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The Proper Grip

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"Oh fuck, Iím late!"

Speaking quickly into her cell phone, 41-year old Natalie Franklin grinds her white high heel harder down on the accelerator of the BMW. On the other end of the line, a very girlish laugh is heard.

"What are you giggling at, Tracy?"

"Itís just funny," she vaguely announces in a very soft voice.

"What?" demands Natalie, already frustrated.

"Hearing you say the F word. You never used to say it before."

In fact, Natalie looks like about the last person in the world who would say it. Appearing very business like and professional, sheís a little embarrassed, but then remembers that Tracy swears all the time, and checks her watch again.

"Crystal better be at the course already," warns Natalie. "This is the proís last lesson of the day. He might leave if neither of us show up on time. Weíve already canceled twice. I donít know what Jim would do if we missed this one. Heís even going to quiz us tonight about the first lesson, and he said we better know Ďem all. That meeting would just never end!"

"Why does he want you two to golf so badly?" wonders Tracy.

"Oh, I donít know," says Natalie, exasperated. "He met this golf pro last month at a football game, and the guy convinced him to take it up. Jim always thought golf was for sissies, but I guess since this guy was at a football game, he thought it must be manly enough. And now he loves it, and wonít stop talking about it."

"Right, so why does he want you and Crystal to golf so badly?" repeats Tracy, still confused.

"Heís convinced it will be good for us, and that golf," chuckles Natalie, "will somehow magically make our lives complete or some shit like that."

Tracyís girlish giggles start up again.

"What?" asks Natalie, who then realizes. "Hey, Iím allowed to say Ďshit,í all right? And Ďfuck.í Shit, shit, shit! Fuck, fuck, fuck!"

"Hey!" fights back Tracy, struggling to contain her laughter. "I was just laughing about golf completing peopleís lives, not you!"

"Sure you were. Hey, could you hold on a minute? Iím coming up to a red light, and Iím gonna have to change on the way to give myself any chance, just in case Crystalís still at cheerleading practice and isnít holding him there."

"Changing in the car now, Natalie?" says Tracy, amazed. "Youíre like a whole new person."

Not having time to worry about that, although she wishes she did, Natalie just repeats "hold on a minute," slows to a stop at the light, tosses the phone on the passenger seat, and starts peeling off her clothes.

Starting with her silky black chemise, she hurriedly untucks it from within her knee length white skirt, reaches behind her head with both hands and pulls it up and off by the collar, finding no resistance from her short, but cute blonde hair. Revealing no bra, she suddenly remembers sheís in public, and takes a fast look around while clutching her bare breasts in her hands. No cars on either side, she sees, but one behind her, which honks twice as Natalie reaches for her new golf shirt.

"Oh fuck," she whispers, and steps on the gas at the waiting green light.

Putting her left hand on the wheel, she carefully conceals both breasts with her right arm and starts talking to herself. "Did I just say Ďfuckí again? Iíve gotta stop doing that. And what does she mean Iím Ďlike a whole new personí?" And with that, she puts her right hand on the wheel also and briefly glances down at her nude breasts. "My tits are as firm as they were twenty years ago. Iíd like to hear Tracy say that with a straight face." Although not large, they were as perky a pair as a woman over 40 could hope for, with no tan lines to speak of.

She checks the time again and sighs, half hoping for a red light so she can put on her shirt, half hoping for green so she can get there quicker.


Meanwhile at the golf course, 18-year old Robert Jones crushes a drive, which bangs high off the driving range fence, over 250 yards away.

"You still havenít gotten one over?" asks Mike, the golf pro, wiping the smile off of the young manís face, who just shakes his head.

"Like you could," he says under his breath once the proís out of earshot.

"Hey, Iím locking up," the pro announces. "Looks like theyíre not gonna show. Too bad, too -- Jimís daughter is a knock out. He showed me a picture of her in her little cheerleaderís uniform. His wifeís not bad, either."

Robert half smiles, glad they wonít have to deal with the sexual harassment Mike inflicts on all his good looking female students.

"Hey, thatís not your driver," the pro says accusingly. "You didnít even bring your clubs tonight. Shit, Robert, I told you you canít just take clubs from the pro shop anymore. Those are for customers to try out. Now donít do it again, unless you plan on buying it."

"I might."

"Yeah, right," laughs the pro. "Thatís worth three hundred bucks. Shit, you could have chipped it. Now hand it over."

"I didnít chip --"

"Fine, fine," interrupts the pro as he takes the club. "Go get all the range buckets. Carlos better be back tomorrow. Home sick, my ass. Iím locking up. Iíll see you tomorrow."

"Asshole," breathes Robert, who picks up his watch from the bench -- "damn!" -- and starts running down the long range.


Still driving topless, Natalie picks up the phone with a stunned look on her face. "Tracy? Are you still there? Tracy? Tracy!"

"Iím here," she says after a small wait.

"You would not believe what just happened!" exclaims Natalie. "I finally got to a red light so I can put my shirt on, and then this asshole in the car next to me whistles, and when I look over he gives me a thumbs up and heís sitting there with his, you know, with his thing out! And heís, you know, heís..."

"Jacking off?"

"Yes!" screams Natalie, stunned at how calmly her friend is taking this. "Can you believe that?!"

"You know, itís funny," starts Tracy.

"What is?!"

"For someone who says the F word so often, you get all tongue tied talking about Ďhis thingí and canít even say Ďjacking off.í"

"Well Iím in shock, all right?" says Natalie, defending herself. "And I donít say the F word that often!"

After a longer than normal pause, Natalie hears Tracy moan slightly. "Tracy? Are you OK?"

"Wonderful," she groans.

