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Maggie drug herself up the short set of stairs to her plush apartment once more. She was thankful for the nights at the gym which were like an oasis in her life. Like many nights before, she was worn out mentally from her work as assistant vice-president. Is my life moving along at a swifter pace than I realize? Am I keeping up in this rat race? Putting her briefcase down next to her home office desk, she turned to look at herself in the full length mirror.

I'm in real good shape for forty, just a few days ago Bud told me I looked fine when I asked him. Hmm, maybe he is just being kind. She shrugged the fitted suit jacket over her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. The starched white business style blouse did nothing for her top. It was a semi-mess after the hectic day of meetings. The cuff links she took off and set on the desk as she slipped out of the blouse. French cuffs were a sign of affluence she liked to go along with, but stopped short of diamonds.

She stared at the slip, lace trimmed, elegant, expensive, the best she could find and it really fit well over her Victoria Secret matching lace bra. It was just possible to see the darker nipples through both materials. Her breasts tingled and the nipples became erect. Her skirt, which was a bit tight at the waist went next. It was folded and put over the back of the chair, good for another day perhaps. The slit in the slip reached about to her crotch up along the front of her left leg. I bet that would be inviting to the right man, she thought.

Lifting the slip over her head and off she noticed that her breasts were still rather firm and sat easily in her bra. Her tummy is still reasonably flat. She slid her hand down to her mound of Venus. Mum, that's nice! I still get a tingle out of touching myself. I love the feel of pure silk, can't get enough.

Her hands slid the panty off over her ample hips. The thin brown hair surrounding her pussy was trimmed short and kept neat. The bruise on her thigh was nearly vanished. The result of a shoving match in the ladies room with some of the other company witches. It sure was dog eat dog at this level of play. Softly she stroked her leg feeling the stubble of hair that needed to be removed before going to the gym. It was an off night, but she wanted to see some new faces, some that would help her forget her day at the slave market.

In the shower, she noticed that the tingling in her breasts and the tremors of her pussy were as strong as ever when ever she touched herself. She thought back a few days, yes this is my most fertile time, probably why I feel more horny than usual. Instead of the spandex shorts she opted for a pair of loose fitting tap pants and a sweat suit. A short sport bra finished the feel she wanted.

It was soft and easy flowing clothing not the tight restraining sort she usually wore trying to empress the others in her aerobics class. This night is going to be unstructured and she hoped fun. There were parts of this gym that she had never tried and tonight is the night. She didn't take a gym bag, just a small wallet with her ID, one credit card, and ten dollars.

Her spot in the parking lot was open, so she pulled right in. Several young men were just coming out of the gym. She smiled at them and said, "Good evening. Did you enjoy your workout?" They looked like college age men. All of them looked at her, but none answered. One blonde haired wiry youth who was toward the back of the pack hung behind.

"I'm sorry for those guys, I guess they just didn't get brought up right Mam. It is a good evening. Do you come here often? I would have remembered you I think."

"This is not my usual night, but tonight, I'm just going to have some fun and hope to meet some new people. Do you come here often?"

"I come here only on Wednesday. All I can afford is once a week, but I train some at home too. I thought I wanted to be a runner... Listen to me! I'll talk your ear off. I'm from Iowa, Mam. Terry is the name." " Well Hi Terry! You are a refreshing change for the regulars around here. I'm Maggie. Are you leaving now?"

"I was going down to Tony's diner and get my usual. Then its home to the flat. And you, are you going in or do you want to join me for a bite?"

"I've lived in this town most of my life, but I've never been in Tony's diner. Is the food good?"

"Good as anything I have at home. That's not saying much, but when you are working to stay in college, you have to watch your money close. So, what do you say to a donut?"

"Well why not. Let's take my car. It is right here."

"It is better if we walk. You like exercise right?"

"Your right, we should walk. It is a fine night too."

The short walk to Tony's didn't take long and the donut tasted like gourmet food to Maggie. It sure wasn't on her diet, but tonight it was. Maggie reached across the table of the booth they were in and took hold of his right hand. "Terry what is that ring you are wearing?"

