster, sucking hard, determined to make Alex cum as he'd made her so many times already. She felt the tension in his body, felt his urgency as he thrust into her mouth. Sue knew he was so close. All of which was why Sue was very surprised when he pulled he away. She stared up at him, blinking in surprise, a string of drool hanging from his cock to her lips.

"Not yet," Alex rasped.

Alex helped Sue stand again and sucked and bit her nipples while reaching behind her to unzip her skirt. It dropped to the floor leaving Sue nude but for her garterbelt, stockings, and heels. Alex's eyes poured over every inch of bare skin. He ran his hands all over her, tweaking her nipples, kneading her smooth, firm flesh, slipping two fingers inside her. Sue's warm wetness grasped his fingers and she gyrated her hips on his hand while looking down on him. Not even an hour ago she would have been hugely embarrassed in this position, but now she craved his gaze, his affection. Sue was completely in his thrall.

With his fingers inside her, Alex drew Sue closer and closer. "Are you ready, Sue? Ready to take me inside you?" He asked in a calm voice.

Alex's hand had Sue worked up again and she had a little trouble speaking. All this was quite new to her. She and Frank never spoke during lovemaking, but then lately Sue rarely came during lovemaking. "Yes," Sue answered. She'd been ready for weeks. If he teased her much longer Sue thought she might rape him. His slow moving fingers kept bringing her closer, moving her lower. She spread her legs and straddled Alex's lap. He removed his fingers from her and held his cock straight up.

"You don't know how long I've waited for this," Alex whispered. Sue didn't know the last time she'd been so turned on. Nectar ran from her parted lips, soaking Alex's head, which he ran across her lips, letting it just slip inside her. "I want you, Sue."

"Yes, I need you Alex, please, make love to me, fill me. Oh God, I'm aching, please," Sue moaned. She would have gotten on her knees and begged right now if that were what it would take.

Alex placed a hand on Sue's hip and slowly guided her down onto his shaft. He penetrated Sue inch by inch, slowly letting her settle into his lap. Sue stretched around him, not used to a man so big. It was wonderful. She felt him touch her everywhere. Slowly Sue sank, it felt like her descent would never end. His lips brushed her nipple and he softly sucked it, running a straight line of current to where he impaled her. Finally, Sue settled into his lap, grinding down, while they kissed franticly. They ground against each other, bodies locked together twice over.

It was Sue who started their motion. In her heels her legs were just long enough that she could raise herself up until Alex almost slipped out of her, then settle back onto him. She moved in a steady, easy rhythm, savouring the unhurried lovemaking. It was the antithesis of what she'd had with her husband on the family room floor the other night. Oddly, Sue was completely at ease with making love to a near stranger in her living room. Sue ground onto him on every downstroke, her tight vice clinging to his shaft. Alex seemed content to allow Sue to ride him for a while. He sucked Sue's breasts and massaged her back, allowing her to set the pace.

At first Sue thought she could ride Alex like that all night, slow and steady, miniature explosions detonating inside her one after another, but she found herself building to a much larger orgasm, one she wanted so badly.

Sue rose and fell on Alex, increasing her pace, working on him like a well-oiled piston. The wet sounds of their lovemaking filled the room. Alex ran his hands over Sue's stockings and grasped her hips. He easily lifted Sue, moving her faster, slamming her down into his lap. She rocked harder and harder on Alex's shaft, the force of her coming down on him vibrating inside her. Alex held her by her ass and Sue flexed her hips farther forward so she took him even deeper. He was touching places inside her that hadn't been touched in years. Their motion became frantic, Sue's breath coming in deep rasps. She was getting closer and closer. She pounded down on Alex's member with her only thought her impending orgasm.

"Oh, Alex, oh God, harder, please, just a little more," Sue shouted. Alex spread Sue's ass open and tickled her clenched hole with his little finger. Sue's world exploded into a kaleidoscope. What was that? No one had ever done that. "Uuuuhhh, God, Alex," Sue shouted, cumming hard and clinging to her younger lover. Sue held onto Alex for dear life, still working her hips to milk him. Sweat poured off her, her skin burned. Sue could not remember cumming that hard, ever.

