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Anne Marie Summer

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He'd seen her before, slipping advertisements under gates, hanging merchant's flyers on doorknobs, most likely earning minimum wage distributing handbills after school. He wondered what went through her mind as she moved purposefully from door to door, her easy way of walking, her near perfect posture that was so unusual for most girls her age.

Wonder how old she is? he thought, turning off the hose some ten minutes later, knowing why that was on his mind, ashamed of licentious feelings. She has to still be in high school.

Passing from sight at the furthest corner, she'd left an almost ghostly emptiness behind, the street so silent he was aware of the sound of his beating heart. It was a quiet neighborhood. Young families, working parents, kids in school; typical suburban lifestyles. On any given day between ten and two, hardly a car passed down that tranquil tree-lined lane. One could count on one hand the comings and goings of neighbors.

Self-employed, he gladly missed hectic commuter traffic on rush-hour choked freeways, cherishing moments now free to 'get things done' around home. The divorce five years earlier had left him slightly off balance, but in time, he'd become used to doing everything around the house for himself. Preparing meals, doing laundry, caring for the birds and overgrown garden, Shawn had become a self-dependent and rather solitary figure for a thirty-three year old man. Not wanting to re-marry, dating had become what seemed a waste of time and energy. Lonely at times, he'd met a few women who enjoyed the same things, and it couldn't be said that he didn't get his occasional share of some very exciting feminine attention. Unfortunately, the women who saw him as a desirable bachelor found those fantasies on the rocks after only a few dates.

This day warmer than usual, Shawn sat on the bench by the front gate, wondering if the mailman had been bye, then thoughts returned to the girl. He knew she'd be coming back down his side of the street. By habit he glanced at his watch, instinctively aware that she'd be 'rounding the block-away corner within seconds. Had he really been so attentive to her schedule and route? Wiping forehead with the back of a sleeve, his eyes focused on the two-story white house at the far corner. Like a train on schedule, she appeared, hung something on the door handle, turned gracefully on one heel and almost skipped when crossing the street.

What a cute little playmate, he mused, embarrassed again by sudden sexual urges. I gotta get laid or I'm in trouble.

It was so quiet she didn't have to look both directions. An approaching car could be heard blocks away. What kind of chemistry, what special gestures make people attend others? What makes a woman's eyes follow a man - - - what makes a man stare at a woman?

Forced by the hormonally-stimulated rush, he massaged a quickly rising erection, color rushing to rugged face, chagrined by his response to the young girl and their obvious differences in age. He knew he was probably twice her age, but that didn't make him quit watching or fantasizing about her. This was a girl with the firm curvaceous figure of a mature young woman.

It took three minutes for her to do four homes, forty-five seconds from door to door. In little more than two minutes she'd be walking up three large wooden steps to where he was sitting. The sound of his heart in his ears was getting louder by the second. Agitated by shameless thoughts, he wiped his face again, trying to decide if he should get up and go in before she arrived at the gate. When he stood she was between houses. Was she looking at him? He couldn't see her eyes, hadn't seen them before, but was sure they had to be green. Green eyes and tangled auburn-blonde hair went together like pesto and red wine. Moving like a bell around narrow girlish hips, a white straight smock-dress, a loosely fitting garment seductively cut much higher than mid-thigh, held his wandering gray eyes captive. Gracefully-tapered, slim tan legs moved like a dancer's, giving the light-weight cotton garment little teasing tosses with each step. Around the mailbox, up the neighbor's step, brochure on doorknob, pivot, turn on one heel, a skip and six purposeful steps, pivot, skip, step, skip, (one more house), arms tan as smooth lovely legs, spaghetti-straps keeping the dress from falling from well-shaped shoulders, head held high, hair floating behind like an auburn banner in simmering afternoon sunlight. Pivot, skip, six steps to the door, the sound of brochures rustling as she hung them over the knob; pivot, skip, step, past his mailbox, their eyes meeting from thirty yards away. She didn't look away. Pivot, six steps to the next neighbor's door - - - now only one house between them. Standing on the porch, she turned, but instead of leaving, stood there over ten seconds without moving, like a small animal aware of some raptor - - - eyes never leaving his, head slightly cocked to one side as though listening to the sound of his pounding heart.

The sudden need to breathe made him remember where he was, and breaking that electric intimate contact, he cleared his throat and wiped a damp forehead again with the back of one sleeve. She'd already made the sidewalk when he looked back, no further away than fifty feet. Suddenly it seemed so bright he had difficulty focusing on her face, so instead he watched the firm subtle jiggle of lovely breasts, not large, but well developed for such a young girl. Light-headed, he once again found himself wondering her age. Unable to move, he stood rooted like a tree until she was standing only a few feet away, eye to eye. Green eyes deeper than turquoise-green craters of Asian lagoons he'd seen when on R&R in Nam. Those almost bottomless pools had eased rattled spirits while he tried not to think about war. These excited instead of easing anything he was feeling at the moment. What lurked behind those emerald pools? Not a hint, until, with a slight toss of her head to one side, twisted ringlets of hair floating away from temples, she smiled a smile that would have made any dentist happy. Glancing down self-consciously, Shawn wondered if she'd noticed his condition.

"Hi," she said, glowing, "this must be your place. So; want these?" She was holding out three pieces of advertisement. "I usually leave them on your gate." Looking past him, she was getting her first peek of the secluded garden, his sanctuary, hidden from the street by a six-foot high wall. "Gee - - - nice place," she smiled again, eyes moving from his face to somewhere just below his waist. "I always wondered what yours looked like."

Of its own volition, Shawn's hand moved to his too-dry mouth, but he turned the gesture into purpose by wiping his face again. "Thanks," he said, sound of his voice surprising him, wondering if her remark had a double meaning. "Take a look if you want." Accepting the advertisements, he gestured toward the walkway. "There's a couple of birds - - - and the pond. I like jungles . . . "

Leaning to one side, she peered past him as though reluctant to take another step. "You make all this yourself?" Shawn nodded, the sound of his heart in his ears so loud he was sure she could hear it when standing this close. "Gee, it's really nice," she smiled, tongue parting white teeth. "You an architect or something?"

"No; I just like working in my yard."

Her eyes were scanning the tangle of plants and trees, the corner aviary where two Macaws were munching seeds and fruit.

"It keeps me busy between working and sleeping," he offered, wishing he'd thought of something more interesting to say.

"Gee, it sure is pretty," she continued, each breath causing sweetly-curved girlish breasts beneath the thin cotton dress to swell enticingly, pronounced nipples impossible to conceal.

Wiping sweat from his eyes, now he was salivating, imagining taking those impudent nipples between his lips. Moving to one side, he gestured into the near jungle overgrowth.

"Go on - - - look around if you want. Go ahead - - - it's okay."

"Well . . . " she blushed, twisting apprehensively, "gee, I don't want to bother anyone."

"No one to bother," shrugged Shawn, feeling a trickle of sweat running down his back. "Just me."

Returning to his, her eyes measured him, moving up and down, slowing again somewhere below his belt. Shawn grew more edgy.

"Ah - - - sorry; I'm Shawn. Shawn Cain," he said, nodding toward the window. "I work at home; my office."

Now she was looking into his eyes again, hers large and set wide in a too-sensual face for such a young thing, this time her expression somewhat different.

"Anne Marie Summer," she said, the name sounding like music. Adorable smile flitting across absolutely large kissable lips, teeth so white they looked like an advertisement for a toothpaste-whitener, lips like pink pillows, no lipstick but almost berry-pink, full and pouty. "What do you do?" she smiled, toying with a long strand of hair streaked honey-blonde by sun, wetting large ripe lips with a broad lighter-pink tongue.

"Civil engineer," he shrugged again, "at least I try to act civil."

Turning away to keep her from seeing what was going through his mind, he suddenly wished he was better at small-talk. Sounds of footsteps followed his as Anne Marie Summer walked across the small footbridge over the pond.

"Gee, look at all the fish!" she gushed, bending over, hands on her knees. "How many are there?"