"You donít sound wonderful," states Natalie, starting to get worried.

"How big was he?"

"What?" asks Natalie, confused.

"How big was the guyís thing?"


"What?" asks a giggling Tracy in her little girl voice.

"I donít know how big, OK?" says Natalie, starting to smile.

"Bigger than Jimís?"

"Tracy! Iím not going to answer that," she says definitively. "And why are you sounding like that?"

"How big was what guyís thing?" asks a muffled, and decidedly male voice on the other end of the line.

"Who said that?" questions Natalie, very surprised. "Was that Bill?"

"Of course itís... Bill," grunts Tracy.

Natalie quickly pulls her white golf shirt on at the next red light, thankful that the pervert turned a couple blocks back.

"What are you two doing?"

"Well weíre fucking of course," moans Tracy, with emphasis on "fuck." "Your favorite word."

"Oh my god!" gasps Natalie. "I canít believe youíre doing that while talking to me!"

"Well itís your fault, you know."

"My fault?" asks Natalie, very confused, as she feels her hard nipples poking through her new shirt, after being exposed to the cool night air. "How?"

"You made fun of my sagging tits."

"You heard that? Iím sorry, Tracy. I didnít realize I was talking that loud," Natalie says, wondering who else might have heard her. "But wait, how does that make it my fault that youíre having sex?"

"Well I was a little hurt by that, and I thought, Ďwell at least mine are double ds,í and I took off my shirt and called Bill into the kitchen --"

"Youíre doing it in the kitchen?" asks Natalie, still stunned by all this.

"And I guess he was surprised to see me without my top, and maybe noticed that I looked a little sad, and he asked me whatís wrong," Tracy says, distinctly sounding like sheís bouncing. "I asked him if he still liked my boobs, and he walked over to where I was sitting and said Ďwhat do you think?í as he put my hand on his crotch and I could already feel him getting hard..."

Wide eyed, Natalie doesnít bother to change the rest of her clothes at the next red light -- too enthralled by the story.

"So while still holding the phone against my ear, I pulled down his shorts with my left hand, and I bent over and took his entire cock into my mouth..."

Natalieís chin drops.

"I love feeling him get hard inside me, especially in my mouth, so I just stared up at him and didnít move, feeling him grow..."

She licks her lips.

"After his head eased down my throat, I started sucking him in long, full strokes, never taking my eyes off his..."

Starts squirming around in her leather car seat.

"Then I heard your voice in my ear and I almost choked. I totally forgot I was on the phone. But then when you started calling my name... I got really wet, and I just kept sucking him until I had to answer just so you wouldnít hang up..."

Natalie canít believe this, and doesnít know how to react.

"But when I took my lips off his cock to talk, Bill up and left! I was so mad at you. But your voice was so sexy, and when you started talking about that guy jacking off while watching you, I jammed my hand down my panties and just attacked my clit... Are you still there? Natalie? Natalie?"

Tracyís soft voice had the same effect on her friend, as Natalie felt herself instantly get wet at the sound of her name being called.

"Listen, Iím getting real close, so hurry up and finish the story."

Tracy gasps, and then asks, "Close to what?"

"The golf course," answers Natalie, confused.

"Oh, right."

"What did you think?"

"Anyway, I was just sitting there talking to you, minding my own business like a good girl, rubbing my clit, totally unsuspecting, when Bill comes up from behind me and lifts me off the chair from my hips. Then he grabbed the straps of my panties and pulled them down slowly, caressing my ass and legs on the way. I hear the chair move, and then he turns me around and I see him sitting in my seat, his big hard cock staring straight up at me, still glistening with my saliva..."

Natalie bites her lip.

"Then he lifts me off the ground by my ass, and slowly lowers my pussy over him, impaling me with his cock. And thatís when he spoke up, right after he started sucking on my left nipple. And sure, I could have said we werenít fucking, but you asked us what we were doing and I couldnít lie to you."

"Yeah, but you didnít have to tell me all that!" exclaims Natalie, who then very shyly asks, "By the way, what have you been doing since then?"

"Ooh, so you have enjoyed this, huh?" says a relieved Tracy. "Well, he squeezed my ass really tight with both hands, and started sliding me up and down over his cock, while sucking and biting my tits. Slow at first, but starting to get really fast and hard now... Oh, it feels so good."

"Why are you telling me all this?" asks Natalie, impressed by her friendís daring. "I mean, youíve never told me about your sex life in such detail."

"Well I know you and Jim havenít done it in a while, and I wanted to give you a thrill, get those old juices flowing," says Tracy, who suddenly starts moaning louder. "Oh Natalie, Iím cumming! Natalie! Ohhhhhh!"

Almost missing the turn, Natalie jerks the wheel with her left hand, barely swerving safely into the dark and deserted golf course parking lot. Hearing Tracyís shrieks of ecstasy the whole time, she hastily slides into the nearest space. Still overwhelmed that Tracy would call her name out, and assuming now that she missed the lesson, Natalie finds herself needing to know every last detail of the encounter. Not wanting to sound too eager, she waits for an opening between moans and then says, "Bill sure was quiet."

"Well he hasnít cum yet."

"Oh," Natalie says, a little confused.

"He hasnít came inside me since we had Johnny."

"Oh, of course," says Natalie, nodding. "So you just leave him like that?"

Tracy laughs and says, "I thought you were in a hurry."

"Oh, well, Iíve still got a little way to go," Natalie lies, not that it matters anymore.

"So you want to hear the end of the story now?"


"OK... Iím slowly standing up and off of his dick now, which is still as hard as ever. Iím dropping to my knees in front of him, wearing nothing but little white socks, holding the phone to my right ear..."