"My late dad's class ring from Harvard. I could have gone there on a scholarship if my grades were just a little better. Here at old PU, (Ha!) I am holding my own. Maybe I'm just not meant to be in an Ivy League school."

They spoke about things of general interest for some time until the subject turned to books. Maggie's passion was historical fiction and coincidentally Terry's also. He had collected the entire series of The States and other paperback novels. "If you would like to borrow one or two you are welcome," Terry offered.

"That would be so kind of you Terry, but you don't even know me..."

"I know you good enough. I live right there across the street." Terry got up fished around in his pocket and came up with the cash for the check. He took her hand as they crossed the street even though not a car was anywhere in sight. Maggie felt like she was back in college again. The breeze blowing through her long brown hair made her feel youthful. There was a certain spring to her step.

The small cold water flat wasn't much to look at. Terry's bookcase consisted of cement blocks supporting simple unfinished boards. Maggie thought back to the days she lived like this in Vassar. She had a place off campus. He offered her a drink but she excused herself as she looked over his collection. She chose a book entitled Texas. "May I borrow this?"

"Sure, you will like it I'm sure. There was a lot of history played out in Texas. I would have liked to have been there. Is there a time in history you would have liked to have lived, Maggie?"

"Well, I don't know if it was a particularly good time for females, but if I could, I would like to visit a Roman orgy. I hear they were spectacular. I like exciting things, don't you?"

Her frank words took Terry by surprise and he hesitated before answering. A deep pink blush crossed his face as he pictured what he thought an orgy would be like. He had read something about it, but his experience in loving extended only to kissing his cousin behind the barn at the last family gathering. As he continued to think about an orgy, there were certain changes taking place in his body, namely his cock was rising in anticipation. "I - I am not very familiar with that. It ..."

"You've seen they lovely costumes they wore, haven't you. They looked like sheets wrapped around them and thrown over a shoulder. Nothing like what we have now." Maggie noticed the bulge growing in the front of Terry's sweats. "You like making love, don't you?" she asked while watching for a sign of his interest.

"I don't know about that. I nev..."

"Oh I'm sorry, Terry. I didn't mean to embarrass you. I thought you were one of those young men of the world. You do like loving your girl friend don't you?"

"Me, me?" he croaked, "I don't got no girl friend. I live on a farm. The nearest neighbor is seven miles away. I hardly know any girls, let alone have one I care for. Talking to you is the most talking I ever did with a girl. Usually my tongue gets all tangled, but I can talk to you good."

"Terry can I ask a favor of you? Would you walk me back to my car? I need to make some important phone calls. I'll bring the book back as soon as I finish with it."

"OK, Sure. I can do that. My first class isn't until afternoon, tomorrow, so I don't have to go right to bed tonight."

At the car, Maggie suggested that he come over to her place and look at her collection of books. She promised to bring him right home whenever he thought he needed to go. He did a double take when he saw what she was driving, a black Porsche.

She opened the door for him and he soon settled down in the leather seat. He folded his long skinny legs to accommodate the close quarters. She looked over at him. "Comfortable? The seat can go back a long ways if you would like." She leaned across him to show him where the lever to adjust the seat was. Her breasts pressed firmly against his half hard cock. Terry sighed. "Oh, did I hurt you?" Maggie asked.

"No -- no, I'm all right."

Maggie started the car and soon they were at her place. She lead the way into the apartment, picking up the clothes she had left strewn about the room. "Make yourself at home. What would you like to drink?"

"Oh, I don't drink during the week, only on week ends."

"I have orange juice, lemonade, and a vegetable cocktail I make myself. What will it be?" He didn't answer, but was absorbed in looking over her collection of books. There seemed to be more here than in his little home town library. He opened a large book of classic paintings. Inserted between various pages where slips of paper with short notes on them. He was reading one as Maggie returned dressed in a shorty silk robe that just covered her tap pants.

