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Tom plunked his lunch tray on the table, sat and addressed the young man across from him, "Hi Mike, how was your weekend?"

"Not bad, but not great either." Mike said glumly,"Sarah and I fought most of it."

"For Christ sakes you two have only been married six months, why all the fighting so soon? Caroline and I didn't have our first fight until we were marred a year and a half. And besides the making up part is the best. We always had the hottest sex after a fight." Tom took a bite of his lunch and pointed his fork at the younger man, "So tell me what happened, maybe I can give you the benefit of my experience."

"Well-ll-ll-ll," Mike said, looked around, leaned across the table and whispered,"I'd rather not talk about it here. Can you meet me after work?"

"Sure," Tom replied between bites of his lunch,"Where?"

"The Gargoyle." Mike said. Tom chuckled and nodded.

'It figures.' Tom thought. 'He turned 21 a month ago and still isn't tired of the strip joints.'

After work Tom drove over to the Gargoyle, parked in the back and found Mike sitting at the bar, watching a gorgeous brunette do a strip number.

Tom ordered a beer and said,"Ok, what's the problem with you and Sarah?"

"I wanted her to give me a blow job." Mike said, his eyes glued to the brunette.

"How come she wouldn't?" Asked Tom.

Mike finally tore his eyes from the girl peeling her cloths off and looked at Tom, "She's never done one and she said it sounds nasty."

Tom took a long swig of his beer "Let me ask, have you ever eaten her?" Mike shook his head.

"Well, What have you two done sexually?" Tom was getting curious now. Mike looked at him and his cheeks colored.

"I take it from your attitude that you haven't done much. What happens when you have sex? No, don't tell me, let me see if I can guess: you both get ready for bed, you get under the covers, you reach over and rub her tit, then pull up her nighty, roll on and stick your cock into her. You fuck her until up cum, roll off and go to sleep. Am I close?" Tom looked at Mike, waiting for his response. Mike's cheeks deepened in color and he nodded his head.

"So now all of a sudden you want here to put your cock in her mouth. Why now?" Tom asked. "I saw some pictures on the internet, and the guys I work with are always talking about how good a blow-job feels."

"Sounds to me like you have several problems." Tom signaled the bartender for another round then said,"You really want a blow job?"

Mike nodded and Tom said,"There's three ways to get one. Your not going to get one from Sarah, not yet anyway, so you can one; spend the next few months working her up to point where she wants to, two; buy one from a hooker, or--" Tom held up his hand as Mike started to protest,"hang on for a second, or you can find a woman willing to give you one. Since you don't seem to like the idea of using a hooker, and I assume you want one sooner then it will take to get Sarah interested in giving you one, I know someone that would be willing, with the right prompting, to give you the blow job of your life. But you'll have to be willing to reciprocate."

Mike looked puzzled and Tom grinned leaned forward and whispered loudly,"Eat pussy boy, eat pussy!"

"I've never done it, but I'd love to try. When was the first time you did it?" Mike said. Tom's eyes got a far away dreamy look to them.

"A little over twenty years ago. I meet Caroline at a party and we hit it off. That night she got drunk, so I helped her to a bed, tucked her in and was going to be honorable and leave. As I was about to go she took my hand and said, "Please stay with me,". When I looked down at her, I seemed to fall into those large, beautiful, blue eyes of hers. A moment later I was on the bed frantically undo her clothes. I got her jeans off, then her panties. It seemed like forever before I could get my cock out of my pants. I put my hard shaft against her pussy and tried to shove it in. The problem was, she was completely dry. We hadn't made out enough to get her lubricated. After a few moments I realized I was going to hurt her if I kept pushing, so I gritted my teeth, tucked my cock back into my pants and just held her. She kept saying "I'm sorry." and I kept reassuring her it wasn't her fault, which it wasn't. I held her till dawn, then took her home."

Tom took a deep drink of his beer and continued, "I didn't see her for a while after that. Actually I didn't know it until later but I was trying to stay away from her, because I was falling in love with her. Finally a month or so later I called her and asked if she wanted to go ice skating. She said she did so I told her I'd pick her up at 5:00 PM that Saturday. What I did was stand her up. I met a buddy and we went out drinking. I didn't know how stuck on her I was until I started to feel really guilty about standing her up. Along about midnight I decided to go see her and apologize. I had drank quite a few and wasn't feeling any pain. Caroline was living with her grandmother then Her bedroom was a very small room off the kitchen, separated form her grand parents room by the rest of the house. I snuck around the house and tapped on the window. After tapping several times I heard Caroline's voice asking who it was. After a whispered conversation she asked me to come in so I wouldn't wake her grandparents or get caught. I promptly crawled through the window. She was dressed in a robe and as I pulled her to me to kiss her it fell open. My hands started to explore her body and I gently pushed her toward the bed. She later told me she was turned on and wanted me as much as I wanted her, so she stepped back and stretched out on the bed. I had always heard about people eating pussy, but had never tried it. I was kind of drunk that night and decided now was the time, so before she could protest, I leaned forward, pulled up her nighty and pushed my tongue between her wet pussy lips."

Tom took another drink and stared off into distance. "Well?" Mike said,"Was it good and did she like it? Did you like it?"

"Yep,"Tom said," When her taste hit my tongue I thought I was going to cum right there on the sheets! God did she taste good! And she still does. I licked her for a while then rammed my hard cock into her and fucked her. Did she like it? Caroline said it did feel good but she was terrified, because she had always been told stuff like that was nasty. She loves to be eaten now. She didn't climax that night. Actually we were together for almost two years before she was comfortable with me eating her. Anyway, that was the first time I ever tasted pussy. It was, and is, an incredible experience. I love tasting a woman. Especially Caroline! You've met her haven't you?"

Mike shook his head, so Tom said,"I'll have to introduce you some time. You'll like her and I'm sure she'll like you." Mike thought he could hear an edge of laughter to Tom's voice but wasn't sure.

"I've got to get going," Tom said. "Do you want me to see about setting something up for you?" Mike hesitated, then said,"Ok."

"How do you feel about older women? Say late forties?" Tom asked.

"I-I-I don't know." Mike said. Tom fished out his wallet, fumbled around and finally came out with a photo, which he handed to Mike.

"How about her?" Tom said. The picture showed a redhead dressed in a black velvet dress. Mike though she was very attractive and told Tom so.

"Ok, then I'll try and set it up. One other thing," Tom gulped the last of his beer and placed the glass on the bar,"You will owe me big time for this one. We'll settle that after we get you taken care of. Is it a deal?"

Mike hesitated for a moment then said,"Ok. Just don't ever let Sarah know. She'd leave me if she found out."

"Don't worry. This will be between you, me and the lady. I'll let you know about arrangements tomorrow." Tom got up and headed for the door."

Mike said,"Tom, who is she anyway?"

Tom grinned over his shoulder and replied,"You want a blow job?" Mike nodded.

"Then don't ask."Tom said,"She's just someone I know." With that he stepped out the door and headed home.

Tom drove home and Caroline greeted him at the door in a halter top and shorts. Her red hair was shoulder length now, quite a bit longer then it had been when she had posed in the black dress for the photo he carried. Tom grinned and thought to himself,' Mike has no idea, but this woman is going to give him a night he won't forget! Now all I've got to do is get her to say yes to it.' Tom had been thinking on his way home and was sure he had a plan that would work. Caroline wasn't a prude and was no stranger to swapping. They had been trading partners with another couple off and on for three years, but Tom wasn't sure if she would go for fucking a stranger, especially one who had just turned twenty one. She would probably say,'He's young enough to be my son!'

Part of Tom's plan hinged on the poker game. Six months before they had started to play one hand of poker on Wednesday night. They would bid against each other with sexual favors they wanted. Some times one or the other would call out 'Go for the Pot'. This meant the loser had to do what ever the winner wanted them to for one night, but they wouldn't know what was wanted until after the hand was played. So far the most they had done was some public sex, Tom had instructed Caroline to wear a short skirt and no panties to a movie. He had spent the entire time fingering her. By the time they left the movie both of them were so horny they barely made it to the car. Tom had pushed Caroline's seat back and fucked her right there in the parking lot. He was sure at least two people looked into the car and saw what they were doing. That had only made both their orgasm's more intense. When Caroline won, she had bought a remote controlled vibrator and had him strap it on, then they went out to eat. She had turned it on and made him cum right in the middle of dinner.

Tonight was Wednesday and time for the poker hand. Tom had never told Caroline but he had learned how to stack a deck while in the Army. He had never used it during their games, preferring to let the cards fall as they would. He figured normally whether he won the hand or Caroline did, they both won at the game, but tonight he wanted to make sure he got the better hand. They chatted a little then Tom took a shower as Caroline finished dinner. After dinner Tom pulled a deck of cards out of a drawer, looked at Caroline with a grin and said,"Ready?"

She grinned back and nodded her head. Tom shuffled, then slid the cards to Caroline for a cut. She tapped them, to indicate she didn't want to cut. Inwardly Tom smiled. He dealt, picked up his cards and had a hell of a time trying to keep from grinning. He had two kings, just the hand he had stacked.

"I want you to eat me for an hour, then jack off on my tits." Caroline started the betting. Tom knew she had a full house in her hand. He also knew she would bet big with that hand, having won three weeks before with a similar one.

"I want two blow jobs. One right after this hand, one when we go to bed." Tom said. He threw in three cards, picked up the deck and looked at Caroline questioningly. She smiled shook her head and said,"None for me."

"Oh really?" He said.

Tom dealt himself three. When he picked up his cards he saw the two other kings he had stacked for his hand.

"Your bet." Tom said.

"You eat me for an hour, jack off on my tit's, then I'll call George and have him come over, eat me and fuck me while you watch."Caroline's eyes sparkled.

"Go for the Pot." Tom said.

Caroline looked at him, looked at her cards, looked back at him, grinned and said,"Ok. Your on!"

"Let's see what I've got to beat." Tom said. Caroline laid down her full house and Tom groaned.

"All I've got is two pair," He said.

Caroline giggled and said,"Get ready to watch George fuck me!"

"No you don't understand," Tom said," I've got two pair, a pair of kings and another pair of kings!"

"You ass-hole!" Caroline said.

Tom grinned and said," I bet the pot and won. You know what that means."

Caroline started to smile and said,"Yes I do. So What's it going to be?"

"You'll find out Friday evening." Tom said.

'Damn it!" Caroline stomped her foot. "Your going to make me wait until Friday?"

"Yep I damn sure am." Tom grinned.

All evening she tried to get him to tell her what was going to happen. As they crawled into bed Tom said for the umteenth time,"I'm not going to tell you what it is. But if you want I'll give you a consolation lick." Caroline grinned, grabbed his head and forced it towards her crotch.

"Then get to licking!" She said.

Tom walked into the lunch room the next day, spotted Mike, walked over and plopped on a chair across the table from him.

Mike sounded nervous when he asked,"Is it setup?"

"Yep," Tom said,"Can you get out of the house Friday night?"

Mike looked thoughtful then said, "Yea, I'll tell Sarah I'm going bowling with the guys. She won't mind."

"Ok. Be at my house, 8:30 PM." Tom said.

"Your house?" Mike sounded puzzled.