Sue lay still, draped over Alex, his stiff shaft still buried inside her. Her aftershocks squeezed him, but still he had not cum. Sue decided she would remedy that right now.

Sue slinked back to her knees on the carpet and immediately took Alex in her mouth. This time she did not tease. Sue knew Alex had to be close to the edge. She sucked him aggressively, hard and fast. Alex leaned back on the couch, helpless, letting Sue take over. She'd been right, Alex was close. In moments Alex grunted, called out, "Oh, Sue," and grasped the couch while he spurted into Sue's mouth. She kept bobbing and sucking. On the rare occasion she did go down on Frank, she never let him cum in her mouth, but now she was greedily sucking down every last drop Alex had.

Sue looked up at Alex as she finished licking him clean. A warm smile dawned on her face to match the one Alex had. She had no idea what came next. Alex took her hand and squeezed it. "Take me to your bedroom," he said softly. Sue nodded and Alex helped her to her feet.

Alex walked behind Sue as she led the way up the stairs, giving him a perfect view of the graceful way she moved her curvy body. The bedroom was nearly dark and looked like any other married couple's, dominated by a large queen-sized bed. Sue stood at the foot of the bed and turned to face Alex. Her heart was beating so fast. Of course she'd just made love to Alex downstairs, but this was different, it was the bedroom she shared with Frank. It was her marriage bed. Physical evidence she could get rid of, although there was the large wet spot they'd left on the living room couch. But would Frank just walk into the bedroom and know that something was different, something was wrong? Would he know she'd been unfaithful?

Sue's sudden panic swelled and she wanted Alex to go. He sensed some conflict within her and stepped closer. He took her hands, then held her against him, their naked skin pressed together.

"We shouldn't be doing this. This is all wrong." Sue said.

"That isn't what you were feeling downstairs."

"No," she admitted.

Alex held her face in his hands, kissed her. "What were you feeling downstairs?"

Sue was kissing Alex back, despite her conflicting feelings. "Need."

"Need for?" Alex cupped her wetness, clasping it lightly in his palm. Sue's breath caught in her throat.

"You. I needed you so desperately." Sue felt him against her thigh, stirring again. Her husband was never good for more than once a night anymore. Sue's doubts, her resolve melted away. "God, I need you, Alex. Need you so badly, please," Sue moaned, kissing him.

Alex lifted Sue and laid her back on the crisp white sheets she'd put on the bed just for this moment. He lifted her leg, kissing her ankle, sucking on her calf, sucking behind her knee. His mouth felt strange and silky through her stockings. He kissed up her inner thigh, reaching her stocking top, then skipped up to her belly button before kissing his way back down her other leg. His tongue even flicked over the black leather of Sue's pumps. Sue purred at the attention Alex lavished on her. She looked up at his long, lean body, all toned and lightly muscled, his stomach just showing signs of a six-pack. And of course Sues gaze drifted to the cock that surged between his legs. Surged for her.

Alex ran his tongue up the back of Sue's leg, past her stockings, kneeling onto the bed. Sue scooted up, resting her head on a pillow while Alex traced a garter strap with his tongue. He licked up her ass, then in between Sue's legs, spreading them wide apart. He put her legs over his shoulders and cupped her ass in both hands, lifting it from the bed. Sue would have never guessed what he planned.

With her ass lifted, Sue's tiny puckered bud was exposed, ripe for the licking, and Alex stabbed at it with his tongue. Sue nearly leapt off the bed, but Alex held her fast. His tongue ringed the little bud, tracing its outline, then he pressed in with his tongue. Sue was on fire. Again, no one had ever done this to her. Every nerve danced. It felt indescribably incredible. Alex's tongue wormed its way deeper into her ass and Sue came so hard she thought she was going to pass out. Her husband would never do this. He thought anything having to do with anal sex was wrong and dirty. Sue had agreed until now. Her young lover was teaching her all kinds of new things. His tongue flicked into her ass like a snake's. Sue trembled. She could not stop cumming. Finally, panting, she begged, "Please no more, please, I can't take it."