Unable to wait any longer, Natalie nestles the phone against her shoulder and lifts her ass off the seat just enough to slide off her skirt. And just when she starts to ease her hand down her panties, headlights engulf the car and she freezes, still listening carefully.

"Wow, Billís cock is completely covered in my juices. Ooh, itís even dripping off his balls. Iím gonna take his balls into my mouth now and suck them clean. Mmm..."

A little blue Volkswagen speeds past Natalie -- who slides down her seat, barely out of view -- and screeches to a stop at the entrance to the public course. She peers over the steering wheel to see Robert quickly exit the vehicle, leaving the loud motor on.

"Mmm, I taste good. Time for a second helping. Mmm, Iím licking my cum off his dick now. Running my tongue down the length of him. Time for the big finish..."

From her spot in the lot, Natalie could see the young man jog quite a distance, pick up something small from a bench, and begin his return.

"Iím going to suck his cock really hard now until he cums in my mouth..."

Natalie, who hasnít pleasured herself yet, although her fingers are resting on her engorged clit under her panties, has to make a decision. As she hears her friendís obscenely loud sucking and slurping sounds, she knows that her last chance to get the lesson in tonight and save her and her daughter from her husbandís wrath will drive off in about 30 seconds when he re-enters his car. He couldnít be the pro, she thinks. Heís too young. But he appears to know the place well and is definitely a golfer, who might be able to help her pass Jimís quiz about the first lesson -- The Proper Grip.

Perfect timing, Natalie concludes. From the sound of it, Tracyís swallowing Billís cum to end the story and their telephone conversation, which is still extremely shocking to her. And now this golfer luckily appears out of nowhere to make up for her tardiness. Although it does look like heís in a hurry.

Tracy starts sucking even louder, if thatís possible, as Natalie pulls her thin white skirt back up and over her hips. She notices for the first time just how soaked her panties are. When she sees that her juices are even seeping into her skirt, she looks up at Robert and is thankful to see that heís started walking and appears to be fastening on a watch. After taking a deep breath, she bunches up her skirt, revealing her white thigh high stockings. Then she reaches for the straps and pulls down her drenched panties, carefully slipping them by her high heels. Picking up her new golf shorts from the passenger seat, she realizes she doesnít have time to change, but instead dabs her pussy dry with them and opens the door.

Her heels click on the cement as her long legs come into view with her skirt still bunched up. Hearing Tracyís sucking all the while, and waiting for a moment to jump in and say her goodbyes, she steps out, haphazardly tucks her new shirt into her skirt, and then bends over to grab her purse before slamming the door shut. Walking less than 75 feet away, Robert didnít even flinch, as the course is on a very busy and loud street.

Placing the medium sized purse strap over her shoulder, Natalie starts walking toward the young man, and was about to interrupt her still sucking friend when Tracy beat her to it.

"Still there?"

"Yes, but --"

"Sorry for the wait, but I just love sucking cock. Cum now, honey," Tracy sweetly commands. And before Natalie can question it, she hears Bill groan very loudly. "I know I said he was gonna cum in my mouth, but I wanted to describe it to you while it was happening..."

Natalieís getting closer to Robert, but she canít just hang up now.

"Iím stroking him hard with my left -- mmm, the first spurt just hit my upper lip and is dripping down into my mouth! The second landed on my right cheek. Now heís cumming all over my tits! Oh, baby, thatís good, donít stop..."

Sheís just made eye contact with Robert, and theyíre about to meet up on the sidewalk by his still running car. Sheíd always had trouble walking in heels, and now itís nearly impossible to keep her balance after hearing that. They both want to say something, but her earís still glued to the phone. He obviously wants to get in his car, but she holds up her hand and smiles, asking him with her eyes to wait a second.

"Mmm, Iím licking his cum off my tits now. Oh, it tastes so good."

"Tracy, Iíve gotta go. Iíll talk to you later," says Natalie, who hangs up quickly on her friend ("Mmm...") and puts the phone in her purse. "Hi, sorry about that. I see that youíre in a hurry, but this is kind of important. Do you work here?"

While listening to his answer, all she can think about is the trickle of juice that escaped from her pussy and is now running down her leg. Hoping he wonít see it, she feels completely naked.

"Oh, youíre the assistant pro? Wonderful. I was supposed to have a lesson tonight with my daughter."

"You must be Mrs. Franklin," Robert concludes, as he looks her over in the dark. Unbuttoned golf shirt, skirt, and high heels? And all white? Well, heís seen stranger things working at a public golf course.

"Yes, thatís me," Natalie says, glad she still remembers her name. "Did Crystal show up?"


"Iím sorry -- my daughter, Crystal."

"Oh, no, she didnít," Robert says, who checks his watch. "Listen, Iím sorry, but as you said, I am in a hurry, and Mikeís already gone unfortunately. So, you can call and reschedule again tomorrow if youíd like, but Iíve gotta get going." He opens the car door.

"Wait, I really need to take this lesson tonight," Natalie pleads. "Itís my husband, Jim."

"What about him?" asks Robert, whoís really peeved now, but canít help to feel sorry for her, especially when he remembers what a jerk her husband is.

"I know it sounds funny," starts Natalie, "but heís going to quiz me and Crystal tonight about the lesson. Weíve already rescheduled twice. Could you just tell me the basics of the lesson? Something about a grip?"

"Iíd really like to help you out, but I absolutely have to go right now. Iím sorry," says Robert, who climbs into the car.

"Iíll pay you," Natalie offers, pleased to see him stop closing the door halfway. "How much is it per lesson?"

"Itís twenty bucks, but --"

"Iíll give you fifty."

He thinks about it for a second.