"That's where she wants to meet. She'll be there waiting for you. One more thing, I need a picture of you." Tom said.

"Why?" Mike ask.

"So she knows who she's looking for, and that you are you." Tom replied

"Ok. I'll bring you one tomorrow and I'll be there 8:30 Friday, what's her name by the way?" Mike responded.

"Ah-ah-ah, Ann." Tom said.

When Tom arrived home Friday afternoon, Caroline met him at the door with a "Well? Tell Me! Tell Me! Tell Me!"

Tom grinned and said,"You know the rules, I don't have to tell you until it's time!"

"Damn you!" Caroline said,"I'm wet already, wondering what you've got up your sleeve."

Tom crooked his finger "Come with me."

Caroline followed him to the bedroom. Tom sat on the bed and motioned Caroline to a spot directly in front of him. He slowly started to undress her. First he pulled her top up and off her arms, then reached around and unsnapped her bra, peeling that off. He unzipped her shorts and pulled them to the floor, instructing her to step out of them. Next he peeled her panties to her ankles and had her step out of them. This left her entirely naked. He pushed his hand between her legs and slipped his finger into her.

"My, My, you are wet!" Tom said.

"You damn well knew I would be!" Caroline retorted.

"Yep, but it's nice to find out for myself." Tom said, stroking her clit to emphasize his words. "Oh, Christ." Caroline groaned from between clenched teeth.

Tom grinned, got up, walked over, pulled out a pair of shear, black, thigh high, stockings and a black lace bra. He threw these to Caroline, went into the closet and returned a few minutes later. He tossed her a white flower print summer dress and a pair of black high heels.

"Shower, put those on and come into the livingroom." Tom said and walked out.

Half an hour later he was reading a magazine when she appeared. He dropped the magazine and had her turn around in front of him. The light cotton summer dress hit her at mid thigh and he could see the black lace bra through the lighter fabric. 'Guaranteed to make a cock stand up and take notice!' He thought.

"Ok. You going to tell me what's going on?" She said.

Tom walked over to the kitchen counter, where he had a couple of drinks ready. He handed her one and took a long draw on his. She sipped her drink and looked at him, waiting for an answer.

"Tonight will be a little different from anything we've done before." Tom started."At 8:30 one of my coworkers will be here. You will entertain him for a couple of hours."

Caroline gulped and said,"W-W-W-what do you mean?"

Tom finished his whiskey and said,"You will spend a couple of hours fucking him."

"I c-c-c-can't fuck a stranger!" Caroline stammered.

"When we started playing poker you were the one who came up with the rules for 'Bet the Pot'. I agreed. We have always followed those rules. Are you going to renege?" Tom said as he walked to the bar and poured whiskey into his empty glass.

Caroline stood motionless for several minutes, then tipped her glass and finished the contents in one gulp. She slowly walked over to Tom, handed him the glass and indicated he should fill it by pointing at the whiskey bottle. A moment later Tom handed the glass back half full and Caroline took another long drink.

"Ok. The rules are the rules. What's this guy look like?" She asked.

Tom pulled out Mikes picture and dropped it on the counter in front of Caroline.

"For Christ sakes!" She said, grabbing the photo for a closer look,"How old is he?"

"Twenty one." Tom said calmly.

"He's young enough to be my son!" Caroline said, looking from the photo to Tom. Tom slipped up beside her and put his arm around her.

He placed his lips next to her ear and said,"He's never had a blow job. He's never tasted pussy. Don't you want to introduce him to those delights?"

A few moments later he heard Caroline whisper,"It is intriguing. Never had a blow job? God, the more I think about it the wetter I'm getting!"

Tom slipped his hand between her legs and was delighted to find her pussy slick and wet.

"So you'll do it?" Tom whispered, his fingers running up and down her labia as he spoke.

Caroline groaned and said,"Christ yes. I'll fuck him till he can't stand up!"

Tom grinned and said,"One more thing, I'll be in the closet, I want to watch you and him."

Caroline turned to him and said,"You dirty old man! You want to watch some young cock fuck me, then I suppose you'll want some afterwards?"

"Yes." Tom hissed, his fingers dancing up and down her wet slit.

"I hope the hell so!" Caroline moaned.

Tom reluctantly pulled his hand from between her thighs and said,"There are still a few preparations to make."

At 8:25 Tom said,"You may have to do the seducing. He's young and nervous. Oh, yea, he doesn't know you're my wife. And he'll be using your middle name. "

Caroline grinned and said,"I'm ready, I've resigned myself to full-filling your demands. I told you, this young man is going to get fucked like he never has before!"

A moment later the door bell rang. Tom sprinted for the closet as Caroline walked slowly towards the door. She stopped and glanced behind her, to make sure Tom was inside the closet, then opened the door.

"Ah, ah, Hi." Mike stammered,"I'm Mike. Ann?"

Caroline hesitated for a moment, not use to someone using her middle name. Finally she smiled and nodded.

"Hi Mike. Come in please."

Mike stepped in and Caroline lead him to the couch.

She motioned and said,"Please sit. Would you like a drink?"

"Ah, yes please." Mike said.

Caroline slowly walked to the side board to make a scotch and water. She was trying to give Mike time to get a good look at her. She made the drink and again slowly walked back to him. She bent close and handed him the glass.

"Here you are." She said.

He took the glass with a trembling hand, hesitated then tipped it to his lips and drained half of it.

Caroline was standing in front of him so she turned slowly in a circle and she said," Do you like the outfit I picked out?"

Mike looked at her and said," I-I-It's very nice."

Caroline sat down beside Mike and placed her hand on his thigh. She could feel him tense like a deer ready to bolt.

She leaned over to him, making sure her breast was pressed against his arm and said,"Take it easy. Don't be so nervous. I don't bite. A least not hard!"

Mike laughed nervously.

Caroline took his hand and said,"Feel the fabric of my dress."

With that she placed his hand against her breast.

"Nice isn't it." She said.

The only response Mike could make was a strangled,"Yes."

"If you like that," Caroline said, moving his hand to her inside upper thigh,"Feel the fabric of my stockings!"

They had moved the couch so Tom could see it clearly from the closet and Caroline guessed he probably had his dick out and was stroking it about now.

'Watch this my horny husband!' She thought.

"You like that?" She asked Mike. He nodded his head.

She grasped his hand, slid it under her dress and placed it on her wet pussy.

She looked at him and said in a husky whisper,"How does that feel?"

"Oh God it feels good!" Mike croaked.

Caroline pulled her dress up so her pussy was exposed to Tom's view and said,"Slip your finger in. That's it. Now up toward the top, you feel that hard little nub? That's my clit. Rub it, No gently, gently! That's it. Oh, that feels good! Keep rubbing. You've got it now."

Caroline leaned back and closed her eye, enjoying both Mikes clumsy attempt at fingering her and the thought of Tom watching.

After a few moments she said,"Mike, unzip my dress."

Mike fumbled until he found the zipper, then unzipped it.

"Pull it down to my waist." Caroline said, her eyes still closed.

Mike seemed to be losing some of his nervousness. He slowly pulled her dress off her arms.

"Now gently, rub my nipples through my bra." Caroline said.

A moment later she felt Mikes fingers stroke first one, then the other of her nipples. She groaned and pushed her breasts towards his fingers.

"Pull my bra up and put you mouth on them." She said.

She felt her bra being pulled up over her breast, then a second later Mikes warm mouth engulf her left nipple. She groaned, reached around and pulled his head against her.

"Oh, God! Suck the other one." She said from between clenched teeth.

Mike transferred his mouth to her right nipple and the wet warm sensation caused her pussy to twitch. Caroline sat for a long while enjoying Mikes mouth working on her nipples. Finally she opened her eyes and gently urged him away. Mike sat up with a concerned look in his eye.

"Don't worry hon," Caroline said,"You were doing fine. I just wanted to stand and have you take my dress off the rest of the way."

Caroline stood and held her arms up, then looked at Mike with a questioning look. Mike pulled her dress down her legs and to the floor. Caroline stepped out of it and stood in front of him.

"Now the bra." she said and turned her back to him.

Mike came to her and slowly unsnapped her bra, then pulled it down and off her arms. Caroline turn to him and smiled.

"Tom tell's me you've never had a blow job." She said.

Mike nodded his head and Caroline said,"Nor tasted pussy."

Again Mike nodded his head.

Caroline reached over, unsnapped, then unzipped his jeans. She pulled them to his knees, then pulled his boxers down too. His stiff, young cock stood rigid in front of her.

She smiled, placed her hand on his chest and pushed gently, "Sit."

Mike sat and Caroline reached down and pulled off his shoes, then pulled his jeans down and off. A second later his boxers were on the floor next to his jeans. She pushed one of his legs up onto the couch, so he was sitting with his legs spread.

She got on her knees looked at him and said,"Close your eyes."

Mike leaned back and slowly closed his eyes. Caroline started kissing at his knee and worked her way up his inner thigh. She gently ran her tongue over his balls as she passed, then started at his other knee and repeated the process. This time as her tongue touched his balls, she gently took one into her mouth as she wrapped her hand around his cock. She could feel his body stiffen as she stroked his cock and gently sucked on his testicle. Finally she let it slip from her mouth. She moved up and started to lick the underside of his cock. She could see a drop of precum forming at the end of his dick and knew he wouldn't be able to take much more. She leaned forward and slipped her mouth down over his shaft, taking as much of it as she could. She started stroking up and down his shaft. A moment later his cum exploded into her mouth. He filled her mouth and she tried to swallow it all, but some dripped from the corners. She had made sure she was turned so Tom had a good view from the closet. She kept her mouth on him, gently licking and sucking for a while after. Finally she gave his cock, which was still rock hard, a last lick and sat up.

"Well, how was your first blow job?" She asked.

Mike looked at her with a dreamy far-way look in his eye and said,"Fantastic!"

"Well sweet Mike my dear, now you get to do the same for me!" She said, stretching out on the couch.

Mike moved around and leaned forward until his face was close to her crotch.

"Before you touch,"Caroline said," Smell. Inhale and see if you like the smell."

Mike leaned close to her pussy, close enough that his nose was touching her pubic hair and slowly inhaled.

"Oh God!" He groaned,"It makes my cock twitch!"

Caroline grinned and said," Ok. Now gently put your tongue between my pussy lips and find my clit with the tip of it."

Mike did as he was instructed. A moment later Caroline felt his tongue contact her clit.

"Oh, Shit!" She gasped.

At her exclamation, Mike started to pull back, thinking he had hurt her.

"Oh, Shit! Get back here! Get your tongue back in there! Eat me damn it! Eat me!" Caroline demanded.

Mike again put his tongue on her clit and started to lick.

Caroline gasped,"Put your fingers in me! Get your fingers in my pussy!"

Mike slipped two fingers into her. It was too much, Caroline screamed and climaxed. Mike suddenly found his face wet and his tongue covered with her musky juices. He could feel his cock twitch at the taste, and wanted badly to slip his cock into this hot screaming woman.

"Get up here and fuck me!" Caroline screamed,"Get that cock of your's into me now!"

Mike jumped forward, placed his cock against her wet hole and lunged, burying his shaft all the way to his balls in her hot wet pussy.

Caroline jerked him tight to her, grabbed his ear between her teeth and snarled, "Fuck me god Damn it! Fuck me!"