"I don't know," he shrugged, watching the rising hem of her white cotton dress. "I don't count any more since so many were born in there. Maybe a hundred now. I'm not sure."

For a fleeting second he caught a glimpse of glossy pink satin between perfect tan thighs when a light breeze lifted the back of the short dress. She looked back, her expression making a sensation run up his spine like someone was tickling him. She reminded him of a girl he'd seen on MTV; Mandy Moore, except this teenager's hair wasn't that blonde. Anne Marie Summer was an absolute beauty.

"You go to school around here?" he asked, wishing he could think of anything sounding more interesting.

"Un-huh," she nodded, still fascinated with his yard, intrigued with the big birds in the corner. "Gee, Mr. Cain, this place is so pretty. I bet everyone says that, right?"

Shawn felt his cheeks redden, but nodded. "It keeps me from going insane."

She looked back at him, still measuring the man standing there in his own environment, wondering if her decision to stop and chat was becoming what she'd hoped for, what she'd thought about for weeks. He was attractive now that she was closer, more attractive than she'd been able to see from a distance, nearsighted, but too vain to wear her glasses.

She's taller than she first appeared, he thought. Five feet three - - - maybe a little taller. He looked at her feet. White tennis with those little white-lace ankle-socks. Five-three in shoes.

"So - - - how old are you, Anne?" he asked, instantly wanting to kick himself in the ass, wondering how the question had escaped his lips.

Something had changed in her persona; a titillating patina on what had at first appeared a sedate and modest personality.

"Old enough," she teased, light-pink tongue darting between pillow-plump lips, its tip following the curve from corner to corner of a more than ample mouth.

Shawn felt defenses crumbling, indecent thoughts wedging their lusty way between propriety and good judgment; cock so insistently hard he turned away to hide his condition. He knew he wasn't a handsome man in the movie sense but he took good care of himself, had a dancer's build, a rugged tawny complexion, and normally a pleasing personality. At this moment he found himself wishing he were better-looking and much younger.

"Your wife home?" asked Anne Marie, still toying with auburn curls, hoping the answer was going to be, 'I don't have one.'.

Twisting to some inner tempo only she could hear, Shawn guessed she didn't know the meaning of standing still.

"Divorced," he replied.

The girl's skimpy costume was making him increasingly aroused, and he was finding it difficult to remain detached when she was standing so tantalizingly close. Unintentionally, the hose-nozzle he'd been holding slipped from his fingers and rolled across the deck past her feet. How could he not look when she bent over to pick it up, eyes caressing the little shiny pink satin strip covering such a plump-lipped pussy, downy-soft peach-fuzz on the cheeks of her ass, twin dimples where ass met upper thighs. Shawn Cain's erection wasn't about to soften, at least not until it had been satisfied, plans he had for the condition just as soon as he was alone. He felt instantly guilty for what he was feeling and thinking as Anne Marie straightened, smiled and handed the nozzle back. Giving him an impish smile, she twisted seductively, playing with one long curl hanging almost to her waist. Thinking about what he'd like to do with her if she were only a little older and interested in him, Shawn Cain reddened. He couldn't keep his eyes off of her provocative figure. She seemed so - - - so ripe for a girl her age, and he couldn't help getting aroused when looking at those long legs.

Whew, what a body, he thought, eyes moving back up to her obvious nipples.

He'd masturbated on a number of occasions while watching her making her rounds, eyes following her delicious body while concealed behind the privacy of his fence. Fantasizing what it would be like to have sex with a girl like her, he'd made himself cum-off as he watched her. Thick wads of tenacious semen had been left clinging to planks of the sun-warmed fence as jism spurted from the head of his cock. Shawn Cain masturbated frequently while watching videos of sexy young girls having wild crazy sex. Masturbation was safe sex.

Feigning girlish modesty, Anne Marie's green eyes dropped again to his crotch as she squirmed to straighten her short dress. The fact that the man was ogling her couldn't be missed and she fell her pulse quicken.

"Guess it's hard to hold onto," she giggled, making him flush at possible double entendre, wondering what a cock like that would feel like to hold.

Noting the change of expression on his face, she was convinced that he was just as predictable as the younger men in her classes. But he's not as risky, she thought, eager to put her plan into action.

Clearing his throat, he nodded. "Ah, thanks, Anne Marie. Ah . . . well," he cleared his throat again. "I don't want to keep you away from your work, but you're always welcome to stop by. Look - - - I don't need all this," he shrugged, holding out the flyers. "I don't really buy any of this stuff."

Almost ignoring his remark she was watching the Macaws. He stirred uneasily, unsatisfied with his wordy and abstract comments.

"Where's your office?" she asked, looking directly at his fly, the urge to touch herself growing in intensity.

She knew she was turning him on and played the game, doing those things that drove the guys nuts, pulling down on her dress to accentuate the curve of her breasts and the fact that her nipples were very erect. Turning to avoid her stare, he coughed against back of hand.

"There," he said, pointing to a window looking out onto the garden, avoiding looking at her, afraid she'd guess his condition as well as his thoughts.

"Know what? I get extra credits in Economics if I do reports about alternate work an' life-styles. Do you have time to show me what you do? I mean, like your office and stuff. You must be on-line and have all that computer stuff. Can I see it? Will you show it to me?"

Instantly more flustered, Shawn pretended to examine the hose nozzle rather than stare at the young girl's perky breasts. She was watching him closely so he knew she had to be aware that he was attracted to her. Tight jeans couldn't hide that erection. He didn't speak for a moment or two, afraid of what he might say. Clearing his throat again, he continued.

"Well, if you have time. I wasn't too busy today. That's why I was out here watering." He liked that answer.

"I thought you were watching me," she giggled, pleased with his response. "That's okay, Mr. Cain, I understand. People think I show off. I guess I'm kind of a tease." She giggled again. "That's what all the guys say." Hips moving provocatively. Anne Marie giggled, small hand covering her sensual mouth. "You like looking at me, don't you?" she teased, musical lilt in girlish voice. "I'm sorry if I teased you too much."

Still on edge, afternoon sun seemed to be getting even hotter on his back. Coughing again, he covered his mouth with his hand, wishing he felt more in control of the conversation, wondering if she'd seen him watching her before, hoping she hadn't guessed his clandestine pleasures.

"Well, if you're sure it's okay with your folks; come on in and I'll shown you my office."

Following so closely she almost stepped on his heels, she was becoming more aroused by the second, driven by urges too long denied.

"My folks are very liberal," she smiled. "Don't worry. Anyway, I can get another five hundred points for a good paper, if it's well-written and informative. Most students turn in only one, but this will make my third."

He glanced at her quickly, and then averted his eyes. "Well," he coughed again, "good . . . good grades are important if you plan to go to college."

"I'm in college," she grinned as they entered his office, bumping against him when he stopped and turned, purposefully pressing herself into his arm. "Oops, sorry." She paused and smiled. "I'm getting good grades. Why go to school if you're not going to learn something."

He'd moved like their sudden unexpected contact had burned him. Aware of what she was doing to him, she glanced around his small office; moved to his desk, a surface buried under paper, two huge computer monitors, mouse, printer, fax and VCR.

"Show me everything. Really. Everything Show me what you do," she whispered, lowering her voice as though they were in some important meeting. "I've used a computer at school, but none of them were likes these. How does all this stuff work?"

Sitting down at his keyboard, Shawn entered a password, clicked through a series of menus until one of his most recent projects was on screen. Anne Marie moved even closer.

"This is one of mine," he said. "See how it looks multidimensional? Computer Aided Design. CAD. It's quick once you know how to use it, and it's easier to make changes to drawings when necessary. Saves paper."

He looked up. Maybe she wasn't aware he could see, but nevertheless, the young girl was standing in such a way that the hem of her dress was so short he could see the crotch of skimpy hot-pink panties peeking out from between firm young thighs. When the fingers of her right hand slipped between perfect smooth thighs and began lightly caressing the indentation created by plump pussy-lips under skintight panties, he nearly came in his pants. It was an absolutely picture perfect crotch. Smiling, still licking pink pillow-plump lips, her eyes seemed somewhat glazed as she watched the big screen, her closeness making him squirm uneasily.