She wasn't wearing her bra. Leaning over his shoulder, she asked, "Have you found something interesting?" He turned and his mouth dropped open. A lock fastened firmly on his tongue as he stared at Maggie's impressive exposed breasts. All that would come out was a croak and that was hardly loud enough to hear.

"I selected some of my favorite paintings and bought lithographic copies to hang in my bedroom. Would you like to see them?" She didn't wait but took the book from him and lead him into the bedroom. There on the walls were the copies, all nudes by famous artists. "Well what do you think of my gallery?"

Terry looked about at one nude then another. He turned toward Maggie who just laid the book on the table next to the bed. The way she was leaning over, it was just possible to see the edge of her pussy. Sweat glistened on Terry's brow as Maggie looked at him. "Do you like this type of art, Terry?"

"It's all right I guess. I've never seen any of this sort of thing before except in a few books. Even then it was just a peek. I don't know much about it. That is one of the things I am trying to learn about. Art major is what I am trying for. They are going to tell me in a few days. All the ones you have are of women, don't you like men's figures?"

"Oh of course, Terry. I just love men's bodies too. You must have a good build with all the exercise you do. Would you mind showing me?" Terry looked around the room as though to be sure there was no one else around.

"Where is your husband?"

"I've never been married. I don't even have a boy friend. ... I ..." Terry moved in and took her in his arms giving her a big hug. At first it frightened her and she leaned back away from him, but as she felt the tenderness of his touch she relented, allowing him to bring her close.

"I will be your friend, if you want me."

"That's nice, Terry. I want you as my friend." Maggie tilted her head back and stood on very tall tip-toes. Even then she couldn't reach Terry's lips to kiss him.

Terry looked down at her and kissed her tenderly. The action of him pulling her up to him caused her robe to open showing all of her bewitching breasts. As they continued the kiss, Maggie shrugged the robe off of her shoulders. Terry let go of her long enough to let it slip to the floor. The white silk tap pants were practically transparent. Terry stared at the dark spot near her crotch.

"We really don't need these," Maggie said as she pushed them down and stepped out of them leaving her nude. "I'd love to see what you look like too, Terry." Terry was blushing a bright shade of crimson as he feasted his eyes on her good looks. He was stuck for the moment looking at her.

Maggie slowly moved to unfasten the buttons on his pull-over. He came to when she pulled the shirt tail out the elastic waist of his sweats. Quickly he drew it over his head and off, pushed down his sweats and boxers all in one, and sat on the floor to remove his shoes and socks. Then he stood and mimicked the body builders he had seen in showing off his body. He was laughing each time he struck a different pose.

Laughing with him, Maggie grabbed him and held him close. She let up long enough to move him toward the bed, where she pushed him onto his back. Terry's cock was rock hard and pointing to the ceiling. She stopped for a second or two to admire its shape. She had not seen many and this one was more than she expected. Taking hold of it in a dainty manner she let her hands slide softly and gently up and down its length. Terry shuddered and groaned from the unusual touch.

He reached up and pulled her down beside him. She didn't let go of the fascinating cock. She continued to stroke it. He began handling her breasts, exploring the feel and her reactions to his movements. Daringly, for him, he tentatively moved his head down and took a nipple in his mouth. The thrilling feel and Maggie's response nearly caused him to spend. She was making meowing like sounds, whimpers, and some times little moans as he continued to work her breasts in every way he could think of.

Getting his courage up, Terry eased his hand down across her firm belly to the fine hair of her mound. He hesitated while he fondled it, then slowly moved on to the slit of her wet cunt. Maggie spread her legs to ease his way. Carefully, he spread the lips, felt about until he found her hole, and then inserted an exploring finger.

"Easy, Honey, I'm not too used to that. Just rub the outside please. Here, I'll show you give me your hand." She moved his hand up to rub her swollen clit. "Yes, yes, that's it. You do that real good, Terry. That is my very special spot, Honey."

Terry was sweating even more as she worked her hands up and down his cock. He had to take her hands away. "I have to stop now or your pretty bed will get an awful mess. Would you excuse me while I use your bathroom?"