Mike didn't need more prompting. He began slamming his hard young cock in and out of her.

Faster, harder he went. Caroline screamed at him,"Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!"

Mike felt his balls contract and a moment later his cum shot into Caroline's hot cunt. As she felt his cock throb, she let out a last cry, and again climaxed. They lay locked together for moments, then minutes, neither wanting to move.

Finally Caroline whispered,"You've got to get dressed and go. Our times up."

Mike slowly pulled his wet, slippery cock out of her and got to his feet. He dressed and then turned to her. She was still naked as she came to him, wrapped her arms around him and kissed him.

"Can we do this again sometime?" Mike asked.

Caroline laughed and said,"We'll see, we'll see."

Caroline let Mike out the door and watched him walk to his car and get in. Just as he pulled away from the curb she felt Tom's hands caress her buttocks. She turned and pulled him to her.

After a long kiss he said "Look's like you enjoyed that a lot!"

"You didn't want me too?" She said.

"I wanted it to happen just as it did. I wanted to here you scream when that young cock entered you, filled your pussy and began to stroke in and out of you. But I've never heard you scream so loud!"

Caroline grinned, "That was for your benefit."

Tom took her hand and lead her to the bedroom. He gently pushed her onto the bed and quickly undressed. A few moments later he was stretched out between her legs.

"Time for me to enjoy this cum soaked pussy."

He used his thumbs to spread her labia, leaned forward and slowly placed his mouth on her cunt. The familiar smell and taste of her pussy was hi-lighted by the sharp tang of Mikes cum. As his mouth touched her, Caroline groaned and moved her legs up to rest on his back. He licked her slowly for a very longtime. With each lick, each stroke of his fingers into her cunt Caroline's breathing got faster. Finally she let out a strangled cry and climaxed. A moment later Tom's cock slid into her and he began to pound into her.

"Oh, yes, fuck me, fuck me!" Caroline sobbed.

Tom's climax hit him like a hammer, flooding into Caroline's wet cunt. Tom rolled off and lay beside his wife.

"Well?" He whispered.

"My God!" Was all Caroline could say. A moment later they were fast asleep.

Monday Mike entered the lunchroom and spotted Tom at a table in a corner. Mike grabbed a tray picked his lunch and hurried to Tom's table.

Mike sat, leaned across the table and whispered,"Tom that was fantastic! I hope Ann enjoyed it too."

"Ann?" Tom said,"Oh, right, yea, Ann. She said it was very good."

"Tom can you, would you, ah, arrange another time with her for me?"

"I might be able to, but not right away."Tom said.

"Oh, Ok." Mike said, dejection coloring his voice,"I've just never had such good sex. I wish Sarah could do, would do that."

"I know how we can get her too." Tom said.

Mike looked up from his lunch and said,"How?"

"Let me get it all worked out and I'll tell you later." Tom stood and picked up his tray ,"and I'll try and arrange another meeting for you with Ann. Check with me tomorrow."

That evening Tom looked across the table at Caroline and said,"Mike wants some more of your pussy. You want to fuck that young cock again?"

Caroline smiled and replied,"I'd love to, if you don't mind."

"Nope, as long as I get a good fuck afterward. I do want you to tell him who you really are though." Tom said around a bite of bread, "And I may want you to return the favor someday soon."

Caroline grinned and let the end of her tongue protrude from her mouth.

"Ok. I'll find the right time to tell him who I really am, after we fuck! And I will return the favor any time."

"When do you want him?" Tom asked.

"Friday night." Caroline replied,"That ok?"

"Fine."Tom said,"I'll set it up."

Tom excused himself and went to the darkroom in his garage. He had all the picture he had taken of Caroline and Mike developed, except the ones of them fucking. He spent an hour making sure they were clear, then inspected his work with a grin.

"Nice. Very, very nice." He said to no one in particular.

Tom didn't see Mike until the end of the shift the next day. Mike came running up as Tom walked across the parking lot toward his car.

"You-you get it set up?" Mike huffed.

"Sure did. My place 8:00 Friday." Tom said.

"Doesn't Caroline mind me using your place to meet Ann?" Mike ask.

Tom grinned,"Nope she doesn't mind at all. In fact I think she kind of enjoys it! Ann told me she wants you to take her to dinner first. "

Mike shrugged and said," Ok. And as long Caroline doesn't mind, I'll be there at 8:00. God I can't wait to fuck Ann again! She is one hot woman!"

As Tom watched Mike walk towards his car he grinned and thought,' You young man have a BIG surprise coming!'

7:55 Thursday evening Tom kissed Caroline and climbed into the closet. A minute or two later Caroline opened the door as Mike knocked. She took his hand and pulled him to the couch. They had rearranged the furniture so the couch was much closer to the closet. They had also installed a peep hole in the closet door, so Tom wouldn't have to look out through a cracked open door. Tonight Caroline had chosen to wear the black dress she wore for the photo Tom carried. What Mike didn't know is she didn't have on panties or a bra under the dress and the nylons she had on weren't panty hose, but thigh high stockings. Caroline slid over next to Mike and rubbed the lump of his cock through his jeans.

"My, my, you seem to have a problem there. Let me take care of that before we go to dinner." Caroline said, unzipping his jeans to allow his rigid cock to spring up. She leaned over and popped the engorged head into her mouth. Tom was looking through the peep hole and had a wonderful view of his wife sucking Mikes cock. He could feel his own cock straining at his jeans. After a moment or two he unzipped his pants and started to stroke his hard shaft. Caroline felt Mike tense and knew he was close. She swallowed as much of his hardness as she could and a moment later felt his cum shoot into her throat. This time she was prepared and managed to swallow it all. She licked his cock clean, gave it one last kiss and sat up.

'That should hold you." She said with a grin. All Mike could do was nod his head.

Caroline's hand reached to the end table and returned with the remote controlled vibrator. She quickly strapped it to Mikes cock, "This is a remote controlled vibrator. You are going to wear it this evening. Be prepared because sometime during dinner I'm going to turn it on. Let me demonstrate."

With that she pushed the on button and Tom could see the surprise in Mike's eyes. Caroline grinned and turned it off.

"Time to go to dinner." She said, "I need to get my coat. I'll meet you at the car."

Mike slowly rose from the couch and made his way to the door and let himself out. Caroline strolled to the closet opened it, leaned in and mashed her mouth to Tom's. His hand snaked out and his fingers slipped into her wet bare pussy.

Caroline pulled her mouth from his and gasped,"God damn that feels good! I'm glad you talked me into shaving for tonight."

Tom chuckled and said,"Young Mike has several surprises coming this evening!"

Caroline gave him another quick hungry kiss, then grabbed her coat and said,"He's waiting, I've got to go!"

"See you in a couple of hours." Tom said."I'll be sitting right here at 11:00. Have a good dinner."

Caroline threw on her coat and quickly walked out the front door. Mike was waiting in the car. He had the passenger door open for her. She climbed in and Mike pulled away from the curb.

"Where to?" He asked.

"A place called The Yellow Caf‚. It's on 12th street." Caroline said.

It took fifteen minutes to maneuver through traffic to the caf‚. As they walked to the door Caroline whispered to Mike,"I made reservations under the name of Green." A few minutes later they were sliding into a boot in the rear of the dining area.

As Mike started to slide into the seat across the table from her, Caroline said," Please, come sit beside me."

Mike placed their coats on the opposite seat and slide in next to her. A moment later a waitress appeared next to the table.

"My name is Wendy, I'll be your wait person. Can I get you something to drink?"

"A glass of white wine." Caroline said.

'The same for me." Mike said.

Caroline picked up the menu,"See anything you want?"

Mike had become more at ease after she had sucked him off.

"I do, but it's not on the menu." He said and leered at her to make his point.

Caroline smiled and said,"Give me your hand."

Mike hesitantly extended his hand. Caroline took it and pulled it into her lap. She pulled up her dress and laid his hand on her smooth, shaved pussy. Mikes jaw dropped and his eyes glazed.

Caroline leaned close to his ear and whispered, "Don't just sit there, slip your finger into me!"

A moment later Mike broke from his stupor and slipped both his fore finger and middle finger into Caroline's sopping pussy. For the next few minutes Mike was lost in the experience of Caroline's wetness.

He was rudely shocked from his bliss by the waitress placing a glass of wine in front of him. He glanced at Caroline and realized she had leaned forward to cover the fact that his hand was in her lap and between her legs.

"May I take your order now?" Wendy ask.

"Could we have a few more minutes please?" Mike said, his voice ready to crack.

"Sure. I'll be back in a few minutes." Wendy said," Take your time."

Mike almost choked as he saw Wendy's left eye wink and her gaze slide towards Caroline's lap.

"Thank's hon." Caroline purred," We'll be ready in ten minutes of so."

Wendy grinned and said,"Take your time. When your ready signal me."

"I think she knew what we were doing!" Mike whispered.

"I'm sure she knew what we were doing!" Caroline giggled."Don't worry about it. If she had a problem with it, she wouldn't have winked!"

"True." Mike said then grinned,"Now where were we?"

His fingers again started to stimulate Caroline's clit. His eyes were half closed. The passion and excitement were starting to effect him. Just then he jumped and his eyes flew open as Caroline activated the vibrator strapped to his cock. She grinned at him and slowly turned it on high. Mike let out several small groans as the vibrator stimulated his sensitive hard-on. A few moments later the sensation abruptly stopped. When he opened his eyes Caroline was grinning at him.

"Good?" She ask.

"Christ!" Was all he could say.

After he had settled down from the introduction to the vibrator, Mike waved at Wendy and they ordered dinner. During dinner Caroline turned the vibrator on three times. Each time she would watch Mike freeze and closes his eyes. She would allow it to run for a short time then shut it off. Each time she hit the off button Mike would groan in protest.

The third time Caroline leaned over to him and whispered,"Patience dear. As soon as we're back to Tom and Caroline's you will have an absolutely fabulous one!"

They finished dinner and as they were leaving Wendy said, with a big grin on her face,"Have a very enjoyable evening!"

"Damn it, I told you she knew what we were doing!" Mike muttered to Caroline as they walked to the car.

"Who cares?" Caroline said, then pushed the on button for the vibrator.

Mike grunted and jerked as the vibrator started it's buzzing, stimulation. Caroline waited until he was in the drivers seat before she stopped it.

"Home stud-muffin!" She said, leaning over and kissing him deeply.

Tom heard the car pull into the drive and quickly took his place in the closet. Mike and Caroline entered a few moments later. Caroline kicked off her shoes, grabbed Mike's hand and headed for the livingroom.

She stretched out on the couch, pulled her dress up and said,"Come her and eat me!"

A moment later Mike's tongue slipped between her swollen, wet, labia. She groaned as he started to lick her, then she let out a scream as her climax washed over her.

"Ah Christ, that was too quick!" She said.

She pushed Mike away and pointed at the couch where she had been laying a short moment before,"Your turn on your back."

Mike grinned and plopped onto the couch. Caroline quickly undid his pants and pulled them down.

"Hmmm," She said,"I can't suck it with that thing attached."

She unstrapped the vibrator attached to his cock, leaned forward and slid the length of his shaft into her mouth and down her throat. As she worked her warm mouth up and down his cock, she placed the vibrator on his balls and turned it on.