"Thatís really tempting, but --"

"A hundred then," Natalie says as she starts rummaging through her purse and almost immediately drops it to the ground, spilling its contents all over. "Fuck."

Robert rolls his eyes and checks the time again, but steps out all the same to help her.

"Thanks. Sorry about that," says an extremely embarrassed Natalie, while bent over, picking up her wallet. "So is it a deal? A hundred bucks?"

He canít believe what he sees when he looks up at her. Natalie had accidentally kicked her wallet past the headlights of his car, and they shine directly down her shirt, as she stays crouched down, using the light to count out the bills. Thanking himself now for replacing the left headlight earlier today, he can see her entire bare chest. Unable to make out previously in the dark parking lot, he quickly observes that her nipples are very erect. As she glances up at him, looking a little lost, he also notices that she has a beautiful face.

"Deal?" she asks again, while rising with cash in hand.

Robert places the last item in her purse and they exchange goods as he reluctantly says, "Sure, why not?"

"Oh, great, thank you," Natalie says as she starts to feel the heat of the headlights on her legs. Before she can put the pieces together, he interrupts her train of thought.

"OK, letís see here," starts Robert. "Well, if heís going to quiz you on the first lesson, heíll probably just want you to show him the three kinds of grips that we teach here."

"Show him?"

"Yeah, on a golf club. You know, put your fingers on in the proper way for each grip," Robert explains. "Oh crap, weíre really gonna need a club for this."

"You donít have one?"

"No, I didnít play today, left Ďem at home."

"Can we go there? How far is it?"

"Too far."

"Well we canít go to my place. Wait, what about in there?" she asks, pointing at the pro shop.

"No key."


"We might be able to use something else," Robert suggests. "Do you have like a big pen or marker in your purse?"

"Let me check," she says, careful not to drop it again. "Iíve got a pencil."

"No, not thick enough."

She finds her mace and holds it up for inspection.

"No, not long enough."

Natalie looks around, positive there must be something that would work.

"Hey, what about the railing here?"

"Thatís way too thick," says Robert. "What about your car? Anything?"

"No, I just had it washed. Itís empty."

"Well, thatís that," Robert says. "I tried."

He hands Natalie her money back, but she waves it off.

"Keep it," Natalie says, again resigning herself to the fact that sheís missed the lesson. "Iíve already probably made you late."

"Are you sure?"


Robert gets in the car and starts driving off. He only gets about five feet before stopping.

"Hey, just remember that the three grips are called interlock, overlap, and baseball, OK? That might be all he asks."

Natalie just nods weakly, knowing that wonít be good enough. Robert takes a last look at her and steps on the gas again.

Before walking across to her car, she waits for him to circle around and drive by her toward the exit, thinking the whole time how stupid she is. Stupid for dropping her purse. Stupid for letting the kid keep the hundred bucks. Stupid for being late and missing the lesson. Stupid for ever agreeing to the lessons in the first place, although itís not like she had a choice. Stupid for not being able to figure out a way for him to teach her the grips.

And she still canít believe she actually had that phone conversation.

After circling back around, he drives by and waves to her on his way out.

As she begins the brief trek to her car, she starts to replay the sexier moments of Tracyís story in her mind and immediately wishes that she had her vibrator with her. "Wait, thatís it," she whispers to herself before turning toward Robert, whoís still waiting for an opening in the traffic to exit the lot under 40 feet away.

"How big is your dick?!"

She screamed it pretty loud, but Robert barely heard it. In his rear view mirror, Natalie already has both hands over her mouth, apparently in disbelief that she actually said it. When she smells herself on her fingers, she quickly lowers them.

"Please just drive away, please just drive away," she whispers in the darkness.

He starts backing up toward her.

"Please donít be a rapist, please donít be a rapist."

Once theyíre parallel to each other, she forces a smile.

"What was that?" he asks.

"I mean, wouldnít that work?" she asks after clearing her throat. "Isnít it about the right thickness?"

"Well, maybe a little too thick," he says with a smirk. "But yeah, close enough."

"So is it long enough?"

"Um, I think Iím gonna need more money for this."

Natalie nods at first, but then quickly shakes her head.

"Wait a minute. Youíre going to be manipulating the position of my hands on your cock, and you think youíre being underpaid?"

"Good point," Robert concedes.


"Yeah, I think itíll work."

She still very much has second thoughts about this, but canít let him see that.

"Hold on a second," Robert says. "Let me park the car."

As he pulls into the spot next to her, Natalie marvels at how nonchalantly heís taking this. Doesnít he realize how big of a deal this is? Maybe he does this sort of thing all the time, she thinks, as her breathing gets quicker.

"Letís do it in my car, all right?" asks Natalie.

"Um, no, we canít really do it in a car," Robert explains while turning off the engine. "Iíll need to see both sides of the grip, and thereís not enough room to do that in a car."

"Well we canít exactly do it out here. Someone will see."

"And thereís not enough light anyway," adds Robert as he exits the vehicle. "Thereís a little spot behind the clubhouse with a bench and a light thatís on 24 hours a day. We can do it there."

He starts walking, and she has no choice but to follow. His outward calmness about it has put her somewhat at ease, but sheís still not sure she can actually go through with it.

Not that she considers this cheating, but her marriage has basically been over for years. They only stay together for their daughterís sake now, or at least thatís what Natalie assumes, since theyíve never really talked about it. Sheís considered divorcing him after Crystal goes off to college in the fall, but is more than a little worried at how Jim would react. She wonders why heíd even care, since she canít even remember the last time they had sex. Both obsessed with their work, they grew tired of the same old thing, and just stopped somewhere along the line. Heís obviously wanted to start up again since he sold his business five months ago, but is too stubborn to ask, and sheís too stubborn to follow up on his hints. They fight all the time now, with sex as the subtext, and a marriage of convenience has turned into an unnecessary anxiety for Natalie.