"This is real exciting," she giggled, glancing down at his crotch, green eyes growing larger, enjoying the effect she was having on the man. "I love seeing where guys work. Gee, Mr. Cain, show me all your stuff!"

Unable to resist her obvious dare, Shawn offered one of his own. Curious to see how far the precocious little beauty was willing to go on her after-school teasing adventures, he reached into a drawer and selected a new DVD from a producer friend in L.A. The very explicit production featured a bevy of beautiful young girls fucking and sucking their brains out. Out of the corner of his eye he could see her fingers moving faster, pink-tipped nails roaming up and down the very obvious damp cleft. The indentation was being made even deeper by pink painted fingertips that were doing a clandestine sex-dance as she watched the screen. Squeezing tanned thighs together rhythmically, her fingertips forced pink satin up even tighter into the pouting cleft. He was wishing he was sitting little lower so he would have a better view, and even lowered the seat of his chair.

On screen, two lovely nymphs had stripped down and were feeling each other up, each sucking the other's rosy swollen nipples and masturbating. They had an audience, a good-looking young guy watching from a comfortable overstuffed chair, a proud eight or nine inch erection in his right hand. Anne Marie's breathing sounded like she'd been running.

"Oops, wrong disk;" he grinned, reaching to remove it from the system. "Sorry. Got 'em mixed up."

"No - - - no - - - wait! Don't turn it off!" she interjected breathlessly, the remark more a plea than request, moving closer to the big screen, mesmerized, infatuated by the scene unfolding before her eyes. "I've never seen anything like this before. I mean, I know about adult stuff, but is this stuff legal? Did you make this?"

"No, I didn't make this," he laughed, watching her right hand in action, "but sure, it's legal. Haven't you ever seen an adult video?"

"Not one this good," she whispered. "Gee, this is the good stuff they leave out of afternoon soaps. My mom would just die! People really do all this stuff, don't they? I mean, like, girls doing girls? I mean, I know they do, but I've never actually seen it before."

The note of excitement in her voice couldn't be missed. Standing as close as she was, Shawn caught the sweet scent of warm teenage sex, a fragrance so overpowering it left him light-headed. Without asking for approval, he turned his chair, and reaching out, slid his right hand up the back of her warm thigh until it cupped the perfect curve of her satin-covered ass. Kneading firm, resilient flesh, he sighed, but Anne Marie Summer only giggled.

"All you young girls are real teases, aren't you? Is that all you do, Anne Marie? Tease us poor guys?"

"Me?" she giggled nervously. "Am I teasing you?"

"You know you are."

"I'm not just a tease," she whispered, lowering green eyes, looking at him through long thick dark lashes.

"Really? What else do you do?"

"Lots-a things," she blushed, having gone this far and with no intention of changing her mind at this point.

"Show me."

Anne Marie didn't offer a hint of resistance as he moved her hand away, damp pink satin crotch of her cute little panties just inches from his nose as he got down on his knees and inhaled the sweet perfume of teenage pussy. Pulling her closer by the cheeks of her ass, the sensation of satin against fingers like electricity, he looked up at her.

"Aren't you taking big chances masturbating in front of strangers? Does your mother know what you're up to, Anne Marie Summer? Does she know you tease; that you let men watch you expose yourself?"

She'd dreamed about this for over two weeks, trying to get here nerve up to take the first step. Now, giggling nervously, her left hand came to rest on the top of his head, her voice, light, airy.

"Do you want to watch me do it, Mr. Cain? Is that what older men like? Watching young girls?"


"Your video sure is sexy," she giggled, voice raspy and breathless. "It's so naughty. I mean those girls; I know they do that. Do you like watching stuff like that?"

"Don't you?" he asked, caressing her satin-covered cheeks. "Wouldn't you like to do things like that?"

Swatting his hand away almost playfully, she gave him a scolding look. "No way!" she smirked, secretly wishing she'd tried it with her best girlfriend.

Flushed, perspiring, emerald eyes wide were riveted on the action on screen. Glancing down at him, she blushed, but didn't want the game she'd started to stop, too aroused now to change her mind.

"I'm not some lesbian. You're so naughty. Did you think I'd want to watch it? That's why you put it on, isn't it?" Large green eyes returning to the monitor, she had no control over the quiver going through her body. "Like, it is sexy to watch, isn't it? I bet that feels really good!"

"What?" he grinned, watching her face.

"Like, what they're doing, silly. Licking each other like that," she blushed, a spasm going through her again. Swatting his hand away again as he tried to feel her plump pussy lips, she put her hand back between her legs, palm covering satin-covered crotch as his returned to caress her smooth-muscled buns.

Letting her watch the big screen for a while before speaking, Shawn felt her panties getting wetter in back. Smooth satin fabric where warm inner-thigh met firm ass was almost sticky with vaginal fluids. As he continued caressing the firm cheeks, she spread those slim pretty legs further, an invitation making his cock so hard it almost hurt. The sudden thought of how far and how quickly they'd gone jarred him to his senses.

"I haven't done this before, in front of a man."

"I'm sorry - - - this is enough, Anne Marie. We shouldn't be doing this. You're way too young to watch stuff like this."

Reaching for the eject button, he stopped the disk, embarrassed that he'd gone so far, ashamed of himself for taking advantage of the girl's inexperience.

"No I'm not. I know all about sex stuff." Petulant, pouting, she began masturbating aggressively, slim hips jerking with excitement as she watched Shawn's hand. "You want to watch me do it, don't you?" she whispered, unable to keep up any pretense, openly playing with herself. "I like to be watched, really. Want me to masturbate for you. I'll do it if you let me watch the whole video. You're making me wet. Can you feel it?"

"You'll let me feel you up? You want me to do this?"

"Naughty, naughty!" she giggled, pulling away. "I knew you wanted to. Just be nice. Don't try doing anything to me, okay? I'll give you a real good show, but you have to be nice. Just watch me. Start it again and I'll let you watch me."

Turning, the sexy nymph sat in the big overstuffed chair next to his, her attention alternating between screen and watching Shawn's hand massaging the outline of his hard-on in too-tight pants. You've gone this far and you can't back out now, she thought, excited by the man as well as the video, glad that she'd taken the dare with herself to be an exhibitionist. You've wanted to do this in front of a grown man. So do it. He's not going to hurt you.

"Do it so I can see," he said. "Turn more toward me."

"Like this?" she giggled, too aroused to stop now. "Can you see it?"

He nodded, squeezing the bulge in his jeans.

Spreading stunning legs, she pulled the front of her dress up around her waist, the view so arousing Shawn almost came in his pants.

"You'll let me watch the whole thing?"

He nodded again.

"I like to be watched. My girlfriend says I'm an exhibitionist. Do you like watching girls masturbate?" she giggled, smooth cheeks flushed with the excitement of letting him see between her legs, letting a grown man watch her masturbate. "What do you want me to do?"

"Do whatever you do when you do it," he grinned, massaging his throbbing crotch, feeling the pulse of his heart in the hardened shaft."

Looking down between wide spread legs, Anne Marie grinned as she wiggled a finger under the edge of those smooth satin panties and into what he was sure was a very wet, very tight pussy.

"You talk so naughty, Mr. Cain. Remember, you said you'd just watch."

Eyes on his, the young tease began massaging her sweet little mount of Venus, hips undulating like a snake as she diddled herself, green eyes going from his crotch to screen, her tongue lightly flicking in and out between the most voluptuous lips he'd ever seen.

"I thought about getting a job at night as a dancer. I know guys like watching girls do this. They know we do it; they like seeing us spread our legs, even when we're wearing panties. They all like seeing under our skirts. It makes guys real hot to see girl's playing with themselves. I'd love to do this with a bunch of guys watching me." Glancing back at the screen, she licked plump pink lips. "This is making me very hot!" she giggled, blushing bright red. "I've never done this in front of an older man."