It was to much for Mike he groaned,"Oh, Shit! I'm cumming!" as his cock began to throbbing, filling Caroline's mouth.

As his climax subsided she straddled him and slipped his still hard cock into her pussy.

"By the way," She said as she began to undulate her hips,"Did I tell you that Ann was my middle name?"

Mike had his eyes almost closed, enjoying the feel of her hot, wet pussy.

"Really?" He said in a dreamy voice," What's your first name?"

She leaned forward, ran her tongue over his lips and along his cheek to his ear, then she whispered, "Caroline."

"That's Tom's wife's name too."Mike said, his eyes still half closed, not yet making the connection.

"Yes. That's because Tom is my husband." She whispered nibbling on his ear.

Mikes eyes flew open and he stammered,"Wh-wh-wh-wh-what?"

Caroline made a stroke up and down his cock then said," That's right, you're fucking his wife." Mike tried to crawl backwards away from her, but the couch arm prevented him from getting very far.

"Oh Christ! What's he going to say!" Mike said in a terrified voice.

"Settle down." Caroline said,"Think about it. Who setup this whole thing? Tom did. So why should he be angry?"

Mike's look of terror slowly vanished as the reality of the situation sunk in.

"Why?" He said,"Why is he letting me fuck his wife?"

Caroline grinned and said,"I don't know and I really don't care. He is and I'm enjoying it!" She had been slowly sliding up and down his cock but as she finished her last statement she increased her tempo. A few moments later Mike's eyes fluttered shut as he again relaxed. He reached around and grabbed her ass cheeks and began to slam into her. Soon they both were lost in an erotic dance. A wet, slippery, groaning, grunting, screaming dance. All to soon Caroline felt his cock throb as he filled her with his cum. Her climax vibrated through her body a minute later. She sat astride him for a long time, not wanting to move. Finally she stood and allowed his now flaccid manhood to slip out of her dripping cunt.

"Time for you to go home." She said."Tom will be here shortly and I told him we would be done by the time he arrived."

Mike got dressed and walked slowly to the door.

He pulled her to him and kissed her, then said,"Will we ever do this again?"

Caroline smiled up at him and said,"It depends on Tom. I hope so."

She kissed him once more and said,"Now you've got to go."

Mike stepped out the door and walked towards his car. As Caroline watched him open the car door she felt Tom's hands slide up under her dress.

"Ready for me?" He asked.

She giggled, turned , threw her arms around his neck and kissed him hungrily.

"You damned right I am!" She said. He lead her to the couch and had her lean over the back. She felt him pull her dress up over her ass, then heard him unzip his pants and a rustle as he pulled them down. A moment later she felt his hard cock slide into her. He grabbed her hips and began to slam his hardness into her.

"God it was erotic watching you fuck him." Tom said," I could see his cock slide out, wet and glistening with your juices, then slam back in. I jerked off twice watching you two. You like fucking that young cock? You like acting the slut?"

"Oh, ye s, I l-ove, t-o fe-e-e-el, hi s, c ock in m-eee!" Caroline stammered as Tom slammed his shaft into her.

"Here, have some more hot cum!" Tom said as he exploded inside her.

A few moments later he pulled his dripping cock out of her, spun her around and kissed her hard.

"You are a horny slut, you know that?" He said.

Tom could feel Caroline's tongue lick across his lips then she said, "I am. You like?"

"You damned right, I like!" Tom said.

Monday Tom spotted Mike sitting in a corner at lunch time. He walked over and sat across the table from him.

"Well did you like fucking my wife?" Tom ask.

Mike's cheeks colored and he stammered,"Uh, yea, uh, it was, uh, pretty good."

Tom took a bite of his lunch and said "Just pretty good? Caroline said she gave you the fucking of your young life. Is that true?"

"Uh, yea, yea it was." Mike said.

"Well I hope you enjoyed it. Remember I told you that you would owe me big time if I set this up for you?" Tom ask.

Mike nodded his head and Tom continued,"Well it's time for me to collect. You fucked my wife, now your going to help me fuck yours."

Mike dropped his fork and stammered,"Wh-wh-what?"

"I said, You,"Tom pointed at Mike,"are going to help me," he pointed to himself," fuck your wife."

"She won't do it!" Mike said,"I told you she doesn't like sex!"

"No. I think she will like sex, she just has never had the opportunity to find out she does like it." Tom said, wiping his mouth with his napkin.

Mike was starting to get agitated,"How the hell are you going to get her to do it?"

"Settle down, settle down. I'll fill you in later in the week. I just want you to get use to the idea that I am going to fuck her. There is an up side of this for you though." Tom said.

"What's that?" Mike ask, sliding his tray to one side.

"If this works, she'll love to give you blow jobs!" Tom replied.

He stood and headed for the exit. When he looked back Mike was staring off into space, a thoughtful look on his face.

Wednesday evening Tom again had the cards ready.

Caroline slipped into a chair across the table and said,"Deal 'em. I feel lucky to night!"

Tom dealt and then picked up his cards. As he expected the three, four and five of clubs was there.

"Your bet." He said.

"Mike will come over and fuck me again." Caroline said, a sparkle lighting her eye.

"I get to fuck you in the ass." Tom bid.

Caroline's raised her eye brows and said,"Oh really? You think so?"

"How many do you want?" Tom ask.

"Three." Said Caroline, tossing in her discards. Tom dealt her three, dropped his two discards on the pile and pulled two from the deck.

He picked up his cards and had a hell of a time smothering the grin trying to break across his face.

"Go." He said.

Caroline grinned and said,"Mike fucks me, George fucks me, then you do!"

"Go for the Pot." He said.

"Not again!" Caroline grimaced,"There's no way your going to win this time!"

"Well let me see what I've got to beat." He said.

Caroline laid out her three queens and said,"Ok, smart ass, beat that!"

Tom slowly laid his cards down one at a time calling them as he did,"Three of clubs, four of clubs, five of clubs, six of clubs," he stopped and waited several heart beats then dropped the last card on top,"seven of clubs."

"Damn you!" Caroline said, then grinned, "But come to think of it, the last time you won I got the most benefit. So what's your pleasure?"

Tom spent the next several minute telling Caroline about mike's wife Sarah.

He finished with," and you my dear are going to help me seduce and fuck the young lady."

At first Caroline's face was blank. Tom was afraid she was about to refuse.

Finally a grin split her face and she said,"Ok. I'm in. The young lady really needs to know what she has been missing! I do get to watch you fuck her, don't I?"

"Absolutely!" Tom said with a grin.

" Hi Hon." Mike said as he closed the door.

"Hi. How was your day?" Sarah ask.

Mike flopped into his arm chair and said,"Busy. What did you do today?"

"Cleaned house, worked on my greeting cards, that's it." Sarah said," I'm getting pretty bored. I need a change. Your going to have to take me camping or something soon."

'How about a weekend at a lake?" Mike said.

"Great!" Sarah. "Where? When?"

"You remember me talking about Tom? The guy I work with?" Mike said. "Well him and his wife have a cabin in the mountains. They've invited us to spend three days up there with them."

"When are we going?" Sarah said, excitement coloring her voice.

"Two weeks from now if you want to go." Mike said.

"Sure let's go. I'd love too!" Sarah said.

"They're here." Mike called to Sarah,"Let's go!"

"Ok. Let me get my bikini." Sarah replied.

She came down the stairs a few minutes later with a yellow bikini in her hand. She stuffed it into the open suit case laying on the floor, then squeeze the lid shut and latched it. Mike picked it up and headed for the door. Sarah followed, took one last look around, pulled the door shut and walked toward the car waiting in the driveway. Tom stood next to the car and watched her walk across the lawn. Her light brown hair was shoulder length, accenting her sea green eyes. Tom let his gaze slide down her body, taking in the swell of her breasts, and the smooth curve of her hips.

As she walked up to the car Tom said,"Hi Sarah, I've heard so much about you. I'm Tom and this is Caroline my wife."

Sarah said,"Hi. Mike has told me a little about you two. I'm looking forward to getting to know you."

Tom thought,'I'm looking forward to it too sweet lady.'

They climbed into the car and Tom started the engine and headed toward the mountains. Three hours later they pulled up to the cabin. The cabin sat on the shore of a small lake at the end of a gravel road. A covered porch faced the lake and a floating dock extended out into the water from the shore next to the cabin. There was no TV reception because of the surrounding hills, but Tom had installed a small TV and VCR for taped movies. The nearest house was five miles down the road, the nearest store ten miles beyond that and the nearest town another ten beyond that.

"Here we are." Tom said, stepping out of the car to stretch. He opened the trunk and started unloading suitcases. Mike grabbed two and headed for the cabin. After half an hour of frantic activity everyone was settled. Mike and Sarah had taken the loft bed, while Tom and Caroline had claimed the single bedroom downstairs.

"I'm going to catch some sun." Tom said,"Anybody else?"

"I'd love too." Sarah said, " Let me put on my bikini. Are you coming Mike?"

"In a little while." Mike responded.

"Ok. Tom I'll be out in a moment." Sarah said, heading for the bathroom with her bikini in hand. Tom jumped into his swimsuit and was about to leave the bedroom when Caroline came in. She closed the door, walked over and kissed him hard.

"I think I'll check the supplies. Did you bring the wine?" she said.

"Yes." Tom said,"I put it in the fridge."

"Movies?"Caroline ask with a grin.

"In the closet where we left them last time." Tom answered as he stepped out the door.

Tom walked out to the dock and found Sarah already stretched out on a towel.

"Would you like me to rub some sun block on your back?" Tom ask.

"Ahhh, su-sure." Sarah stammered.

Tom started at her ankles and slowly applied a layer to her legs. His cock grew hard as he rubbed her smooth, soft skin. He slowly worked up her legs, his hands gently spreading the lotion over her skin.

He could feel her tense as he massaged her thighs and as his finger tips touched the bottom hem of her bikini, she jumped and said,"I-I think that's good enough."

"Let me do your back." Tom said."We don't want you getting burned."

He started at the nap of her neck and slowly spread the lotion across her back. When he reached her bikini strap he pulled it up and ran his hand under it, which made her tense even more.

"You should relax."Tom said,"You'd think I was going to tear off your bikini the way your tensed up!"

Sarah giggled nervously and said,"I know you won't, but it seems a little intimate for you to be doing that."

"Relax." Tom said.

"I-I'll try."Sarah haltingly replied.

Tom finished coating her back and dropped his hands to her hips just above her bikini bottom. He rubbed lotion in to her lower back, then rubbed both his hands up along her sides until his fingers touched her bikini top. He could feel her tense, then relax as he moved his hands to her lower back. He repeated the process several times, each time allowing his hands to move slightly down around her body. The fourth time she didn't tense as his hands moved up along her body, and the fifth time, as he completed his stroke up her sides, his finger tips brushed the sides of her breasts.

He smiled and said,"Did you do your front?"

Sarah said,"No. Why?"

"If you roll over I'll do it for you." Tom said.

"I-I think I can handle that." Sarah stammered.

"I'm sure you can, but your on vacation and I'm the host. So I should make you comfortable and do as much for you as I can."

Sarah slowly rolled over and Tom could see her cheeks were flushed.