Alex relented, licking back up between Sue's legs. His tongue slipped between her swollen lips and he lapped up her honey, which flowed freely. Sue grabbed Alex by he head and pulled him up. He didn't fight her and his body covered hers. They kissed fiercely. Sue was surprised to feel Alex pulsing, hard as steel again so soon. Frank hadn't recovered so quickly since they were teenagers. Although she'd cum to near exhaustion, Sue had to have him inside her again. She held his hips and he slowly pushed forward, filling her once more. Sue's nails dug into his hips while he slowly pumped into her.

They made love for quite sometime. Sue's hands clutched at Alex's hard butt, her fingernails raked his smooth, tanned back. He sucked her neck and she moaned, head thrown back. Alex never faltered, never stopped. He just kept moving inside Sue as if he would go forever.

Both of them were breathing heavily, their bodies glued together by sweat, both close to climax, when Alex peeled away from Sue. She looked up at him with a questioning, disappointed expression. He sucked each of Sue's salty nipples, kissed her breasts, and licked her thighs. He slipped his hands to her waist and Sue figured out what he wanted. She happily complied, turning onto her hands and knees. Alex ran his hands down her back and Sue arched, pushing her ass up at him. He squeezed her cheeks and then rubbed his head against her wet lips before pushing back into her. He stood still, allowing Sue to push back to him. He seemed so much deeper now. It seemed like he'd push to her deepest soul.

Alex joined Sue's motion and quickly took control. He grasped her hips and thrust deeply in a rapid staccato pulse, piercing, riding Sue, pushing her to a final, frenzied climax. The bed creaked beneath them, headboard banging loudly into the wall, but that racket was drowned out by Sue's half-crazed cries of ecstasy. "God, Alex, oh God, please! I'm so close...God...Alex...make...me...cum...with...me!!!"

Sue reached back and grabbed for Alex. She was just on the edge and she wanted Alex to finish with her, feel it inside, although she was married to another man and not on the pill. Consequences did not matter, just the moment.

Alex was more than happy to oblige Sue's pleading. He could no longer hold back anyway. He gave a last, powerful thrust and came deep inside Sue, crying out. Sue felt his release and achieved her own, screaming his name to wake the dead.

The tension drained from their bodies and the adulterous lovers collapsed to the crisp sheets in each other's arms. Their hearts seemed to beat in time and Sue fell asleep clinging tightly to Alex.


Sue awoke to the sensation of her left breast being deliciously sucked. She lay still, not wanting to betray that she'd woken. Alex teased Sue's nipples until her breathing became very heavy, then he slipped two fingers inside her to find she's become very wet.

Only when Alex thrust inside her did Sue reveal she was awake. She sighed and wrapped her legs around his waist, drawing him deeper. Sue loved lovemaking in the morning, but with the kids she couldn't remember the last time she and Frank had. Alex was in no hurry and Sue climaxed several times before he finally came inside her.

After they caught their breath, they showered together, soaping each other, caressing each other. Sue came violently when Alex slipped his soap-slick finger into her ass, after which she paid him back by kneeling under the cascading hot water and sucking him until, grunting, he filled her mouth and throat. Sue wanted Alex to stay, to make love to her all day, but she had to pick the kids up soon.

Sue walked Alex to the door in her robe. She was not worried about a neighbor seeing, although she wondered what they thought of Alex's car being there all night. They kissed breathtakingly in the doorway and Alex slid a small gold pin from his pocket. He stuck it to Sue's robe and said, "I've seduced you and now you belong to me. I expect you to call me as soon as you can get away again." His hand went inside Sue's robe and again she was wet and trembling. She nodded and Alex kissed her again, rolling her clit between his fingers.

Sue shuttered and whispered, "Yes, Alex. No one could take me from you," Sue was breathless, she could not believe what she was committing to, yet she meant every word.

Alex kissed her again and left Sue quivering in the doorway. It would be very difficult to return to being just a regular mom and wife, but Sue would, to keep her secret safe. She could never let anyone know that everything was different now. Just thinking of her new secret turned her on immensely. Sue went upstairs, found a pretty sundress and returned to normal, or so it seemed.


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