"You do it in front of younger guys?"

He was sweating, so aroused by her naive willingness to trust him he'd surrendered to lust and was working on a plan to seduce the precocious beauty, a girl so succulent she could have appeared on the cover of any Sport's Illustrated Swim Suit Edition.

"Sure," she giggled, flexing firm buns, fingers teasing the cleft in the crotch of pink satin panties. "When I'm with a guy I like; when they want to watch. Guys like watching, 'specially if we talk naughty and say stuff like, 'fuck' and 'suck' and 'pussy'. If we talk about cum."

From his vantage point Shawn could see both the screen and Anne Marie, and her increased attentions to that deepening cleft in her crotch was in direct response to action on screen. On the giant monitor, two young beauties were hot into a 69, close-ups of hungry mouths and wide spread pussies filling the screen. Pink juicy labia were being licked by eager partners in an exiting bisexual game.

"Ooooo!" Gasping with pleasure, Anne Marie lifted slim hips off the chair-seat, hand jerking wildly between perfect tan thighs. "Watch me, Mr. Cain! It's making me wet!" she panted, green eyes glazed. "I'm making myself get all wet! Cunt! Big hard cock! Squirt cum! Oh, my Gawd! I'm so hot, I'm cuming right in my panties! Ohhhhh! Ohhh! Ohhhhh!"

Almost unable to believe his eyes, Shawn watched the crotch of her pink panties darken as the orgasm racked the nymph's body, a climax so juicy he couldn't believe what he was seeing. Watching him watching her, she blushed, fingers dancing over the bright pink satin crotch.

"I can't help it," she reddened, cheeks burning with pleasure. "I always get so wet."

Sweat in his eyes, Shawn was so aroused he felt weak, scalp tightening, remembering the joke about the guy getting such a huge hard-on he couldn't close his eyes. "Does that happen every time?" he asked, ready to unzip his fly.

"Un-huh," she blushed. "I can do it over and over and I just. squirt all over myself. I don't even know why."

"Do it again," he urged. "Pull you panties out of the way so I can see your . . . so I can watch you squirt."

Face red and perspiring, Anne Marie was watching the screen. The cutest blonde was down on her knees between the boy's thighs, her hand around a well-endowed shaft, jacking-off the handsome youth. Her girlfriend had slipped down and was laying between her female partner's wide-spread thighs, eating the blonde's juicy smoothly-shaved pussy while the girl jacked-off the young kid.

"Oooou, I wish that was me," she blushed, feeling an orgasm approaching. "She's going to make him cum if she keeps jerking him off like that. He's going to shoot cum all over her," words making Shawn's cock throb. "He's going to shoot off!" she panted. "She's going to make him shoot cum!"

No sooner saying 'cum', she stretched the crotch of her pink satin panties to one side, quivering legs spread wider, hips arched toward Shawn, fingers wildly rubbing a very pronounced, very pink clit. What was the sweetest little pink cunt-mouth Shawn could remember seeing, a cunt so tight he could only imagine trying to get his cock into it, spasmed like a strobe-light as a cup-full of crystal-clear fluids sprayed from an opening pussy-tube like water from a hose, squirt after squirt, a steady shower of cunt-juice drenching quivering thighs, legs and the seat of the chair.

"Ooooou! Ooooou! Ooooooou!" Anne was squealing; spraying cunt juices all over herself and the floor. Other hand over her eyes, the teenager blushed madly, but fingers hardly slowed. "That's what happens. I can't help it. It always makes me wet. Gee, this video is making me too hot. I can't stop playing with myself when I get this hot. Sometimes I do it all night long."

Seeing the look in his eyes, she became slightly apprehensive, aware she was masturbating in front of a total stranger. Though she'd dreamed about doing it, and just had one of the most intense climaxes she could remember, she was having second thoughts about the whole situation. Not only did she know nothing about him, he was sporting a very impressive erection.

"There," she blushed, pulling pink panties back over plump pout. "You thought I was just a tease, but I'm not, am I? I let you watch me play with myself. I've never done that before for a man. I let you see everything. I'm not just a tease."

Rubbing iron hardness, Shawn's fingers were working to unzip his fly, to get that erection out of his pants.

"You better not get me in trouble," she blushed, hand over pulsing pussy, green eyes widening as Shawn opened his pants. "Oh, my Gawd. You better not do anything weird. I never said I wanted you to DO anything. You better not get me in trouble. You're not going to hurt me or anything, are you?"

The sight of a sexy little teenager's pussy spraying crystalline showers had made Shawn salivate. Unable to wait to get a taste of virgin pink cunt, he moved between her thighs.

"I'm not going to hurt you, unless you're worried that letting me lick you like those girls were just doing will hurt. Wouldn't you like to try it? Didn't it look like they were having fun? You'll love it, Anne Marie. Can you do that again?" he smirked, down on his knees, fly open,. making her hold her pretty legs spread wide. "Come on. Let me lick you while you're watching those girls licking each other. That aught-a turn you on. Let me make you cum with my tongue. This time I want you to squirt in my mouth. I want-a taste it."

Spreading her smooth warm suntanned thighs with both hands, he caressed perfect unblemished flesh, sticky now from the teenager's copious orgasms. He felt her plump little pussy-lips under skintight pink satin, parted enough at the moment he had to see them, was dying to taste that teenage cunt.

"You're beautiful, Anne Marie. Show me . . . let me see your pussy."

Surrendering to the offer, so aroused she was unable to stop, she pulled the elastic satin to one side do he could see the bright pink inner lining, pink as the skimpy little panties she was holding out of the way. A few scanty blonde hairs curled above the exposed nub of a distinctly aroused clit, a little cock-head shaped jewel topping her volcanic crack. Laying in the salmon-rose cleft, a clear pearl of juice oozed like liquid honey from the pulsing pinkness of her pulsing cunt. She knew the look on her face was one of eager anticipation and she arched her hips in invitation to his offer.

"Want me to lick you? When I make you cum just let it squirt. Don't try to hold back. I'm going to swallow it when you cum in my mouth."

Unable to wait, heart pounding like a base drum, he pressed his mouth over the teen's juicy slit and slid his talented tongue that had licked numerous young cunts to orgasm into the teenager's warm tasty pink oyster.

"Oh, yeah!" gasped Anne Marie when his tongue found her swollen trembling clit. "Gee, Mr. Cain, you'll make me squirt again. I can't help it. You're going to make me squirt it right in your mouth! Really! I'm not kidding. Do you know how much there's going to be? I squirt more than a guy. You're making me do it again. It's going to go in your mouth. Oooooo! Oooooo! Oooooo!"

Within seconds she was filling his mouth with the tastiest warm cunt-juice he could remember swallowing. Using both hands, fingers wound tightly in his almost shoulder-length hair, she pulled his face into her crotch, climaxing over and over while watching the big-screen orgy, face a reflection of what the girls on the disk were experiencing. The volume of cunt-gush was astonishing, an orgasm that could fill a coffee-cup. Swallowing the flood, Shawn knew the combination of screen images and his flicking tongue was driving the young thing wild.

"Ohhhh . . . ohhhh . . . Ohhhhh. . . " she panted, climaxes so strong and so good she nearly fainted. I've never done this before - - - oh, my Gawd!"

He didn't stop, aware she was watching him, not the screen. Her fingers were massaging his scalp as he tongued her juicy pink treasure-slit, swallowing mouthfuls of pubescent vaginal nectar, fluids ambrosia to his lustful palate.

"Do you like doing that?" she blushed, eyes rolling like dice on a La Vegas crap table. "Letting me squirt it all in your mouth? You like swallowing my juice? Oh, my Gawd, there's so much, Mr. Cain! You sure know how to make me feel good!" Blushing madly, she peeked at him through parted fingers. "Does it really taste good?" she giggled, slim hips still bucking reflexively.

"Sweeter than peaches," he grinned, swallowing the warm syrupy aphrodisiac.