"O-Ok." She said.

She had her eyes closed and Tom could see her jaw was tight.

"My God!" He said,"I'm not going to use a whip on you. If it bothers you that much perhaps I shouldn't. I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable, I just wanted you to relax and enjoy the weekend."

Sarah opened her eyes and said,"Well I am a little uncomfortable. I know your only trying to help. Please do rub some on me."

"If your sure." Tom said.

"Yes, please do." Sarah closed her eyes and Tom could see her try to relax.

He poured a small amount of lotion into his palm, then started at her left wrist. He rubbed his hands along her arm, applying the lotion. When he reached her shoulder he started on her right arm and did the same. He then started on her legs. He did her left, ending with his fingers running along the line on her bikini bottoms. He then did the right again ending with his fingers running along the line of her bikini bottom. He poured a little lotion directly onto her stomach, which made her jump.

"Sorry 'bout that." He said, and started to rub it in. He coated her mid section, letting his fingers run slowly along the cloth line of her bikini bottoms and the same line under her breasts. The last stroke was up her sides from her hips to her breasts. He let his thumbs brush over her nipples as he finished his stroke.

"That does it." He said, straightening up, "All done. You shouldn't burn now."

"Ahmm, th-thank you."Sarah said.

Tom could see her nipples standing up under the fabric of her top.

"Your welcome. I'm going to get a coke, would you like one?" Tom ask.

"Sure." Sarah replied.

Tom walked back to the cabin and quietly slipped through the door. He heard voices coming from the kitchen as he entered. He stood still and listened for a moment.

"I need some of your pussy." Mike was saying.

"I'd love to," Caroline said,"but the agreement is I have to ask Tom, just as he has to ask me if he wants to do the same."

Tom tip-toed to the kitchen door and peeked through. Mike was standing behind Caroline and had both his hands up under her top and was massaging her breasts. Tom could see her grinding her ass against the bulge in his shorts.

"Oh Christ I want your pussy." Mike groaned.

"Tomorrow lover. We'll have a lot of time tomorrow." Caroline said,"Now let me get dinner going."

Tom tip-toed back to the door, opened it and then slammed it. He then walked heavily across to the kitchen. Mike was leaning against the counter, his arms crossed as Tom walked in.

"Are you and Sarah getting acquainted?" Mike ask as Tom entered.

"A little." Tom said, pulling two cokes out of the fridge. "How's dinner coming?"

Caroline winked at him, grinned and said,"Fine, fine. We'll be ready on time."

"Great. Yell when it's ready."

Tom wandered back down to the dock and handed Sarah a coke. They chit-chatted about small things as they drank.

When Tom finished his drink he said,"I'm going for a swim."

He walked to the end of the dock and dove. He surfaced and back stroked to the swimming float 50 ft of shore. He pulled himself out onto it, turned and again dove. This time he swam for the bottom, surfacing after several minutes. As he took in a long breath he looked around for Sarah and spotted her in the water a few feet from him. She was looking the other way so he slipped down under water and swam toward her. He grabbed her then surfaced next to her as she started kicking.

"It's just me." He said.

She stopped thrashing, looked at him, then splashed water into his face.

He sputtered and yelled,"You'll pay for that!" and started swimming towards her. She splashed towards the dock and he caught up with her just as she grabbed the side. He reached out, grabbed her, pulled her to him and found he had a handful of her breast. She was struggling, so he held on to her tightly.

Finally she stopped thrashing and said," Ok. I give up."

He reluctantly let go his hold and said,"I'll get you later for that!"

As they climbed out Caroline called from the cabin door that dinner was ready. Tom followed Sarah back to the cabin, feasting his eyes on her firm round ass. He really wanted to reach out and strip away the bikini she was wearing.

'Soon.' He told himself,'Soon.'

They ate dinner, cleaned up and sat on the porch talking for several hours.

"Anybody for a card game?" Caroline ask.

"Sure." Mike said,"What are we playing?"

"Poker?" Caroline suggested.

"I don't know how to play that." Sarah said.

"We'll teach you." Caroline said as she shuffled the cards.

Caroline pulled a stack of poker chips out of a drawer and divided them up. She dealt the cards and Sarah looked at her hand with a puzzled expression. Tom moved over next to her and spent the next three hands explaining how to play. After a dozen hands Tom had two chips left and Sarah had four.

"What happens when we run out of chips?" Sarah ask.

"Well, we need to bet with something else." Caroline said.

Sarah looked at her chips and said, "What else can we use?"

"Caroline ginned and said,"Clothes."

Sarah's jaw dropped as she gasped,"Strip poker?"

"Sure, why not." Caroline said,"We're all adults."

Sarah looked at Mike, who shrugged and said,"Sure, let's do it."

"O-o-ok. I-I-I guess." Sarah said.

The next round was dealt and Caroline lost. She nonchalantly pulled the tee shirt she was wear up and off. The next hand Mike lost and removed his shirt, then Caroline lost the next. She grinned, reached around and unsnapped her bra, pulled it off and dropped it in the middle of the table. Sarah's cheeks were crimson and she stared at a spot on the table in front of her. The next hand was dealt and Sarah lost. The others waited to see what she would remove. She was still in her bikini so she only had the choice of the top or bottoms.

After several minutes Mike said," Come on hun, what are you going to take off?"

In a small terrified voice Sarah said,"I-I-I c-c-can't do it! I can't take off my clothes!"

Mike was about to say something when Tom spoke up,"That's all right. You don't have to. But would you do something else instead of taking off a piece of clothing?"

"W-w-w-what do you want me to do?" Sarah said.

"How about a movie?" Tom held his hand out to Caroline then Mike.

"Sure." Mike replied.

"That would be all right." Caroline said.

"What about a movie?" Sarah ask, regaining some of her composure.

"Instead of taking off clothing, you will watch a porn movie." Tom said.

"Ah, I've-I've never seen one before." Sarah looked from Mike to Tom.

"Well it's about time you did." Tom said,"Come along."

They all got up from the table and found seats in the livingroom. Tom pulled out a VCR tape and popped it into the video player. Mike and Caroline had been first into the livingroom and had claimed the two recliner chairs. That left the love seat for Sarah and Tom. Sarah was already seated when Tom walked over and sat down beside her. The movie started and it wasn't very long before a young couple were fucking on screen. Tom glanced at Sarah and noticed that even though her cheeks were red, her eyes were glued to the screen. The movie progressed and an hour later they had seen several blow jobs, one pussy eaten, a girl being fucked by two guys and now the camera was panned in to a close up of a hard cock sliding in and out of a wet pussy. Tom again glanced at Sarah and noticed that her gaze was still welded to the TV screen. Tom dropped his hand to his side so it was laying next to his leg and against Sarah's.

She tensed, but didn't move away. After several minutes Tom began to gently use his thumb to stroke the outside of her thigh. A little later he glanced and was excited to see her attention still fixed on the TV screen. Tom turned his hand so the palm was against Sarah's leg and began to slowly stroke it. Again he was pleased to note that she didn't move away.

Suddenly Sarah stood up and said,"Time for bed." And almost ran into the bathroom. Mike and Caroline looked a question at Tom, who shrugged his shoulders helplessly. Tom turned off the movie and signaled Mike and Caroline to follow him outside.

Once out the door Mike said,"What happened? It looked like you were making progress and then Bang! She jumped up and ran!"

"I have no idea what happened."Tom said.

"I'm going to go see if I can talk to her."Caroline said,"I don't want her feeling like a leper."

Caroline went back inside and gently rapped on the bathroom door.

From within Sarah's voice said,"Y-Yes?"

"Can I come in?" Caroline ask.

"Sure." Sarah said in a quiet voice.

Caroline heard the lock snick as it was unlocked. She slipped in and shut the door.

"You ok hon?" She asked."The movie wasn't too raunchy for you was it? We were just trying to have fun. Didn't want to scare or disgust you."

"It didn't scare me." Sarah said,"And I wasn't disgusted. Can I be honest with you?"

"Please do!"Caroline said, seating herself on the counter next to the sink.

"I've never seen anything like that." Sarah said,"I've heard about it, but have never seen it. And you know what? I could feel myself get excited watching those people on the screen. Is that normal? Do you get excited by that kind of stuff? Do you and Tom do that kind of stuff?"

"Yes I get excited by it; Yes we do it and Yes it is very, very enjoyable. You and Mike don't?" Caroline said, even though she knew the answer.

"N-No we don't." Sarah stammered.

"Well you might want to try it one day." Caroline stood ," I think you were right earlier, it is time for bed. Get some sleep. That will make you feel better. We'll talk some more tomorrow." She stepped out and pulled the door shut behind her.

Sarah sat for a long time thinking. She had never felt the kind of feeling she had experienced as she watched those people on the TV screen. She could feel the dampness between her legs and the tingle in her crotch still. And when she had become aware of Tom stroking her leg, the tingle had become a hunger and the dampness had wetted her inner thighs. She finally rose from her seat and headed for bed. Tom and Caroline were already in their bedroom when she came out of the bathroom. Mike was no where to be seen. She climbed the ladder to the loft and found Mike already in bed. She pulled off her bikini and slipped into the flannel nighty she had brought. Mike was already snoring as she slipped in beside him. She lay awake for a long time pondering what had happened to her. As sleep gently washed over her all she could see in her minds eye was the young man on the TV screen licking the young woman.

When Tom got up the next morning, Sarah was already on the dock sunning herself. Tom make coffee and sat on the porch his eyes fixed on Sarah's sweet young form stretched out on the towel. Mike came out a few minutes later with a cup of coffee.

"How'd you sleep?" Tom ask.

"Pretty good. That's a nice bed up there." Mike replied.

Caroline appeared and announced that breakfast would be ready as soon as Tom made it. Tom groaned when he realized it was his turn to cook.

After breakfast Tom and Mike took the boat out to try and catch some fish. They returned at 2:00 P.M.. empty handed.

As they were tying up to the dock Caroline, who was laying on a towel, ask,"Tom, you want to go to town with me? I've got to get stuff for dinner."

"No. I think I'll take a nap. You want to go with her Mike?" Tom asked and winked.

"Sure!" Mike grinned.

"You want to go Sarah?" Caroline ask.

Sarah was laying with her eyes closed and sleepily said,"No thank you. I'll stay here."

"Ok. We'll be back in a while." Caroline replied, grinned, winked at Tom and headed for the cabin.

Tom followed her and Mike and when they were inside said," Your going to claim the car broke down right?"

"Yes." Caroline said."And we won't be able to get it fixed until tomorrow."

"Ok." Tom said,"I'm starting to get a little nervous."

"Don't be sweetie. From what she said to me last night, she's ready. And I'm sure you can get her to do it."Caroline said, then kissed him and grinned . "Have fun!"

Tom waved at them as they drove away. He laid on the couch and tried to nap, but he was so nervous he couldn't get to sleep. Finally he decided to walk back down to the dock.

He noticed, or thought he did, that Sarah was getting a little pink.

"I think your starting to burn." Tom said,"Would you like me to rub some more sun block on you?"

"Would you please?" Sarah said sleepily.