They turn the corner of the clubhouse and she sees what Robert was talking about -- a little cut out section of the wall, with just enough room for a small bench. Surprisingly well lit by a single lamp, Natalieís also quite glad to see a cement roof high above the bench, as it has started to sprinkle. Wearing open toed heels while walking in the grass, she lets out her breath in a nervous laugh as the drizzle tickles her feet.

Robert removes his leather jacket and takes a seat on the wooden bench, which is bolted down against the wall. Natalie sits as far away as possible, and timidly rubs her hands together.

"Are you cold?" asks Robert as he raises his jacket.

"Oh, no thanks," Natalie says, declining the offer.

A bolt of lightning illuminates the sky in the distance. Natalie excitedly points it out, but Robertís head was down and he didnít notice. Deafening thunder follows soon after, giving Natalie a chill.

"Weird timing, huh?" Robert notes, referring to the weather. Appearing uneasy for the first time, he watches the light waterfall begin to form in front of them from the slanted roof. He reaches his hand out to grab a few drops and smiles.

The light above their heads gives Natalie her first good look at Robert, and she likes what she sees. A clean-cut kid, with a long sleeve black shirt tucked into brown pants, he looks like the son she always wanted. Natalieís not sure why, but she senses something special about this spot, and admires his obvious respect for it.

"When it rains really hard at night, because of the way the roofís set up, this waterfall gets really thick," Robert says with a glint in his eye. "And it can get so heavy, that if itís dark enough out, you canít see past the water at all, and itís like youíre in your own separate world."

Thereís a sudden sadness to his voice, and Natalie feels for him.

"Are you OK with this?" she asks after a moment of silence.

"Oh, yeah, yeah," Robert says, nodding. "Itís just that this brings up a lot of memories... I had my first kiss right here, sitting on this bench, when it was pouring outside at night. And Iím actually supposed to be on my way to see that girl right now."

"Hey, look, you should be with her," Natalie says while shaking her head, starting to reconsider her initial fondness of him.

"Oh, no, itís over now," he explains. "Sheís cheating on me. She didnít even try to keep it secret. Her first week in college, and this guy actually convinces her somehow that Iíd be fine with it. The only reason I tried to make it work for this long is because I loved her so much. But itís never gonna get back to the way it was. And Iím never gonna see her again after tonight."

So thatís why heís so calm about this, Natalie thinks. He has more important things on his mind. And whatís with everyone being so open about their personal lives tonight?

"Iím sorry," Natalie offers. "I donít think I caught your name."


"Nice to meet you, Robert," she says, extending her hand. "Iím Natalie."

His handshake is quite strong, almost to the point of hurting her. But even though sheís in a very vulnerable position, and could easily be overpowered, her prior worries have all but vanished.

"So your first kiss was right here, huh? I remember my first --"

She stops abruptly when she recalls that she was 13, and that his first kiss was to his current girlfriend.

"How old are you?"


Breathing a sigh of relief, Natalie then wonders when that kiss took place, but realizes she doesnít have time for it. Jim will be home in under 30 minutes, and sheíll not only have to beat him there, but teach Crystal the grips also.

"How long is this going to take?"

"Just a couple minutes probably," Robert surmises. "The lessons are really a rip off. Mike goes on and on about the history of everything, and he doesnít even know what heís talking about. "

"Well, the sooner we start, the sooner itíll be over."

Robert nods, but doesnít make a move yet.

"Do you want to take it out now?" asks Natalie, forcing him to make eye contact with her for the first time.

"Yeah, OK."

He starts to undo his belt buckle, but then stops and just lowers the zipper of his pants. Even with the storm intensifying all around them, the sound of the zipper rings in Natalieís ears. Waiting for him to release their training aid, her eyes are transfixed on the opening in his pants, desperate to see whatís under the barely visible blue boxers.

Robert begins to reach in, but then glances at Natalie and stops.

"Um, Iíd kind of like it if you didnít see it until I was, um, aroused," he stammers out.

"Oh, sure, sure," Natalie says, uncertain of how this is going to work. "Do you want me to look away? Or do you want some help?"

"Um, what kind of help exactly?" Robert asks, with a hand over his crotch.

"Well, do you think Iím attractive?"

"Yes," says Robert, nodding. "Very much so."

Obviously being honest, itís quite a turn on for Natalie to hear an 18 year old kid say that he finds her attractive. She looks at him a little questioningly, but then stands up.

"Well, Iím not going to show any nudity," she says while walking past the light threshold of water. With her back to him, she bends at the waist and rests her hands on the white stockings over her locked knees.

"I promise I wonít look," says Natalie, who then takes a deep breath. "Here..."

She reaches around with her right hand and lifts up the rear of her skirt, resting the thin material on the small of her back. Having completely forgotten that she removed her panties in the car, she most definitely is showing nudity. And not only her tight ass, but, with the way sheís bending over, her sopping wet, clean shaven pussy is also on display.

Robert audibly groans at this, which causes Natalie to twitch. Wanting to look back so badly, she has to fight herself to keep her word.

While Robert stares at her ass, a droplet of rain lands high up on Natalieís left cheek. She immediately looks puzzled, but doesnít start worrying until she feels it trickle down diagonally and begin to funnel down her slit. Her eyes light up, and so do his, following its progress the whole way.

Having lost track of how many deep breaths sheís taken tonight, Natalie inhales again before discreetly lifting up the front of her skirt and pressing it against her chest. While bent over, still feeling the cold bead of rain progressing down her lips, she closes her eyes and lowers her head.