Unable to wait a second longer, reaching into the front of open pants, Shawn Cain freed his throbbing sex, a hard-on protruding straight up from open fly, the taste of the young girl's love-nest making him ooze with heart-pounding desire. The lavender crest of his erection was glazed with clear pre-cum.

"Are you on the pill?" he asked, nose against delicate pubes, lightly lapping the sensitive nub of a pink swollen clit, one finger teasing the girl's warm puckered anus.

"Un-huh," she panted, still giggling nervously, but so excited she wanted more. "I've been on it for a year. I guess I always wanted bigger titties!" More giggles.

"You have very beautiful titties," he said, fingers of his other hand teasing a long hardened nipple. "So, you're still virgin. Never tried sex?" he asked, tonguing twin-lipped pout of the sweetest pussy he'd tasted since high school, working a finger up into its snug electric-pink sheath.

"Un-unh," she giggled. "Like, not yet - - - at least not, like, you know, like, real intercourse. I've just let guys feel me up."

"You said you're not a tease, Anne Marie." Ginning, he took her to the edge of another orgasm but stopped just short of making her climax and looked up into emerald-green eyes. Holding rampant cock in one hand, he rubbed it against the lips of her tiny cunt. "So, if you're not teasing and you're on the pill, let me fuck you. Wouldn't you like to feel this slide into that juicy little pussy?"

She shook her auburn-haired head. "No. I told you I'm still a virgin. I don't think I should be doing this, at least not yet."

Sighing, he paused. "Well, if you're not a tease, how far have you gone?"

"Golly," she panted, hips undulating reflexively, "don't quit. Like, keep doing that; okay? I've just messed around, like, nothing serious."

Slipping one hand under the cheeks, he massaged her very firm ass, teasing, absolutely delighted by her willing responses. Eager to help, she spread the cheeks of her ass with both hands as his tongue flattened against plump labia and hard clit.

"Tell me," he mumbled, mouth smeared with pussy juice.

Cheeks so red she looked sunburned, Anne Marie let go of her cheeks and covered her face with both hands. "Don't make me talk. Just keep doing that, okay? Please? Don't stop, Mr. Cain - - - Shawn. You got me so excited! You really like it?"

"You know it. I'll do it more if you tell me everything," he grinned, trying hard to get another finger into her tight sheath.

"Like, you know, just fooling around," she mewed, wrinkling cute nose, "on dates. Golly, you know what I mean. You know guys. I'm too young to be getting serious about relationships and everything. You know; oh, yeah. Lick me there like that!

"Did you ever play with them?"

"Un-unh . . . "

"Come on - - - tell the truth," he smirked, licking syrupy teenage petals, swallowing again as warm passion juices sprayed across his eager tongue.

"Oh, Yeah! Oooou! Don't make me TALK about it," she pleaded, grinding excited clit against tongue. "Just keep licking me like you were."

"Not unless you tell me everything."

Eyes glued to the screen, pupils like tiny mirrors reflected images of one of the young blonde goddesses going down on the young man. The act of fellatio demanding wide-eyed attention, Anne Marie reluctantly answered.

"Okay, okay, I'll tell you. I let them feel me up, you know, play with my nipples; suck on them. They put their finger in me like you're doing. Stuff like that."

"And . . . "

"And they wanted me to do them, too, like, you know, they wanted to fuck me. They go, Just play with it.. Put it in your mouth - - - like that girl's doing right now in that movie. They all wanted me to go down on them. All the guys want that. They all want us to give them head."

"You didn't even play with them?" he asked, teasing hard little love button with the tip of his tongue, the young girl's hips jerking so wildly he had to hold on firmly to both cheeks of her very hard nubile ass.

"Maybe a couple of times," she panted, orgasm so powerful she nearly collapsed. "I told you I wasn't just a tease."

Catching juicy showers on his tongue, the spray was so copious he had to swallow three times. Familiar with the production, he watched the last seconds of the youth's profuse orgasm as the cute little blonde sucked him to completion, playfully displaying generous mouthfuls of captured semen. Opening pretty mouth and extending generous tongue, she let the pearly-prize dribble over swollen cock-head, then licked it up before it could get to his pubes. Mouth full, she smiled and swallowed. Green eyes wide, mouth half open, Anne Marie was watching the girl's pink tongue and the still spurting cock. The cute little blonde was sucking it up. Tongue between almost sluttish lips, wagging over-full pink lips like a happy puppy's tail, Anne Marie was shaking like Jell-O.

"Well? You said you wished you were her. Do you still wish you were? Did you like watching?" he asked, toying with her hard pink clit. "That's what your dates wanted you to do."

It took the teenager a few seconds to catch her breath. "I know," she panted, blushing furiously, covering cute face with both hands. "They wanted me to give them blow jobs. Oh, my Gawd. She let him shoot-off in her mouth."

"Didn't you let your dates cum in yours?"

"No way," she blushed, wrinkling up cute little nose again at the idea.

"You wasted it? What did you do?"

"I jerked them off instead."

"But you made them cum," he said, two fingers up her warm juicy sheath. "How many times have you done it?"

"Like, I don't know, " she whined, still covering face with hands. "Like, maybe five or six times. Maybe more . . . "

"Did you like it - - - making them cum?"

Still peeking at the screen between parted fingers, she nodded as the girls worked the youth over with hungry mouths and talented tongues.

"Sure, I mean, like I guess," she whispered, red-faced. "I liked watching them shoot off. There's always so much."

"What did you do with their semen after you made them cum? Didn't you lick it up like that girl just did?"

Making a funny face and wrinkling cute nose, hiding green eyes with hands, Anne Marie giggled.

"Oooooooou! No way! It was, like so gooey, I had to use tissues to wipe it all up. They just shot-off all over my hands and my legs and everything. Golly, guy's stuff is so thick and sticky. They got their stuff all over me."

"It wouldn't have if you'd let them cum off in your mouth, like that blonde just did," he grinned.

When she'd regained her senses, Shawn let her stand. Looking down, Anne Marie focused on his very stiff erection, face coloring just as it had before her last climax.

"Golly, you have a really big one, Mr. Cain."

"Come on, call me Shawn; not Mr. Cain. You make me feel old."

"I'm sorry. You're not old, Shawn," She wasn't looking at the screen. "Like, does it always get, like, you know, hard when you do it? Like, what do you do? Squeeze it? Show me, okay? I played with myself for you. Come on, do it for me. Show me how you do it," she whispered, emerald eyes flashing, lower lip captive between perfect white pearls. "I want to watch you shoot off. I may not fuck but I sure like watching guys shoot cum."

Even though he couldn't have sex with the girl, Shawn was so aroused he was unable to think clearly. Her explicit sexuality driving him past reasonableness, he stood, erection in hand, stroking himself openly as he did almost daily in the privacy of his bedroom or behind the fence while watching her walking down the street. Busy with projects and a large work load, he hadn't masturbated for over a week. Today his cock was on the verge of a major eruption, balls loaded and aching to cum.

Fanning flames, Anne Marie spread her tanned legs even wider, teasing a very juicy pussy with the crotch of her pink panties, using both hands to work slippery satin smoothness up and down against a fabulously hard clit.

"Ooou! I love doing myself, too, especially while you're watching me." She was blushing madly, pink tongue flicking in and out of pink-lipped mouth, large emerald eyes wide. "Really, I liked that, Shawn; you watching me. I never did that before for a man. I like being an exhibitionist. It makes me so hot to think that you're getting all hot, too. Do it, okay? I really want to watch you make yourself cum."

Moving closer, she held the skimpy dress up higher, up around slim waist as his hand moved faster. Those extremely tight pink satin panties, that loose fitting dress, low cut to the point of nearly exposing perfectly shaped breasts, slim tan legs tapering gracefully to narrow girlish hips, the whole costume was driving Shawn nuts. Firm tan tummy with small dimple belly button enhanced the slimness of the nymph's waist. Hardening nubile nipples made the front of her cotton dress drape in a most erotic fashion, a look that had to drive males to distraction. That look was bringing Shawn Cain to a point of no return. Anne Marie Summer was elated.