Tom started from her neck and spread the lotion across her back. When he reached her bikini strap he took a deep breath and ran his hand under it, then out towards the sides. His fingertips brushed the firm sides of her breasts and he let them linger a moment, waiting for her to tense. It surprised him when she didn't and a moment later he moved his hands. He spread lotion down across her back to her bikini. As he work along the line of her bikini bottom he again held his breath and let his fingers slip under the cloth just a fingertips worth. Again he was surprised that Sarah didn't tense or flinch. He started working on her legs and as he worked along her thighs he was feeling a bit more secure, so he let his finger slide under the fabric of her bikini and along the lower part of her buttocks. This time she tensed slightly so he withdrew his fingers. Finally he patted her lightly on the ass and said,"There you go. That should keep you for a bit."

"Thanks." Sarah said.

Tom stretched out on the lounge chair in a position so he could watch Sarah. His cock was bulging the front of his swim suit from the still remembered feel of her skin under his hands. Over the next few hours he napped, read his book and swam. At 5:30 the cell phone rang and Tom answered it.

"It's me!" Caroline said,""Surprise! Good news the cars broke and we can't get the part until tomorrow. Oh damn huh? "

"What your kidding? Really. They can't find one? It has to come in on the bus tomorrow?" Tom said.

Caroline laughed and said," That's it! Ham it up! You're an actor at heart! "

Sarah opened her eyes and said,"What's going on?"

"The car broke down and there isn't a part in town for it. It has to come in on the bus tomorrow morning. Looks like Caroline and Mike are stuck in town until tomorrow."

"Really?"Sarah said sitting up. "Can I talk to Mike?"

"Sure." Tom replied, then said into the phone,"Caroline is Mike close? Sarah want's to talk to him."

A moment later Tom handed Sarah the phone.

"Hi hon." Mike said.

"What happened?" Sarah ask, a note of concern in her voice.

"We came out of the store and tried to start the car. It wouldn't start so we called the local gas station. The guy there checked it out and said the ignition module was bad. He didn't have one and the nearest parts store is in the next town. He's going to have them put it on the bus in the morning."

"Where are you going to spend the night?" Sarah ask.

"We found a small vacation resort at the edge of town. We were lucky, they had two rooms available. We'll call tomorrow as soon as we find out when the part will be here." Mike said.

"O-Ok." Sarah replied, "I think Tom wants to talk to Caroline again. I'll see you tomorrow." Sarah handed the phone back to Tom.

"Hi, again sweetie." Caroline said,"We'll see you tomorrow and have fun. I'm sure you're going to talk her into fucking you. Call me later."

"I'll try and remember that." said Tom, "I'll talk to you in the morning. Bye."

" That sucks." Tom said, glancing at Sarah.

She glanced back and Tom could see the expression her face. One of the best poker faces he had ever seen. He couldn't read her expression at all.

"Yea, doesn't it though. Well you and I will have to make the best of it." Sarah said.

"I'm going to cool off." Tom said and dove into the water.

When he came to the surface the dock was empty and Sarah wasn't any where to be seen. Two strong strokes and he grabbed the edge of the dock, then looked around again for Sarah. He felt a hand grab him from beneath the water and a moment later Sarah surfaced close in front of him. He reached out, grabbed her and pulled her to him. As he pulled her against his chest he could feel her nipples, hard from the cool water, through the fabric of her bikini top.

Sarah could feel that same warm feeling between her legs she had last night and earlier in the day when Tom had been rubbing lotion on her. She didn't know whether to put her arms around his neck or push him away.

It was confusing to her, so she settled for saying,"I'm getting hungry. What are we going to make for dinner?"

Tom could feel her neither trying to pull away, nor push against him.

'Not yet.' He thought,' She's not ready yet. But she's getting there. Yesterday she wouldn't have let me hold her like this.'

"Let's go up to the cabin and see what we can rustle up." He said pulling himself up onto the dock. He helped Sarah up out of the water and they walked to the cabin.

After looking through the fridge, freezer and cupboard they settled on making a couple of frozen Chicken Pot Pies.

Tom put the pies into the oven and said,"It will be 45 minutes or so, you want to shower first? I'll wait until your done if you do."

"Sure." Sarah said,"I'll be out in a little while."

As Tom headed for the kitchen Sarah climbed to the loft to get fresh clothes. She opened her suitcase and started pulling things out. She found a pair of shorts and a old tee shirt she had brought. She climbed back down, entered the bathroom, stripped out of her bikini and jumped into the shower.

Twenty minutes later she came out of the bathroom, scrubbed and hungry. Tom smiled as he passed her, headed for the bathroom and his turn in the shower. He stripped, showered, dressed and was back in the kitchen in ten minutes. Sarah was curled up on the love-seat reading a book. As soon as the pies were done Tom set the table , poured two glasses of wine and lit the candles he had found in a drawer in the kitchen.

He stuck his head out the kitchen door and said,"Dinner is served Madam."

Sarah smiled as she walked into the kitchen and saw the candles.

"That's nice." She said.

They talked as they ate dinner, covering all kinds of subjects. Tom kept Sarah's wine glass full. Mike had told him that Sarah loosened up if she had a few drinks, but not to give her to much or she would pass out. Mike had said that when she started to get giggliy, she had enough. And Sarah didn't seem to mind. She kept sipping her wine as Tom filled it. The sky was clear and there was a crescent moon shining.

Tom looked out and said,"I'm going to walk down to the dock, want to come?"

Sarah took a sip of wine and said,"Sure. It's really light out there isn't it?"

They walk to the dock and stood looking out over the lake.

"Fantastic."Sarah murmured, then finished the small amount of wine left in her glass. As she tipped the glass she lost her balance and stumbled. Tom reached out and wrapped his arm around her waist to steady her.

Sarah giggled and said," I've had enough of that!"

Tom could feel goose bumps on Sarah's arms.

"You cold?" Tom asked.

"A little." Sarah replied.

Tom stepped close and wrapped his arms around her. He felt her lean back against him.

'Alright!' He thought.

Tom began to rub his hands up and down along her sides. Soon he had worked his hands under her tee shirt. He rubbed her skin gently, working his hands towards her breasts. Soon his hands found and cupped her firm round tits. To his delight he discovered she didn't have on a bra. He rubbed her nipples between his thumb and forefinger, feeling them harden as he did.

A moment later Sarah murmured,"Tom, I don't think we should be doing this."

But she didn't try to pull away, in fact she snuggled more firmly against.

Tom pulled his hands from under her tee-shirt, took hold of her shoulders and turned her to face him. He tilted her face up, leaned down and placed his lips on her's, then pulled her to him and kissed her with a long, firm and hungry kiss. When he broke the kiss he looked into her eyes, took her hand and lead her to the towel still spread on the dock from earlier in the day. He sat, took her hand and pulled her gently down next to him. Again he kissed her, his hands exploring her body, touching her nipples, trailing along her legs and thighs as he did.

She finally pulled her mouth away from his and said,"Tom we can't. I'm married. Your married. This is wrong."

Tom said,"You are a very sexy woman and I want you."

"I-I-I want to, but we can't. What would Caroline and Mike say if they ever found out?"

Tom still had his hand under her shirt, his fingers rubbing gently back and forth over her nipple. He found it very encouraging that she had neither pulled away from him, or pushed his hand away.

He knew what he needed to do next. He pulled his hand from under her shirt and said,"Ok. I'll stop. But do know I want you very badly."

He got to his feet and helped her up. They walked slowly back to the cabin, her hand in his.

When they were standing on the porch Tom pulled her to him and said,"One more kiss."

"I don't think----," Was as far as she got with her protest before his mouth covered hers. He felt her hesitate, then give in and her body melted against his. As he kissed her one hand slipped down into her shorts and he massaged her ass. The other he had under her shirt against her back and used it to hold her tight against him. The kiss was long and soon he felt her hips pushing against him. He knew she was almost ready. He broke the kiss and stepped back.

"Let's go inside." He said.

As they entered she reached for the light switch but his hand stopped hers.

"Let's not turn that on." He said,"I'll light another candle instead. It's easier on the eyes."

He rummaged around on the counter until he found the matches, then lit the candles that were still sitting on the table from dinner. He stepped over to the CD player sitting on the counter and touched the start button.

A moment later the clear tenor of Nat King Cole singing "It's not for me to Say" filled the room. "Would you like more wine?" He ask,"Or something else to drink?"

"Another glass of wine would be nice."She said.

He poured her a glass and handed it to her. She tipped it and drained it without stopping. Then held it out to him.

"More?" He questioned.

She nodded her head. He poured her glass full and this time she drained a third before she stopped.

"You had better take it easy." Tom said," You'll get drunk and pass out."

" Maybe I will!" She said, drained her glass and held it out to be refilled. When Tom filled it she took a small sip, then set it on the table and leaned close to him.

Tom took her hand bowed and said,"Dance?"

Sarah blinked, not sure what to say or do. Tom pulled her to him, wrapped her in his arms and seconds later their bodies were like one, swaying gently to the music.

Sarah whispered,"Out there, on the dock, you made me feel the way I use to when I first met Mike. Can I tell you something? A secret? Promise not to tell?"

Tom nodded his head and whispered into her hair,"Sure you can tell me anything. And if it's a secret I promise never to tell a soul."

"Mike and I have sex about once a week." She said, her voice carrying just a hint of a slur," and I've never had a climax. I use to look forward to making love with him, but it's not fun anymore, hasn't been fun for a while. He gets on me, sticks his thing in, cum's, rolls over and goes to sleep."

Tom pulled her closer and said,"Sweet one, sex should be a wonderful experience for both those involved. You should drift off to sleep in a state of total sexual satisfaction, wrapped in the blanket of your lovers arms."

Tom just caught Sarah's comment, muffled against his shoulder,"God, I want that."

Tom placed his forefinger under her chin and gently tilted her head up. His eyes locked on her's as he leaned down to place his lips against her's. He felt her respond, felt her body melt against him, knew she was ready. As the music surrounded them, his lips caressed her's, as his hands explored her body.

As the song ended Tom broke the kiss looked into her eyes and said," Sweet Sarah, it is time."

He picked her up and headed for the bedroom. Sarah was too shocked to respond until he stopped and placed her feet on the floor next to the bed.

She started to say, "Tom I told you we can't. Your married, I'm ----- ,"

He reached out, his strong arms wrapped around her and he pulled her firmly against him.

"Yes Sarah we are both married, but it's time you learned how good sex can be." Tom said.

"We can't. You----," Sarah started to say.

Tom's eyes met her's. Sarah could see the lust in them, feel his hard cock pressed against her belly, feel the tingle in her loins as her body responded to him. Tom leaned forward and again placed his mouth on her's. Sarah wanted to say no, desperately wanted to resist, but her being was on fire with a craving she had never before experienced. As Tom's lips touched her's she moaned, closed her eyes and fell into his kiss. A moment later she felt her t-shirt tighten around her, then she heard a tearing sound and realized that Tom had gathered the back of it between his hands and was tearing it open. She felt the material part, then felt him slowly slide the ripped fabric forward off her shoulders and down her arms. Tom broke the kiss and as Sarah opened her eyes his lust filled gaze met her's.