When she opens them, they both see the droplet reach her protruding clit, where it hangs for an agonizing moment before falling to the grass. Natalie quickly shoots her head up and shuts her eyes tight, chewing herself out for being so stupid again. But before she could even start, she remembers what was in the background of her previous view, and thrusts her head back down between her legs.

"Oh wow..."

Sheís pretty sure thatís the first time sheís said "oh wow," and sheís even more sure that thatís the biggest cock sheís ever seen.

"And itís still growing," Natalie whispers aloud, with a completely stunned look on her face.

Robertís head is back against the cement, tilted up, with his eyes closed and his mouth open. Heís not stroking himself, but instead just holding it in place at the base. When it reaches its maximum length, Natalie watches the head as it throbs for a second, then settles, aimed directly at her dripping pussy.

Only six feet behind her, Natalie considers just backing up and taking a seat, but quickly dismisses it with a shake of her head. Before he sees her, she straightens up and calmly asks, "Can I turn around now?"

He opens his eyes, disappointed to see that her skirt has been lowered, and then glances down at himself before replying.

"Yeah, Iím ready," says Robert, who then circles the base of his cock with his right thumb and index finger, which pats his pubic hair down, making it look as long as possible.

Not wanting to appear too impressed or embarrassed, Natalie turns around and walks back without looking at him. She sits down on the bench and pretends to concentrate on the rain, which is getting harder, before turning to him.

"Do you think itís..."

Glancing down at it for the first time, sheís taken aback by how much longer it looks from the side.

"Big enough?" she finishes.

"Well, we wonít know until you grip it."

Suddenly eager to feel it, Natalie slides over on the bench and hesitantly reaches out toward it, but then pulls back when she realizes she doesnít know what sheís doing.

"Wait, how am I supposed to do this exactly?"

"Well, I think the only way itíll work is if you get on your knees in front of me," says Robert, who canít hide a slight smile.


"The grass is pretty high," he says with a nod. "And the ground angles down from here, so it should be dry."

The sky lights up again as Natalie rises from the bench and positions herself in front of him. She drops to her knees when the thunder fills the air. The growing waterfall, which almost blocks the entire opening now, falls barely behind her toes.

"I think youíre gonna have to get a little closer."

"Oh, OK," Natalie says, trying to look in his distant eyes.

She crawls forward between his spread legs until her face is only a foot from his erection. She canít believe sheís doing this, but itís far too late to back out.

"Now what?"

"Well, let me first say that golf starts with the grip. Everything is transmitted through the hands to the ball, so the grip must be correct."

She didnít hear a word of that. Not only because the rain is getting louder and he almost whispered it while looking away from her, but mainly because she almost had an orgasm just from staring at his cock. She tries to calm herself down before looking perplexed

"What do you want me to do?"

"Um, Mike always starts with the baseball grip, so letís do that," Robert explains. "First just grip it like you would a baseball bat."

Natalie waits for him to look down, but when she sees that he isnít going to, she reaches her right hand out and wraps her long fingers around the base of his cock. Then she brings up her left hand, fitting it snuggly below the right. Her bright blue fingernails encase his shaft, glowing in the light. In order to grip it comfortably, she has to angle his cock downward, again aiming toward her pussy, which gets even wetter at the thought of it.

Waiting for further instruction, Natalie gets the feeling that he might not be looking at her in an attempt to delay his orgasm. She starts to wonder how sheíd react if he did cum. Not wanting to be faced with that situation yet, she tries to sound as professional as possible.

"Like this?"

He quickly glances down out of the corner of his eye.

"OK, now extend your thumbs out so theyíre aiming away from you, and rest them on the shaft."

She starts to do so, but then looks at him a little skeptically.

"The shaft?"

"Itís a golf term."

"OK, done."

"Youíre gripping it too much in your palms," Robert says after sneaking another peek. "Hold it more in your fingers, and then bring your right palm over, so it rests up against your left thumb and the first couple fingers of your left hand."

Natalie tries to follow his instructions, but her right palm wonít reach down far enough.

"Um, is this right?"

"Not exactly. Iím gonna need to see the other side," he explains. "Take your hands off and then reposition them the opposite way, with your thumbs pointing back at you instead of down at me."

She worked so hard at getting the grip right that she doesnít want to start over, but does what he says. In order to switch the grip, she has to slide even further up toward him. Once her fingers are back in place, sheís pointing his cock directly at her mouth, which is less than six inches away.

Robert lets out his breath in a slight chuckle when he sees how incredibly sexy that is. She looks like an angel, all in white, but holds his cock in both hands, and aims it at her parted lips. He doesnít look away this time after surmising the situation, but instead just closes his eyes, wanting to hold the image in his memory.

"OK, your hands are too far apart. Lock your right pinky directly on top of your left forefinger."

Natalie slides her hands down to meet each other in the middle of his cock, causing Robert to groan.

"And then adjust until comfortable," he adds, feeling her do so. "You have a strong grip."

"Oh, Iím sorry," says Natalie, who quickly loosens her fingers.

"No, itís OK," Robert says. "Thatís just another golf term. It means your -- oh, forget it, letís just move on."

"So this is right?"

"Yes, you did good. Now donít move, because itís easy to transfer into the other two from the baseball grip."

"OK," says Natalie, who tightens her fingers around his shaft, which causes a drop of pre cum to ooze out and begin to run down the head. She silently whimpers at the sight of it, but is brought back to reality when Robert hastily begins the lesson again.

"All right, now interlock your left -- I mean your right pinky finger with your left forefinger, but keep everything else the same."

She does so while watching the stream of cum flow slowly back off of the head, and work its way down the shaft toward her fingers.