"Terry, don't be silly, I'll not let you waste yourself on the bedclothes. Come here and let me take care of it." She lowered her head and took the hard cock into her mouth. Hardly had she started when she was rewarded by a slash of man juice, swallowing voraciously, Maggie kept up with the ejaculation, sucking and licking every drop. Terry let out a strong long deep moan that lasted as long as he climaxed. It was the first time he ever had that happen to him and he was a little bewildered. His limp cock fell from her sweet wet lips, clean of all cum.

"My that was great, Maggie. Now what can I do for you?"

"Lick right where you were rubbing, please? That would make me feel really good, Terry." He wasn't that sure he wanted to try that. He had heard snickers, laughing and giggling about it in the locker rooms he had been in, but no one he knew would admit to having done it.

He got on his knees next to Maggie who rolled onto her back. Slowly he smelled of her cunt. It was a surprisingly erotic smell. It caused his cock to tingle. Cautiously, he stuck his tongue out and quickly tasted of the juice he could see there. Mnn, not bad at all he thought. More forcefully, he probed the area, spreading the swollen red lips and feasting on the moisture. This is good and from the way Maggie is moving and moaning, it is good for her too.

"Move more to the front, where the lump is. That is the spot I like to have you lick, Please? Honey, do it now. That's it! Keep doing that harder, please? Just a little faster. Oh Terry that is great! Oh I love that!" Terry did her clit, but roamed over the entire area, concentrating mostly on her clit as he felt her climax building. She stiffened out squeezing his head between her legs as she climaxed strongly. Shortly, she fell back, exhausted for the moment.

He lay next to her and watched as her breathing became more regular. Leaning over her he kissed her passionately. She looked into his blue eyes, "You are something special to me, Terry. Do you know that?"

"I would like to be, Maggie. I really would like that, I know." He took her into his arms and held her close. She snuggled into his warmth as close as she could get. They lay like that for some time before he needed to relieve himself and went to the bathroom. She followed and suggested that they shower together. After he finished, he stepped into the warm shower with Maggie who was prepared for him with a soapy wash mitt.

Starting with his head, she worked her way all over him. She saved the erotic parts for last and he really enjoyed the new found feelings. He was surprised at his own reactions as she washed his sensitive asshole and cleaned all around his scrotum. But it was the way she slicked the soapy mitt over his rock hard dick that he appreciated most. He was right on the verge of spending when she washed him off and had him step out so she could wash herself.

He tried to get her to let him do it, but she insisted for this time she would take care of herself. In less than a minute she was out and drying them both with big fluffy towels. He enjoyed the attention she was lavishing on his body. Hurrying, she pushed him back into the bedroom and onto the bed where she was quick to climb on top. Before he knew what hit him, his prick was completely engulfed by her dripping hot wet cunt. The muscles he could feel trembling and squeezing his ready to explode dick.

Another few minutes like this and he was sure it would be over, but each time he got just so close, she slowed the action prolonging his release. Eventually, she started to move back and forth very rapidly struggling to catch her nut. She dug her nails into his arms as she climaxed letting out a loud scream of ecstasy. Terry was frightened at first, never having seen a woman act that way, and nearly lost his erection. When he felt the trembling, throbbing muscle contractions all up and down his aching cock, he blasted his cum into her in the strongest climax he had ever known.

Maggie fell forward on top of him and lay there like a limp rag, hardly having strength enough to breath. Terry had nearly passed out from his exertion and just softly held her close. The top of her head was just at the bottom of his chin, so he couldn't kiss her until she moved up. It felt too good in the afterglow to move. They lay like that for a very long time. When they finally moved, it was to get under the covers where they went to sleep in each others arms.

In the morning, Terry took a few moments to realize where he was. As he was looking around for his clothes, Maggie walked in wearing the silk shorty robe from the night before. She didn't bother fastening it and it flowed out behind her revealing all of her delightful charms. Terry welcomed her into his arms and she kissed him all over, stopping with his cock in her mouth. "Just a minute, Maggie. I have to go to the bathroom. Have you had a shower?"