He dropped both hands down and slowly took hold of the front of her shorts. Sarah was aware of a pressure at her waist, then heard the button of her shorts pop and a tearing sound as the zipper parted. Tom slowly pulled them down and allowed them to drop to her ankles. He again wrapped his arms around her, picked her up and she felt the tattered, torn remains of her shorts fall from her ankles to the floor.

He looked into her eyes and said," You have got me so turned on I can't stand it. You are a very sexy, very desirable woman. I will have you!"

"I-I-I-I," Was all Sarah could manage.

"Ahh sweet Sarah, You-you-you-you are going to understand how sex should be!" Tom said. Then again crushed his mouth to hers.

Sarah was shocked limp for a moment, then thought about resisting for just a moment more.

Tom felt her relax and her arms slip slowly up around his neck. Tom took one step forward, pulled his lips away from hers and gently laid her on the bed. It took him all of 20 seconds to jerk his shirt off and get out of his shorts. He lowered himself onto the bed next to Sarah. He reached down and slowly slide his hand under the fabric of her panties. He felt her pubic hair against his fingertips, then the wetness that had leaked from her, and finally his finger slipped between her swollen lips. As his finger found her clit, Sarah groaned and took her lower lip between her teeth. Tom could feel her hips push towards his hand.

He pulled his hand out of her panties, leaned over and with both hands took hold of and popped first one side then the other of the lacy fabric. He grasped them and with a slow, firm pull her panties were off and hanging from his fingers. Sarah opened her eyes and saw Tom holding the torn remains of panties.

She locked her eyes on his and said," Your not going to stop are you? Your going to fuck me aren't you?"

Tom grinned, nodded his head and tossed her torn panties over his shoulder.

Sarah's eyes were still locked on his as she nodded her head, slipped her arms around his neck and kissed him with a fierce demanding hunger. Tom was taken by surprise at Sarah's change of heart and demeanor. Sarah felt Tom's hesitation, felt his body stiffen with surprise.

She looked into his eyes and whispered, "I've never felt this way before. I want more. Teach me, take me. Please!"

Tom grinned and rolled onto her. He moved down, placed her legs over his shoulders, leaned forward and pushed his mouth against her waiting cunt. Sarah gasped, then moaned as she experienced someone eating her pussy for the first time. Tom licked her frantically, then reached down and slammed three fingers into her. He began to finger fuck her as he sucked hard on her clit. A moment and an eternity later he heard Sarah gasp, then scream as her first orgasm washed over her. He pulled her hips up and sucked that much harder on her clit. A few moments later he was rewarded with another strangled scream as a second orgasm rocked her. He scrambled up so he could get his cock into her. Her wet cunt rubbing along his chest and stomach, leaving a trail of sweet, musky juice. He still had her legs over his shoulders which meant her pussy was spread open waiting for his shaft. He placed the head of his engorged cock against her hole and slammed forward, burying the length of his shaft in her. He began to fuck her in long hard strokes.

"Tell me you want me to fuck you." Tom gasped.

"Fuck me." Sarah said in a small choked voice.

"Louder!" Tom demanded.

"Fuck me." Sarah responded in a slightly louder voice.

"Damn it! I don't believe you! Make me believe you want me to fuck you!" Tom said..

A moment later Tom was rewarded with a response.

Sarah almost screamed,"OH GOD YES! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! GIVE ME ALL YOUR HARD COCK!" Sarah groaned.

Tom could feel his climax building, then a last hard stroke and it exploded, filling her with his juices. Tom fell forward, and a moment later was asleep, still lodged in her cunt.

He woke an hour or so later. Sarah was sleeping, but her eyes fluttered open and she protested as he pulled his flaccid cock out of her. He lay beside her, one hand on a breast, one resting on her cunt. He knew he would want more of her sweet young body, soon, but for now he just wanted to hold her. As his finger circled her nipple Sarah moaned softly and pushed towards his fingers.

A moment later she turned her head and placed her lips softly on his," Thank you." Tom felt her say against his lips.

"We're not done yet." He mouthed back and felt her lips split in a smile.

"Great." She mouthed.

He took her hand, wrapped it around his growing cock and started to jack off, his hand guiding her's. After his shaft had returned to full hardness, Tom pulled her hand from around it and guided her fingers to her pussy. He could feel Sarah tense as he pushed her hand between her legs.

"Close your eyes." He said,"Have you ever played with your own pussy?"

"A-A little, sometimes." She said.

"Well your going to do it a lot right now for me." Tom said.

He had her spread her legs then guided her forefinger to her clit. Before long she was moaning and had her ass off the bed and in the air as her fingers stimulated her clit.

Tom finally grabbed her pulled her on top of him and jammed his cock into her wet cunt.

He laid back looked into her eyes and said," It's your turn. You fuck me."

Sarah smiled, closed her eyes and began to undulate her hips. Soon she was moaning and lost in the pleasure of the moment. Tom alternately pinched first one nipple then the other. All to soon she shivered, groaned and he felt her climax wet his cock and pelvis. He grasped her hips and pulled her off his cock, shoving her to one side. He moved around and got on his knees behind her, then slipped his raging hard-on back into her pussy. He began to slam into her. The wet slurping sound his cock made sliding in and out of her turned him on even more. A few moments later he grunted and again filled her depths with his juices. He pulled his cock out of her, laid down next to her and fell asleep.

Tom awoke the next morning at 6:30. He reached for Sarah but discovered that she was gone. He crawled out of bed, slipped into a pair of jogging pants and wandered out to the livingroom. He found Sarah sitting on the love seat looking out at the lake.

"Good morning." He said.

Sarah turned to look at him and Tom could see the concern on her face.

"We shouldn't have done that last night." She said,"What if Mike and Caroline find out?"

"Don't worry," Tom replied,"They know already."

Sarah's face was blank for a moment, then a puzzled questioning expression crossed her face.

"Wh-what do you mean?" She said.

"Just a second." Tom said.

He walked into the bedroom, found the pictures in his suitcase where he had stashed them and returned to the livingroom. He sat down next to Sarah and handed her the pictures. She pulled them from the envelop and started to thumb through them. He had taken special care in the developing process to get them clear and sharp. He watched Sarah's face as she looked at the pictures of Caroline and Mike fucking. Her expression went from puzzled, to shocked, to angry, to frozen and finally to acceptance.

"When were these taken?" Sarah asked calmly.

"Over the last two months." Tom said.

"Who took them?"

"I did." Tom said watching Sarah's face for a reaction.

She turned and her gaze met his.

"You three set this whole weekend up didn't you?" Sarah ask.

Tom nodded.

"Mike and Caroline probably spent last night fucking in a room in town, right?"

Again Tom nodded.

"So now what?" She said.

"That's up to you. We can continue to have fun or we can go home." Tom replied.

Sarah sat staring into space for a long while, then she turned to Tom.

"I've got to do some thinking." She said."I'm going to take a shower and go for a walk."

Sarah rose and walked into the bathroom. Tom heard the shower, then a short time later Sarah came out dressed in shorts and a tight tee shirt.

She walked past Tom and out the door, avoiding his eyes and saying as she pasted,"I'll be back in half an hour."

Tom made coffee, then showered. He waited and at 7:15 started to look for Sarah. At 7:45 he was getting nervous, and at 8:15 he was close to panic. All kinds of strange thoughts crossed his mind. Finally at a minute or so past 8:30 he heard foot steps on the porch and Sarah came through the door. She walked over and sat down at the dining table next to Tom.

Tom waited for several minutes then said,"Ah, well. What did you decide about everything?"

Sarah looked at him for a long moment, then a smile slowly stole over her face as she said,"This has been way too enjoyable to stop now."

Tom could feel the tension drain from his body.

"At first," Sarah said,"I was really pissed at Mike when I saw those pictures. 'How could he cheat on me!' I thought. But after walking and thinking about it, I didn't know about him and Caroline until after I fucked you. So I did exactly the same thing he did. And the more I thought about him fucking Caroline the more I got excited. I get wet thinking about watching Mike fuck her. When were they suppose to call this morning by the way?"

"A little after 10:00." Tom said.

Sarah looked at the clock, stood and said,"Breakfast?"

Tom nodded his head. Sarah smiled, stood and pulled her shorts off. She placed her ass on the table and a moment later she was laying in front of Tom. He leaned forward grasped her hips and slide her towards him. He placed his mouth on the crotch of her panties where it covered her pussy. He began to gently kneed her pussy with his lips and teeth through the filmy fabric. He could taste her juice as she got wetter and wetter. He put his fingers next to the crotch of her panties and slowly slipped them under it and between her wet swollen labia. As he continued to kneed her clit with his lips through the fabric of her panties, he very slowly ran his finger tips up and down her wet slit. Finally he pulled her panties to one side, leaned forward and sucked her clit into her mouth. She gasped as he began to eat her and all to soon she screamed as her climax thundered through her.

Tom sat back and said,"Now that's what I call a breakfast!" then stood and pulled out his hard, throbbing cock. He pulled her panties to one side and watched his cock slowly slide into her tight, wet pussy. A moment later he was slamming into her. With each stroke he could see her breasts quiver, hear the wet slap as his balls hit her ass. He pushed her legs up until her knees were against her shoulders. He grasped her upper arms and rammed his hardness into her, over and over. He could feel his climax build until suddenly it crested. Then he trembled as his cum poured into her depths. He slowly pulled his wet cock out of her and sat down. Sarah sat up and smiled.

"Your right, that is a great breakfast!" She said.

Sarah hopped off the table and said,"Are you going to tell Caroline and Mike that you fucked me?"

"That's what I was going to do. Why?" Tom ask.

Sarah straddled Tom's lap and nibbled on his ear.

"Why don't you tell them you couldn't talk me into fucking you, and that I drank too much and passed out. Also that you are really frustrated with the situation. Then this afternoon you and I will put on a little show for them." She said.

Tom was fondling her breasts as he said,"Keep talking. What kind of show."

"Well, you----." Sarah talked for several minutes and Tom listened intently.

"What do you think?" She said.

"I think you are one very devious young lady! And I also think it will shock the hell out of them. But it sounds like fun. Do you think you can do it?" Tom ask.

"I think so."Sarah replied, "My pussy gets wet and tingly thinking about it."

Tom chuckled and said,"You'll enjoy it alright. I think you should try sucking some cock now though."

Sarah nodded and slowly slipped from his lap down to a kneeling position between his legs. She wrapped her hand around his shaft and touched her tongue to it.

A moment later her brow furrowed and she said,"Is that how a man always tastes? It's different, but I kind of like it."

Tom smiled and said,"Your tasting me and you. It's a combination of both our juices."

Again Sarah placed her tongue on his cock, but this time licked along half it's length.

She grinned and said,"Not bad, not bad at all!"

"Take the head into your mouth." Tom instructed,"That's it, now slide your mouth up and down over it, yea, like that. Use your tongue on the underside of the head as you do. Oh, that's great! You're a natural!"

Sarah smiled around his hard cock and increased the tempo of her blow job. A few minutes later Tom could feel his climax building.

He pushed gently at Sarah's shoulder and groaned,"You'd better stop now."

Sarah pulled her mouth from the purple head of his cock, letting it come out of her mouth with a "Pop". "Don't you like it?" She asked, a slightly wounded sound to her voice,"Aren't I doing it right?"

"Christ sweet Sarah, your doing it perfectly!" Tom gasped,"but I'm close to cumming and I'm not sure your ready for that."