"OK, I did it."

Robert hesitates when he sees the pre cum nearing her hand, and then simply nods as he looks away from her.

"And thatís the interlocking grip."

Natalie smiles, glad to see how easy that one was, but then starts wondering why Robert is avoiding her gaze. She suddenly remembers that his eyes were closed when she first saw him getting hard between her legs, and begins to worry.

"Would you please look at me when you talk to me?" asks Natalie, who halts her assault for a moment when she feels his cum reach her finger. "Why arenít you? Is it because Iím not sexy enough and the only way you can keep it up is to picture other women?"

Robert finally looks into her eyes, and he does so in a very distinct, calm fashion. Natalie almost looks away itís so intense.

"Iím not looking at you because Iím extremely nervous to be in the presence of such a beautiful woman," he says. "And if I look at that innocent face of yours for too long, Iím afraid Iíll mess it up."

Still not sure what sheíd do, Natalie wouldnít mind now if he came.


"Well, the proof is in your hands," says Robert, who then clearly stares at his pre cum, which has worked its way down three fingers on Natalieís right hand. She sees this, and begins to form a question with her lips, but is interrupted before coming to a decision.

"OK, the overlapping grip now. Just --"

"Wait, close your eyes for a minute, all right?"

"I thought you just said you wanted me to look at you," says Robert, confused.

"Just do it, OK?"

After making sure heís not peeking, Natalie carefully scoops up all of his pre cum with her right index finger while taking her top hand off his shaft. She holds it up for a moment, watching it drip down her knuckles, and then pops it into her mouth. Keeping a tight suction at the base, causing her cheeks to deflate, she slowly removes her finger, relishing the taste.

She starts to cum while swallowing his first sampling. Thrusting her left hand from his cock to down under her skirt, she rubs her clit furiously as the orgasm strengthens inside of her. She sucks clean the remaining fingers of her right hand while showering her left hand -- all the while trying not to scream from the intense pleasure. Silent tears run down her cheeks as she convulses.

Losing her balance, Natalie falls to the right, stabilizing herself with her recently polished hand on the grass. She looks back while still cumming hard, and notices for the first time just what Robert was talking about earlier. The wall of rain is so thick that she canít see past it at all, and she starts to feel a little woozy as she allows the mist from the falls to cool her face.

Her orgasm subsiding, Natalie delicately regains her position between his legs. She wipes away her tears and straightens her skirt once more. Still lightheaded, she goes to replace her hands on his cock after drying them on her shirt. When she completes the baseball grip, she spots her wedding ring for the first time and gasps.

"Are you OK?" asks Robert, quickly opening his eyes.

"Could you hand me my purse?"

Looking concerned, he reaches over and lifts it off the bench. Natalie removes the ring and carefully places it inside before re-gripping his erection.

"Did you swallow it?"

She wants to tell him how great he tasted and how hard she came, but simply nods while thinking of her husband.

"Why didnít you let me see?"

"You know why," Natalie states. "Can we finish up now?"

"Yeah, of course," he answers. "OK, for the overlapping grip, just place your right pinky in the slot between your left index and middle finger."

She tries to, but it doesnít look right.

"Well, not literally between them," corrects Robert, trying to think of a way to explain. "Here, let me."

He reaches down and sets her right pinky on top of her left hand, aligning it between the first two fingers. Natalie is surprised that he took control like that, and watches his eyes the whole time.

"There you go," he says, meeting her gaze. "You know them all now."

"Thank you."

She releases the grip and he helps her to her feet. Taking a seat on the bench, Natalie puts her wedding ring back on while Robert stares at the thick waterfall. His cock still jetting out from his pants, she splits her attention with it and his eyes until finally looking in the same direction.

"Itís really quite beautiful," she says about the cascading water. "You said you had your first kiss here. Iíve been wondering -- based on what we just did, did you do it for the first time here, too?"

"Only if we do it tonight," he says sadly, without hesitation.

Natalie stifles another gasp, and then shakes her head before looking back at him.

"Is this the first time a girl has even touched you?"

He nods clearly while seemingly breathing a sigh of relief.

Natalie canít believe it. Feeling like sheís somehow violated him, she wants to apologize, but instead asks, "Do you want to have sex with me?"

It was much more of a question than an offer, but sheís made up her mind now that sheíll do whatever he says.

"Thatís completely up to you."

She wasnít counting on that. Pondering it for a while, mainly while staring at his still hard cock, she just canít decide.

"What are you thinking?"

"Iím trying to convince myself that I did this for my husband. You know, he basically ordered me to take this lesson," starts Natalie, who then glances at Robert, glad to see him looking into her eyes. "Iím thinking that we haven't had sex in so long, and I don't really even know why. I need to have sex now. Not NOW now, and maybe not with you, but with someone, and soon. I didnít before tonight."

She looks away and adjusts her wedding ring before continuing.

"Iím thinking that I hate my husband, and that I donít want to be with him anymore," Natalie says with a nod, but then quickly shakes her head. "But I shouldnít complain. Heís really not that bad. I mean, itís not like he beats me or anything."

Pausing for a moment, she wonders why she keeps telling people that when they donít even ask. Maybe because itís not true.

"Itís just that so much has happened tonight. Not only this, but, well, just a lot of stuff. And Iím having a hard time thinking straight. I need to just be by myself right now," explains Natalie, who stands up. "Iím sorry, but I have to go."

After a warm exchange of smiles, she turns to leave.

"Wait a minute," she says, seeing the waterfall. "How do I get out of here?"

"Oh, here, put my jacket over your head," Robert insists. "Then just throw it back across."

While taking it, she stares pointedly at his cock.