"No Honey I haven't. Would you like to bathe me?"

"Ya, I sure would!" His exciting response surprised Maggie and she was a bit uneasy until he picked her up and easily carried her into the bathroom. The robe slipped off and the next thing she knew, she was being washed with his bare hands, both of them scrubbing for all they were worth. It felt like a combination of a massage and a visit to a chiropractor. "Please, Terry not so rough. I bruise easily. I don't want to go into work black and blue."

"Sorry, guess I'm too excited. Is this better?" He slowed his heartbeat to a mild rush and relaxed a bit. His hands moved more in a caressing manner and Maggie relaxed as she enjoyed the bath. Terry rinsed her off then lifted her up onto the towel bar, held her there while he probed her pussy with his tongue. Then he let her back down. "I just wanted to make sure It was clean and I didn't leave any soap there."

"Terry, you are something else!" Maggie took him by his stiff cock and lead him to the bed. She lay on her back as she positioned him between her legs. Carefully, she guided his stiff meat into her willing, waiting, hot cunt. Terry started to thrust himself rapidly in and out as far and as fast as he could. He was like a runaway fire engine racing to nowhere.

"Terry, Terry, Honey, slow down. Take it easy. It feels much better when you go slow, at least at first. Let me catch up a little please."

"OK." Terry pulled out, moved down, lifted her hips, and plunged his tongue deep into her vagina. He thrust it slowly in and out. The sudden action and terrific feeling took Maggie's breath away for a time. Slowly she started to moan and writhe in his strong grip, bucking her hips against his face as she had one orgasm after another. A final strong climax about did her in and Terry let her back down inserted his anxious tool into her still twitching cunt and began a slow assault on her sensibilities.

Even though she was still a little dazed, she managed to moan as she felt his steel like probe enter her. Maggie moved her hips in time with his movements and gradually built up momentum as he approached one huge climax. That drained him. He collapsed on top of her. Slowly he rolled off to the side. He laughed.

"Just what do you find so funny, Terry?"

"Myself, one day I don't know anything about doing this, then the next thing I know, I'm up to my kester in it. You sure are a good teacher."

"Well right now, this teacher needs to get herself to work." Maggie drug herself to the shower, dressed hurriedly and ran out the door after telling Terry to lock the door after him.

Maggie bounced in the company door, the door guard commented on her rosy cheeks, and said, "Good morning, Maggie." She smiled as she returned his good morning salute. Her secretary had an urgent message for her when she approached. Maggie, Mr. Hightower wants you in his office immediately. He said he will not listen to any excuse, just get your pretty self right up there.

Maggie went to the elevator, pushed the key for the penthouse, the alarm sounded and a voice asked, "Who is it?" Maggie answered and the elevator started its climb. Shortly the butler ushered her into Mr. Hightower's office. No one was there when she walked in. She went to the window and was looking out when a voice behind her said, "Maggie, I want you to meet my son."

She turned. There, all dressed up in a dark blue suit looking the part of an official of the company, stood Terry! "Maggie, I want you to know how much I appreciate your helping my son with his problem," Mr. Hightower said, "You were up for promotion as you know, so I'm going to tell you now what you will hear at the board meeting in a few minutes. You are now a full vice president in charge of the short term loans department. You can keep Sandra and promote her to executive secretary. You will want to hire several more secretaries or have any one you like transferred to your department, if that is what you want."

Maggie was flabbergasted! It wasn't supposed to happen for another four or five years! It would be a good thing and she was ready for the responsibility that came with the promotion. Tears of joy came to her eyes as Terry walked over to her and took her in his arms. She turned and snuggled close as Mr. Hightower walked out of the office leaving them alone.

"You are not sorry that I didn't tell you who I really was are you? I didn't mean to deceive you even if that is what I had to do. Every one who knows me is always after my family's money and I just wanted to find a real nice person who would just love me for real. That's why I chose you."

"Terry, you sure are something else!"


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