Sarah said nothing, she just grinned, leaned down and swallowed as much of his hard shaft as she could. She again started to slide her mouth up and down, her tongue stimulating the sensitive spot just under the engorged head of his cock. Tom felt his climax build, then groaned as it hit him. He was aware of Sarah swallowing, then gagging. He pulled her away from his throbbing cock, as his juices spurted into the air.

A moment later Sarah was saying,"I'm sorry. I'm really sorry."

Tom had pulled her onto his lap and against his chest.

"Shuhhh. There isn't anything to be sorry about. It's an acquired thing. Some women wouldn't do that at all and some love it. So don't feel bad. That's why I wanted you to stop."

"I liked the taste, but the force of it caught me by surprise." Sarah said.

Tom started to run his hands gently over her body as he said," We'll try it again some other time."

They petted, touched and talked for the next hour. The ring of the cell phone finally cut into their play.

"Ok, that must be them. Do your thing."Sarah said.

Tom answered the phone and said,"Hello." Sarah had her ear as close as she could to the phone. Tom held it out so she could hear the conversation.

"Hi sexy guy." Caroline's voice said."did you get a juicy young piece of ass last night?"

"Hell no." Tom growled."I tried and tried but couldn't get her to let me touch her. Then when I tried getting her drunk she got too drunk and passed out!"

"Aw Christ!" Caroline said. Tom could hear her repeat his remarks to Mike.

"You guys need to get back here. We need to talk and maybe figure out a plan." Tom said.

"We'll be on our way in a few minutes."Caroline said.

"Did you two fuck yourselves silly last night?" Tom ask.

"Last night and this morning!" Caroline said,"In fact I've got a handful of hard cock right now. And he's got his finger's in my pussy."

"Well fuck him and get moving. I'm frustrated and horny. We need to come up with a plan."Tom said.

He could hear Caroline starting to pant as she said,"Ok. We'll be out of here in a half hour. See you in a few."

Tom hit the off button and Sarah giggled. She grabbed his hand and pushed it between her legs. Tom was surprised and delighted to find her very wet.

"That's what thinking about Mike fucking your wife does to me!" She said.

"Let's get ready. Come on I'll help you shower." Tom said with a grin.

"I'll bet you will." Sarah squealed as he tweaked her nipples.

Caroline and Mike arrived at 12:00 PM. Sarah was on the dock sunning so Mike went straight there to see her.

"Hi hon." He said."We're back. They finally got the car fixed. I couldn't sleep much last night. How was your night?"

'I'll bet you couldn't sleep, you fucked Caroline all night!' Sarah thought.

Out loud she said,"It wasn't very good. I drank too much wine and passed out. Mike I think Tom was trying to get me into bed! I think he wanted to have sex with me!"

"Are you sure?"Mike acted shocked.

"I'm almost positive." Sarah said.

"You sure it wasn't the wine? You know how you get when you drink too much." Mike said.

"Well maybe." Sarah said."But you keep an eye on him ok?"

"Sure honey. I'll do that. Are you getting burned? We better go back into the house."

"Oh, your right. Ok. Let's go in." Sarah got up and picked up her towel.

They walked back to the house and as they entered Tom leered at Sarah and said,"Anybody for cards?"

"Yea." Mike said,"Let's play a game." Hoping it would dilute the tension he felt.

"O-ok." Sarah said, looking undecided, but winking at Tom when Mike and Caroline weren't looking.

They sat at the table and Tom said,"I'm dealing, my game. Strip poker."

Sarah looked at Mike, who shrugged his shoulders. Tom dealt and everyone picked up there cards.

Tom turned to Caroline and said,"How many?"

"Two." She said.

"Three." Said Mike.

"T-Two." Sarah said hesitantly.

"Ok who's got what." Tom said,"I've got two pair."

"I've got a pair of Jacks." Said Caroline.

"A heart flush." Mike said.

"All I've got is an ace." Sarah said.

"Ok take something off." Tom demanded.

"This isn't fair." Sarah complained," all I've got on is my bikini. That's only two pieces of clothing."

Tom stood and walked around the table.

He grabbed Sarah's wrist and said," That's it. You teased me all night last night. You've teased me enough!"

He stomped toward the love seat pulling her with him.

"W-what are you doing?" Sarah said.

Tom stopped in front of the love seat turned, grabbed Sarah's bikini top and tore it off.

He heard Caroline gasp, then heard Mike say,"Tom! What the hell are you doing? Be gentle for Christ sake! You can't do that! "

Tom jerked Sarah to him reached down and tore off the bottom of her bikini. He took her by the upper arms and pushed her onto the love seat. A moment later Tom had his shorts off, his hard-on waving as he pushed Sarah's legs apart and slide between them.

Sarah grinned at him and whispered so only he could hear,"Well I guess your going to fuck me, so I'll just have to enjoy it."

With that she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him to her just as he entered her. She pulled his lips to hers, wrapped her legs around him and started to thrust her hips towards him, matching his stroke as he began to fuck her.

She was vaguely aware of Mike's voice saying "My God! Look at her. She's fucking him!"

"My goodness,"Caroline said," Look's like she enjoying it too! A lot!"

Tom had his hands on Sarah ass, pulling her towards him as his cock slammed into her. Sarah started to moan and Tom grunted each time he slammed into her wetness.

Tom began to whisper in Sarah's ear,"Ok sweetness. Their watching us. You need to cum for me and them. You like my cock in you and your going to cum all over it. Feel my hard cock sliding in and out of you. Mike is watching me fuck you. He can see my cock sliding in and out of your wet pussy, see your legs wrapped around me, see you raise your ass to meet my cock. You know you like your husband watching me fuck you. Tell me you want me to fuck you."

"God yes,"Sarah groaned,"Fuck me. God, let him see your cock sliding in and out of me."

"Cum for me baby, cum for me now!"Tom said.

A moment later Sarah tensed, moaned, let out a strangled"Oh, OHHHH!" and Tom could feel the wetness of her climax spread along his shaft.

Tom was close to his but didn't yet want to climax.

He whispered in Sarah's ear," You want to really give them a show?"

He felt her nod her head so he whispered,"You ready to suck some cock for an audience?"

He could feel Sarah hesitate, then felt her lips, which were pressed against his cheek, spread in a grin as she nodded her head. Tom pulled his cock out of her, sat up, reached over and pulled her to a kneeling position on the floor between his legs.

"For all the teasing you've done, you going to suck my cock. Open your mouth." He demanded.

"You want me to put that in my mouth?" Sarah said, doing a good job of sounding shocked.

"Right now!" He said as he used one hand to guide his shaft and the other to pull Sarah's head toward it.

"I don't want to, gaaaa ," Sarah said just as Tom's cock entered her mouth.

He began to pump into her mouth saying,"Suck it bitch."

Mike yelled as he rose to his feet and started for the love seat,"God Damn it! You can't force her to suck you!"

A moment later Sarah's voice hit him like a slap,"Shut up Mike! Sit down! He didn't force me to do anything. This taste's good and I'm only doing what Caroline has for you!. We just wanted to put on a show for you two. Now sit down, shut up and watch."

Caroline started to chuckle, then laugh.

Between sobs of laughter she said,"I-I thi-think the-they got us Mike!"

Mike looked from Caroline to Sarah to Tom, then back at Caroline.

"Mike." Sarah said,"Hey MIKE!" She yelled.

Mike jerked his head around and Sarah said,"Sit down and enjoy the rest of the show. Then I'm going to come suck your cock. You've been wanting me to do that since we were married, and now your going to get it. Just as soon as I take care of poor horny Tom here."

She turned back to Tom and swallowed half his shaft, then began to give him a very animated blow job.

After a few minute Caroline leaned over to Mike and said," She's pretty good at that! Looks like your going to get a lot of really great blow-jobs in the future!"

Mike couldn't take his eyes off Sarah and only grunted,"Yea." In reply.

A few minutes later Mike heard Tom groan and saw his cock throb as he came. Mike could see Sarah's throat contract as she swallowed Tom's cum. A small bit leaked from the corner of her mouth. Sarah gave Tom's shaft a last lick, stood and walked slowly over to where Mike was sitting.

She stopped in front of him, wiped the small dab of cum from the corner of her mouth, and said,"You ready to get your cock sucked by your newly, sexually awakened wife?"

"Here?" Mike said looking around,"Now?"

"Right here,"Sarah said starting to unsnap and unzip his pants, "and right this minute."

Mike's hard cock popped up as Sarah unzipped his shorts and pulled his underwear aside. Before he could protest, she was on her knees and had it in her mouth. Mike's expression went from surprise, to neutral, then to a look of sheer pleasure. His eyes fluttered shut and he groaned as Sarah's mouth slide up and down over his cock. Caroline ambled to where Tom was sitting, never taking her eyes off Sarah and Mike.

"My God. What did you do to her!" Caroline whispered to Tom."Look at her, she's going after his cock like she's done it all her life!"

"Damned if I know." Tom responded,"We fucked last night and she gave me one blow job this morning, that's it. Oh yea I ate her for breakfast too. I think she's finally decided she likes sex after all."

Tom's hand slipped into the leg of Caroline's shorts, and he pushed two finger's into her sopping pussy.

"I take it you liked the show?" Tom said, his fingers dancing over her clit.

"Damn right I did!" Caroline moaned back," I've been waiting to see you fuck her since we first talked about it!"

For the next ten minutes Tom fingered Caroline as they watched Sarah and Mike.

"Oh God baby I'm cumming!" Mike groaned.

His juices exploded into Sarah's mouth, and a moment later Tom felt his finger being covered by Caroline's sweet nectar as she climax. Caroline slowly sagged into Tom's lap and Sarah laid her head in Mike's lap and closed her eyes.

Finally Tom's voice broke the silence,"Well Mike was it worth the wait?"

Mike opened one eye, grinned, nodded and gently brushed his hand over Sarah's hair.

The other three could barely make out the jingle Sarah was murmuring,"mmmm, mmmm, good. Mmmm, mmmm, good, That's what sucking cock is, mmmm, mmmm, good!"

Caroline and Tom began laughing and Mike joined a moment later. They all laughed until they were out of breath, then Tom said,"I'm going to take a nap. Some young woman, who shall remain nameless, used up all my energy this morning."

Mike stood, took hold of Sarah's hand and said,"Sounds like a plan."

Caroline followed Tom into the bedroom and Mike followed Sarah up the ladder to the loft.

As Caroline and Tom snuggled on the bed, both drifting towards sleep, Caroline said," So what has your nasty, devious brain got in mind for later?"

Tom smiled and said," Wait and see sexy lady, wait and see."

Upstairs Mike was pleased to find Sarah snuggled up against him, rather then laying face to the wall. He was still a little worried about her response to everything that had happened.

"You Ok with this?" He whispered to her.

"Mmmmmmm, take a nap. Your going to need it." Sarah said against his shoulder. To punctuate her remark she reached down and stroked his cock..

"You are definitely going to need all your strength," She said.

A moment later Mike could feel her breathing deeply and evenly as she fell asleep. He drifted off to asleep with a smile on his lips, thoughts of what would be filling his mind.

The end? Not hardly! The adventure has just begun, stay tuned!

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