"Playing with myself feels so good. I'm going to make myself wet again, Shawn. I squirt so much I bet you could tell every time I did it, couldn't you? I squirt like a guy, don't I! Guys like watching me do it and it makes me real hot when they watch. Know what? I make myself cum in my panties every day." Shawn's hand was in full motion, cock, slippery with pre-cum. "Gawd, watching you jerking-off is making me real hot again. I could spray all over you." She was panting, watching his hand pumping swollen pride that projected from open fly like a log. "Golly," she gasped," here I cum, Shawn. I'm squirting again. I wish I was squirting it right in your mouth! I'm squirting pussy-cum right in my panties so it doesn't get all over you. Watch me squirt off. I love it. Oooooo, Oooooo, Oooooo!"

Fingers a blur, a virtual stream of clear pussy juice began running down well-toned sun-tanned thighs. Unable to believe his good fortune, Shawn groaned. Pulling tight panties up even tighter, Anne Marie tried stemming the flow dribbling down beautifully tanned thighs.

"Look at me!" she giggled, tongue wetting pink lips. "I just squirt all over myself when I cum. I can't stop once I start squirting. It sure makes my panties all wet an' everything. I can cum a zillion times and squirt each time. Isn't that just the weirdest? I like feeling all the juice in my panties! It's so slippery when I play with myself." His hand was pumping madly. "Want to see it again?" she giggled. "Look!"

Pulling the front of sexy little panty crotch down, she gave him another peek at what he'd been licking. It was a classic keyhole shaped crotch, a generous space between perfectly developed thighs. That space was heaven in Shawn's mind, a wide, twin-lipped pout he'd imagined kissing so many times while masturbating behind the fence, flushing at the memory of watching pearl-like wads of cum clinging to the sun-warmed wooden surface, so many loads it had built-up a thick patina over the past months. Looking at her tempting crotch made his mouth water. Almost five years had passed since he'd tasted such an excited pussy, none ever as enticing or juicy. A sparse growth of light golden pubic hair curled above swollen half-open lips of the sweetest pussy he'd ever seen, the engorged clit standing out, a hard little pink tongue between two pink lips, a mouth he would have gotten down on knees to crawl over broken glass to kiss.

Watching him masturbating, pink tongue flicking over even pinker lips, she struggled with herself to control a growing urge to try what she'd dreamed about doing, what she'd just watched on the giant sized screen. Cum, she thought, watching the head of his cock, waiting to see the creamy orgasm. I wonder what that would feel like going all in my mouth. Golly, he sure has a big one. Shawn's swollen cock-head was so dark it looked like a ripe plumb.

"I'm sorry if I got you too excited. I'm just not into 'falling in love' and everything yet. I just wanted to play around. Is that okay with you?"

"I understand, but I'm so horny I have to do something. You came over here wanting to fool around. Turn around and bend over; let me fuck you from behind, Anne Marie. Please! You can't get pregnant. You don't have to be serious to have a little sex. I'm ready to cum off now. Let me shoot this load of cum in your hot little pussy."

Remembering Jeffrey, the last boy she'd jerked off, his giant volume of semen, how it had suddenly covered her hands and legs, Anne Marie stepped closer and took his cock in her warm hand.

"Don't worry; I know what to do. You'll like this."

Giving him no more than five or six slippery firm strokes, a creamy white torrent of semen began jetting from his erection. The first surge was so powerful it splattered her tummy and panties, clinging tenaciously to hot pink satin as she spread slim legs wider. Ooooou, yeah! she thought, accurately directing cloudy ejaculate with one stroking hand, watching the pearly discharge squirting over her tummy and the crotch of her little pink panties, wondering what cum actually tasted like.

"Oh . . . Anne Marie," he cried, "oh, you're making me cum-off so good!"

Cum hung like a giant strand of pearls across the front of her pink panties.

"Oooooou," she squealed, cheeks flushed with excitement, "you really shoot when you cum! Geez, I love seeing guys cum, Shawn. It makes me cum, too." Letting go, she quivered and sprayed, girl-gush drenching her little panties as his climax waned, teasing gooey wet cum-soaked fabric against sensitive clit, she continued to orgasm against the warm semen-slippery material. "Oh! I'm cuming-off so good Oh YEAH! Mmmmmmmmmm."

Reaching up, Shawn slipped two juicy pussy-coated fingers between Anne Marie's full ripe lips and into her succulent mouth, almost cuming again when he felt her tongue wind around his slippery digits.

"Suck them," he grinned. She did, sucking like she wished it was a cock. "Suck your pussy juice off my fingers. See how good you taste? That's a good little girl! You're learning. Suck it all up."

After a minute, she caught her breath. "I should probably go now. I don't want to get in trouble."

"Do you have to?"

"Well - - - what else do you want?"

"What do you want, Anne Marie? Did you come in here just to get me excited? Now that you got what you wanted, you want to leave?"

"I'm sorry. Are you mad at me? I just like doing that - - - letting guys watch me masturbate; making them shoot. It makes me real hot. I thought you'd like it, too."

"I did," he sighed, unable to stop staring at her standing there playing with herself, "but is that all you did with your boyfriends? Jerk them off?"

"I know what you want. You want me to do that, don't you?" she said, shy grin flickering across mischievous lips. Wiping fingers over the front of her tummy and panties, she slipped them between her lips and sucked the sticky evidence from her jism-coated hand. The taste left her even more aroused. Somehow understanding the power of refusal, charged with sexual excitement, she embarked on a path aimed at making him even more aroused. "Really, Shawn; don't ask me to do it. Not in my mouth. I've never done it, I mean, like that girl in the video just did. She made him cum-off in her mouth. Oh, my Gawd. She even swallowed it; all that white sticky goo."

Slumping against desk, holding on with one hand and still hard pussy-juice lathered cock with the other, Shawn watched the nubile sex machine sucking semen-gooey fingers.

"You said you wished you were her, Anne Marie. You said you wished you were in her place. You don't really want to leave yet, do you? You wanta do what she was doing."

"No I don't," she pouted, feigning reluctance, wondering what he'd do and how far he'd go, how long to tease before sucking that incredible cock. After a long pause she blushed and looked up. "Do your girlfriends suck you off?"


"Do they like it?"

"Every one of them."

"And you cum in their mouths?"

"They beg me to."

Standing in front of him, she twisted hair and hips nervously, so aroused she wanted him to make her be that naughty. She'd discussed giving head with her best girlfriend for weeks, and after listening to steamy confessions, had set out to play with unsuspecting Shawn Cain. Looking at the rigid cock was making her salivate, and her little pussy was making a mess of her panties.

"Get down on your knees," he pointed, "between my legs." Face flushed, she knelt instantly before him, obedient, green eyes upturned, lips and chin quivering like she was about to cry, a young girl used to obeying adult direction. "Open your mouth, little girl. Show me your tongue. Stick it out as far as you can."

Wetting pretty lips, the nymph partially opened a most fuckable mouth, light pink tongue trembling on a full lower lip.

"Like this?" she whispered, heart fluttering so fast she thought she might faint.

"Hold your tongue out further," he breathed, air of control in masculine voice, "open your mouth wider."

Heart beating wildly and closing emerald eyes, she opened a generous mouth wide and extended a broad pink tongue almost three inches long.

"Don't close your eyes, girl. Keep looking up at me."

Anxiety flickering in deep emerald pools, large green eyes opened, watching his, not the head of his cock. Only inches from her mouth, his hand stroked the awesome cunt-juice covered shaft. A clear gem, a slowly swinging crystal necklace of pre-cum swung across her waiting pink tongue, bejeweling rosy trembling flesh. The other end of swag oozed from the tiny eye in the head of his lusty cock. Taking a deep breath, he moved closer. Placing the sensitive glossed crest on pink flesh, the sensation so erotically past expectation, he nearly climaxed.