"How are you still like that?" she asks, referring to his unceasing arousal.

"Well," he says with a chuckle, "this is my first time doing anything like this."

"Me too."

She briefly waits for Robert to zip up and follow, but heís clearly lost in deep thought.

Carefully placing his coat over her head, Natalie walks through the water. Glad to see that itís stopped raining, she tosses it back, but the rushing stream beats the leather down before it passes through, soaking the material.

Robert canít suppress a laugh as he sees Natalieís hand quickly save the jacket and drop it off on his side.


Exhaling deeply, Robert leans forward, resting his elbows on his knees. Suddenly remembering something, he stretches out and retrieves his jacket from the grass. Cautiously searching the inside pocket, he slowly pulls out a small razor blade. Hesitantly shaking his head, Robert places it in the hip pocket of his pants.

Just then, seemingly out of nowhere, a beautiful young woman leaps through the waterfall and lands directly in front of him. Completely soaked, she begins wiping the water from her face.

"Oh, itís so much warmer in here," she says with her eyes shut.

If Robert thought Natalie looked like an angel, then he knows for sure that this girl is one. Shoulder length dark hair, perfect breasts highlighted by a drenched white t-shirt, short red skirt showing off long, athletic legs, and, after clearing away the rain, piercing green eyes.

"Are you Crystal?"

She nods slowly while hungrily staring at his cock.

"How long have you been there?"

After locking eyes with him for a moment, Crystal drops to her knees in the same spot recently vacated by her mother. Taking hold of his erection, she expertly performs the three grips while saying, "Baseball, interlock, overlap."

Her freezing hands send a shiver through his body.

"That long, huh?"

"Sorry about my mom," she says while starting to stroke his cock with her slick right hand. "She can be like that sometimes."

With an ever present smile, Crystalís small fingers become a blur as she beats Robertís shaft with abandon, making him wince.

"Cumming," announces Robert, desperately wanting to watch it spray all over her face.

But immediately after he said it, Crystal removed her hand, popped up off the ground, and quickly turned her back to him. Very confused, Robert tries to ask what sheís doing while groaning in gratification, but before he could get a word out, Crystal bends her knees and lifts her skirt. Wearing no panties, she grabs his cock and positions it below her pussy. While lowering her head to look it in, his first burst shoots across her chin.

Easing the still spurting head past her tight opening, Robertís long but skinny cock slides in smoothly before meeting a strong resistance halfway.

Taking a deep breath exactly like her mother, Crystal sits down hard and rapidly rubs her clit as he breaks through -- filling her completely with his cock and his cum. Screaming loudly in pain and pleasure as her orgasm blooms, Crystalís cries echo off the still gushing downpour.

Adjusting to the new sensation, she rides Robertís receding cock briefly before leaning back against him to catch her breath. Turning her head to look at him, she sincerely says, "Iíll see you next week for the second lesson. OK?"

When he glances down, she lifts his chin and forces him to look in her eyes.

"Promise me."

Giving her a thankful and impressed glare, Robert definitively says, "Iíll be there."

Her wide smile returning, Crystal closes her eyes and kisses him passionately, rubbing her cum covered chin against his. Once their lips part, Crystalís eyes light up and she quickly rises to her feet. Before passing through the water, she turns to him.

"Now weíve both had our first kiss here."

Momentarily lingering in the threshold to shower herself clean, Crystal then picks up her drenched panties from the grass. Ringing them dry while starting to sprint, she almost trips while slipping them on. Flying down the driving range, she then runs past the practice green on her way to the parking lot.

Just now reaching her car while walking very slowly, Natalie spots her daughterís bicycle, which is leaning up against the trunk, and freezes.

"I canít believe you did that!"

Utterly shocked, Natalie spins around to see Crystal hurrying toward her. First noticing her drenched clothes, she feels like the worst mother in the world.

"What did you see?" she asks quickly. "How long were you there?"

"Long enough!" says Crystal in mock anger.

Completely breaking down, Natalie loses control.

"Iím so sorry, Crystal," she says with tears welling up in her eyes. "Please forgive me."

"Oh, Mom, itís all right," consoles Crystal, who hugs her mother. "Itís not like Iím scarred for life or anything."

"You donít hate me?"

"No, of course not. I love you."

"You donít know how much that means to me," Natalie says, pulling her closer. "I love you so much, Crystal."

"OK, OK," she says, breaking the hug. "Get a grip, all right?"

"Well I think I already did that," Natalie jokes, wiping away a tear.

"How did all that start anyway?" asks Crystal, who canít wait to hear.

"Get in the car first. Youíll freeze out here."

Checking out Robertís car while climbing into her motherís, Crystal shuts the passenger door. After putting her daughterís bike in the trunk, Natalie joins her inside, escaping from the chilly air.

"So what happened? Tell me everything."

"Crystal, youíre soaked to the bone!" exclaims Natalie, who retrieves her previously discarded black top from the back seat. "Here, put this on right now. And take off those socks and shoes or youíll catch a cold."

Natalie turns on the engine and the heater while her daughter changes shirts, briefly exposing her still erect nipples. Spotting the new shorts that her mom dried her pussy with earlier, Crystal pulls down her skirt and panties in one yank. Putting on the brown shorts, she tugs them low enough to hide the grass stains on her knees.

Picking up the cell phone while pulling out of the lot, Natalie dials a number.

"Who are you calling?" wonders Crystal.

"Tracy, have I got a story to tell you."



Authors note: This could continue in subsequent parts if it gets a good response -- voting and e-mail, which Iíll respond to quickly. And for those golfers out there -- yes, Natalie and Crystal both now play Wilsonís fat shaft irons.

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