The warmth, the quivering warm appendage, the broad spoon-shaped pink pillow. She extended her tongue even further to guide the pulsing shaft, vibrating of its own volition as he watched her mouth. The warmth of a young girl's breath on cock-flesh, the vision of doe-like green eyes; was he only imagining the whole thing? Was the Lolita really down on her knees, tongue fluttering in and out to stroke throbbing flesh below and behind sensitive crest. His cock expanded almost painfully. An erection any man would be proud to boast lifted reflexively in response to her tongue-dance, then dropped back in the pink spoon of sexual delight.

Unable to resist temptation, Shawn moved again. The pussy-juice covered head of his manhood slid between pretty plump lips into the generous warmth of the teenager's open pink mouth; slippery pearl-like tears and her own juices lubricating advancing flesh.

"Now, just like she did - - - suck, Anne Marie," he moaned, unable to believe what she was allowing, almost blowing a load in her mouth, cock throbbing with pleasure from such intense sexual contact.

Closing around the engorged shaft, pillow-soft lips held him firmly locked prisoner within the warmth of her tender young mouth. Looking up submissively, an expression of complete surrender in emerald-green eyes, exotically puckered lips and tongue milked a river of pre-cum from the pulsing tube. Mouthing the swollen cock-head wantonly, surrendering to appealing masculinity, she swallowed mouthfuls of saliva, cunt juice and pre-cum sucked from the semen-engorged sex. When he pulled back she licked perfect cock-sucking lips, exotic face glowing, green eyes glazed with un-girlish excitement.

"You're as bad as all the guys," she giggled, examining the engorged cock-head. "They just shoot like mad whenever I jerk them off. Can you cum again? Want me to jerk you off again? I liked jerking you off, Mr. Cain! I do it good, don't I? It was fun having it in my mouth. It's so - - - so warm and hard, but you have to promise not to shoot-off while it's in my mouth, okay?"

Still feeling guilty about age differences, he was sure her dad would shoot him on the spot for what he was doing. Yet unwilling to stop and looking into sensuous emerald eyes, Shawn took slippery cock in hand. The young girl watched as he began masturbating again. She wasn't so close he couldn't use a good long stroke without her getting in his way, but close enough to occasionally let the swollen cock-head rub her pouty plump lips. Grunting with passion he began making funny animal sounds, masturbating, watching her fingers as she played with the sticky cum-loaded crotch of her pink panties, broad tongue flicking in and out between half-open pink lips, emerald flames of expectation in cat-like green eyes.

"Stay down on your knees, Anne Marie. Open your mouth wide - - - hold your tongue out as far as you can."

Giggling nervously, her tongue flicked rapidly between outrageously swollen lips. Heart beating so fast she felt giddy, she was enthralled with being the subject of his lust.

"You're not going to make me do it, are you?" she asked, eyes moist with excitement. "Let me jerk you off instead. I'll make you cum good. All the guys like how I do it." Shawn shook his head. "Oh, my Gawd. Are you really going to make me? Don't, Shawn - - - please. Don't make me do it. Do I have to?" she pleaded, lower lip quivering, so excited she was afraid she might pee.

Smiling, he nodded. "Just like that blonde you were watching." Cheeks flushed, perspiration beaded on her upper lip. "Open your mouth real wide. Make a big pink O with your mouth," he insisted, tilting her chin upward, cock head over slutty open mouth.

Eyes reflecting anticipation, watching him masturbate over her face, she held her tongue out further, actually impatient now that she'd tasted warm semen. "Gawd, Shawn, please don't make me," she moaned, acting reluctant but so desperate for the new experience she was trembling. "Please. Not in my mouth. I don't want to have to swallow a whole bunch of cum."

"Get in front of the mirror. Quick! Turn sideways so I can see better. Hurry up," he gasped, stroking himself rapidly. "Open your mouth wide. You want it, you little tease. You know you want it. I saw the look on your face when that blonde was sucking that kid off. I'm going to give you what you've been dreaming about. Swallow all of it, just like that blonde did. You wanta do what she did. When you taste it, you're gunna cream your little panties, Anne Marie. Hold your tongue out real far and keep masturbating."

"Please . . . " she begged, loving the sound of her pleas, knowing deep inside it was driving him even wilder, "please don't - - - not in my mouth. Gawd, please don't make me swallow all your gooey cum."

"Ask for it . . . " he panted. "You want to."

Masturbating wildly, she was on the verge of an orgasm. "Oh, my Gawd- - - let me watch, too," she panted. Turning so she could see her face as well as his cock in the mirror, orgasms flooding satin panties, she was salivating at the thought of a grown man making her swallow her first big creamy load of semen. "You're going to make me swallow it?"

In front of big mirror, holding her by auburn tangled curls and holding it in one hand, Shawn placed the head of his cock on the broad outstretched pinkness of her cum-chute tongue, and without one more stroke, reached orgasm.

"You want it, Anne Marie. Swallow this load. You want me to cum in your mouth."

"Unggggggggggggggggggggggg . . . " she gasped, mouth wide open, a sudden massive warm surge of semen spewing into her throat.

Sluicing across the nymph's spoon-shaped tongue into her pink cum-tunnel mouth, a load as large as any he'd ever blown was filling her mouth. In what seemed to be some slow-motion close-up, both watched surge after surge of cum sloshing across the blushing girl's fluttering tongue, wads of opalescent semen, ropes of thick viscous jism streaming into her waiting mouth, filling it to overflowing.

So aroused by the sensation and sight of white cum actually shooting into her mouth, Anne Marie was cuming-off in skintight panties like someone had turned on a warm faucet. The warm semen-flood in her mouth made her gurgle with pleasure. Moaning with excitement, one hand jammed in the crotch of her skintight pink panties, masturbating wildly, cunt juice spraying down slim tan thighs, thick white cum began pouring over the edge of her plump lower lip.

"Now . . . swallow it," gasped Shawn, looking down into a mouth overflowing with a shimmering lake of semen.

Wild green eyes wide, the young girl swallowed.


She guzzled warm semen like a calf nursing a cow's teat, cum bubbling from nostrils as she took the thick load down, green eyes wide, profuse ejaculate surging straight down her well-lubricated throat. With no alternative other than choking, she swallowed the load eagerly.

"Suck it again while I'm cuming off . . . gently . . . " he hissed, throbbing cock pulsing above still open mouth.

"Ohhhhhh . . . " she slurped, heart beating like a drum, capturing cock-head between plump pink lips, sucking gently but persistently until the flow of jism slowed, until there seemed there wasn't one more drop. "Oh, my Gawd. What a LOAD of cum. I didn't know it would taste so good. I thought it was going to be nasty or something. Mmmmmm! If I'd known how tasty it was, I would have swallowed it before."

Licking cum glazed lips, she swallowed repeatedly in an effort to get all the viscous, tenacious fluid down. The first mouthfuls of cum she'd ever captured, she'd swallowed it all, its flavor and texture so erotically tied to her orgasm she was instantly in lust with the act.

"You shoot so much. It's real sticky, isn't it?" she glowed, green eyes twinkling mischievously, licking cum-glossed lips. She was giggling and looking into his eyes, licking pink lips to catch errant gems escaping pink pout. Swallowing again, she paused while fingering her little pussy. "So, did you like it, Mr. Cain? Could you see it going all in my mouth, too? I could see everything. I can stick my tongue out real far, can't I? No wonder all the guys wanted to cum in my mouth. Mmmmmmmm!"

"I saw it. Now," he hissed, steeling himself to keep the pending climax from escaping too fast, "get on your hands and knees. Pull you dress up in back."

The sight of her puling her dress up around her narrow waist, the way she looked back at him as he caressed the slippery strip of satin between her smooth warm thighs, the daring invitation to use her smoldering in those green-green eyes, the gloss of semen on her lips as she licked them, every signal made his lust scream out for satisfaction, to take the nymph daringly on her hands and knees, to open her with his excitement, to fill her with a passion she'd never experienced. When he rolled the satiny panties down around her thighs, he nearly came again before he could get his still stiff erection between the small puffy lips. They spread open easily as he pressed forward, but the thickness of his erection made the nearly hairless twins turn into a round-lipped hungry mouth that swallowed him to his balls.

"Oh, Mr. Cain!" she squealed, quivering from head to toe. "You're fucking me! You're fucking me! I never knew it would feel this good! Oh, my Gawd! Here I cum! Here I cum!"

Wave-like muscular spasms surrounded his cock, a cunt that sucked like a mouth was coaxing a load from his groin. Pulling back, the oversize shaft looked like it was turning her pussy inside out.

"Oh, Shawn . . . I wanted this so bad . . . I wanted you to fuck me! I've wanted you to fuck me for weeks! It feels so good . . . I knew it would. I knew you'd know how to fuck good."

He stroked her cunt-pout with the engorged erection, crest almost pulling free from the deliciously slippery sheath every time he pulled back, then, with an even juicer sound, buried again to his balls. She mewed like a cat as he stroked her sex, balls slapping clit each time he drove into the slippery heat, mutual lubrication leaving thick cock covered with a white frothy glaze.

They both played with her excited clit as they fucked, and when she took over the finger game, he worked a slippery finger into her tight little anus all the way to his knuckled. So intoxicated with lust and nearly spastic with need, his orgasm was sucked from his groin by the teenager's unbelievable snapping cunt.

Coupled like welded spoons, they gasped for breath, bodies soaked with sweat. Grinning like a cat that just ate a canary, the teen looked back over her sun-tanned shoulder.

"Well?" she smirked, tongue still doing sexy things to those lips that had just sucked him off. "Is that what you wanted? I guess I wanted it, too. I've wanted to fuck for months but I always held back. I'm glad, Mr. Cain - - - Shawn. And I'm glad I waited. You did me lots better than any guys I know could have done. You're real nice in a naughty way. I liked it. Are you satisfied, Mr. Cain? I never did it before but I did what that girl did. Is that why you let me come in? You came three times! Am I a good cock-sucker?" she giggled, rubbing herself as his cock slipped out of her cum-oozing cunt. "I am, aren't I? I made you cum off three times! And I swallowed it all just like you wanted me to when you jacked-off in my mouth. You wanted me to do that since you first saw me, didn't you? I saw you peeking at me over the fence. I bet you were jerking-off while watching me, you naughty man. You were wishing I was sucking your cock. That's what all the guys want girls to do. Suck them off." Giggling, she turned to look at herself in the mirror and licked up traces of semen still coating Super-Model lips and chin. "I better not go home with your cum all on my lips!" she giggled, standing, puling little panties up snugly into her just-fucked crotch . "My folks would, like, kill me if they new I just sucked off a grown man and let him fuck me."

So satisfied he could do little more than breathe, Shawn got to his feet. "You were wonderful, Anne Marie. You're a real delight. Did you like it? Fucking? The taste of cum?"

"Un-huh! You taste real good. That was fun. I love how it tastes. Now I can't wait to suck some of the guys off."

"You're a good little cock-sucker, Anne Marie, but you still have a lot to learn," he smiled, watching her in the mirror, then trying to get half hard cock back in his pants.

Still watching him, the teenager nervously chewed a plump lower lip. "I have to be careful so I don't get caught - - - you know parents, and I don't want to get a reputation at school. You know how that is. So, anyway, you won't say anything, will you?"

Zipping up, Shawn casually fondled a still swollen nipple through the short cotton dress. "Come by tomorrow, Anne Marie. Come by any day. You've wanted to fuck and suck cock ever since you saw one shoot cum. You've wanted to suck me off, too. I saw it in your face. You wanted me to lick your pussy. I don't know why you haven't before, but you wanted to swallow cum, too. That's why you came in here. It wasn't to see my office. You little slut, you! You wanted me to give you a mouthful of cum."

Embarrassed by his forwardness, she giggled. "Hmmmm, you're real sure of yourself, aren't you?"

"You loved it, you little tease." He grinned and turned her around, spanking cute little ass and rubbing hard flesh, slipping a finger between nubile thighs to tease the girl's little cum-wet crotch. "You'll be back soon. You want me to do that to you again, too. You need some good spankings. You have a lot of exciting things to learn, Anne Marie. I'll teach you things they don't teach in college. Come back and I'll teach you. You'll think about fucking and sucking my cock when you go home. You'll get hungry for cum. You'll see. I'm safe. No teachers; no kids; no wife. Just what you want," he grinned, squeezing his cock. "Cum! You'll be back."

Leaning closer, and standing on tiptoes, she threw her arms around his neck, planting a very wet cum-laced kiss on his mouth, long tongue slipping half way down his throat. Not quitting, the kiss grew even more passionate as she rubbed firm young body against his. Even though he'd just experienced what he judged the best climaxes of his life, Shawn's cock jerked up like some teenage youth. That hadn't happened since he was twenty and he felt flames of sexual excitement demanding more. Not sure if he was up to it, still he was reluctant to push her away. The kiss more than a kiss, the young girl sucked tongue with such fervor, that had it been cock, he would have instantly cum again in her mouth. That image made him shake with desire, picturing his second orgasm shooting into the adorable young girl's succulent mouth. Standing, he lifted her up to his, tongue against battling tongue. Mewing against his, she licked and sucked lips like she was starved, grinding crotch against upper thigh, breathing warm cum-scented breath into his lungs like some exotic elixir. Fingers finding manhood growing larger from sexual attentions, she squeezed hardening flesh so knowingly he would have sworn she'd been doing it for years.

"Am I a naughty girl, Mr. Cain? Am I really a slut? Are you going to spank me for being so naughty?"

Shawn wanted to have sex with her again so badly he was nearly insane, mumbling against pillow-soft lips, feeling her aggressive tongue caressing his. Holding her hair with one hand, he spanked her tight little ass with the other, swat after swat as she played with cock, standing on tiptoes, squirming against him while he paddled her hard little ass.

"Oooooou! That hurts too good. I want you to fuck me," she moaned, rubbing his erection, the warmth of her hand making him even harder. "And you're right, you naughty man. Maybe I'm naughty, but so are you. Sure, I though about it. I saw you behind this fence. I knew you were masturbating and watching me. I wanted to watch you do it; to see you shoot cum."

Turning, she looked at the fence where he stood to jack off. There, thick as white glue, wads of cum had dried at cock-level before getting a chance to dribble to the ground. Grinning, she ran fingers over the thick build-up of dried semen, then raised them to her nose for a sniff.

"I knew it," she giggled. "You were shooting off like crazy while watching me! Look at all the cum on the fence." Pleased with herself, she looked up into his eyes and sucked her fingers. "You're as bad as all those guys. They jerk off in their pants while trying to look up under our skirts." Licking plump lips, she fondled his cock through his pants. "You're right, Mr. Cain. I wanted to learn how. My girlfriend does it, an' she thinks I'm so weird because I didn't, and, well, I didn't want guys talking about me like they talk about other girls. They call them sluts and cock-suckers." Looking up deep into his eyes, a smile teased her lips. "I was telling the truth. I'm not interested in romance and getting serious yet. I wanted to play, and just have fun. You were so easy. You can spank me anytime, Shawn. I liked it. It's true. I wanted to fuck and I wanted to give you head. I knew you'd make me swallow cum. Make me be a little slut and suck you off. I'd like that. Make me let you fuck me again."

"Right now?" he asked eagerly, cock hard as stone.

"No, silly!" she giggled, letting go, pirouetting cutely, dress above slim waist, skintight pink panties stretched snugly over rock-hard buns. "Tomorrow."

"Come on. Just once more?"

"Shawn - - - I like you. You're a nice man. I'm glad I waited to do this. For whatever it's worth, I'm glad you made me. And I do want it again . . . "


"Tomorrow!" she giggled, pulling her dress back down, skipping away as he followed her through the gate.

"Tease," he called after her. "You're a tease."

"Tomorrow!" she waved, laughing, a sound like music.

He could hear her laughing a block away.

* * *

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