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Ship wrecked

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The shimmering light of the moon glinted on the cruise ship's wake. A group of playful dolphins had been dancing in the swells for the past hour while a pair of tear glazed eyes followed their movements. Life just hadn't seemed worth living the last few months. Not since her fiancée dumped her for another woman had she looked with interest upon anything. This cruise was to have been their honeymoon. The new beginning they had dreamed about.

A sob caught in her throat. Her hand tightened on an object and she glanced down. The Zippo lighter surprises her, then she remembered the girlfriend who was sharing the cruise. The plea to keep it safe while the friend danced with a new acquaintance filters through her sorrow and she tuckes the lighter into her bodice.

Her gaze wandered back to the animals and she determinedly turned her thoughts to earlier in the evening. Her friend had been wrapped up in the new man, leaving her to fend for herself after dinner. Sitting there alone, she felt ill at ease, the feeling of being under observation growing. Trying to appear nonchalant, she'd glanced around the crowded room. A pair of gray eyes surrounded by thick black lashes rewarded her searching and she had to drop her look at the intensity of the man's stare. She could feel the pink blooming on her cheeks as she attempted to become invisible. Watching the couples gyrating on the dance floor didn't help. Her reluctant gaze crept back to where the man had been. This time very white teeth encased in a broad smile caught her attention. Knowing from the heat that her face must be matching the color of her hair, she abruptly rose and left the banquet room. Wandering the decks of the ship had taken little time. Protected from the breeze by the bulk of the ship, she'd stopped by the stern railing. The dolphins were already there and she'd settled herself to watch.

The sound of a clearing throat broke her reverie. Straightening and turning, she found herself looking at the broad expanse of a man's tuxedo clad chest. Her eyes race up to a familiar gray gaze. She stiffens.

"Excuse me Miss, I don't mean to intrude. I want to apologize for my rudeness earlier. I didn't mean to make you leave. I was admiring a beautiful woman and I got carried away."

Feeling a coldness surge through her body, all she can force herself to do is stiffly nod her head.

His face changes subtly and he takes a step backwards. Before he can make a reply, a shudder vibrates the ship. The sounds of heavy objects collapsing covered his "What the..." Grabbing her arm to keep her from falling, he pushes her against the railing for stability. She grippes it with both hands, her eyes huge in sudden fear. His head jerks around searching for the cause. A distant sound of screaming is heard through the din of glass breaking. The shaking of the vessel increases and he grabs her waist and the railing to hold both of them up.

"What's happening?' she screames.

The sudden silence as the ship stills is as startling as the beginning of the clamor, then all hell breaks loose.

Groaning as of a great beast in pain heralds the death throes of the crippled ship. The deck shakes once more, then begins a gradual listing towards the bow. Grabbing the terrified woman's hand, the man shouts, "We must find a lifeboat!" Steadying himself with every stationary object he can find, he urges her towards the side of the doomed vessel. Barely thinking, let alone able to make decisions for herself at this point, she puts her trust in this tall stranger. He hauls her along, making his way past other terrified passengers. Each lifeboat they pass is either crammed with people or has already been lowered to the sea's surface. He drags her through the mid-ship salon and to the other side if the ship.

They burst through the door and there, still hanging in its webbing is a small lifeboat. Looking up the deck, he sees no other passenger. It's now or never, he thinks. Grabbing her around the waist, he nearly slings her into the boat, then busies himself with the rigging. It comes loose with a jerk. Swiftly climbing inside, he adjusts the lines and lowers the craft into the water. He unships the oars and rowing as hard as he can, moves them away from the floundering hull. Their last glimpse of the ship is of the stern, shining like a candle before being extinguished as it plummets to the depths.

The woman's quiet sobs are the only sound as the couple sits bewildered. Shipping the oars, the man eases his tall frame to her side and gently clasps her shivering body to his. Holding each other, swaying to the slight rocking of the calm sea, she cries herself to sleep. He dozes through the long night.

The small boat bumping gently against the sandy shore wakes the two survivors of the shipwreck. Eyes blinking against the bright sun, the woman slowly sits up. As she uses her companion's arm for balance, he stirs. He wakes completely, recalling the previous day, the wreck. He reassuringly places his hand on hers as she touches his arm.

His eyes scan the vicinity as she says in a low voice, "I think we've arrived someplace but I don't know where."

Shaking his head he replies, "I don't know either but it's better than where we were. Hopefully, there's food and water here."

The woman watches as he climbs out of the boat into the knee-deep water, then accepts the hand he extends to her. Clasping it tightly, he steadies her and the boat. Holding her gown up as much as possible, she joins him in the gentle surf then moves to the shade at the edge of the beach. He makes sure she's safe before pulling the empty boat out of the rocking waves and grounding it on the beach. Grabbing his jacket he joins her, collapsing beneath the tree. He looks down at his wet pants and tries to brush the clinging sand off.

The shade is a welcome relief from the sweltering sun in the boat. He glances around at the profusion of vegetation, recognizing several species from the brilliantly colored blooms. A movement at his side catches his attention.

Squeezing the water out of the hem of the dress and seeing it beginning to tear where the salt water ruined it, the woman pulls the low bodice up and feels the material give at the seams. The attempt to salvage the dress gives the guy the treat of a glimpse of leg and bosom. He manfully tries to ignore it and forces his mind to other things, like food, water, survival.

Sighing deeply, she turns to him, "I'm sorry, with everything that happened last night we never did introduce ourselves."

The man digs up a little smile, as friendly as he can under the circumstances. "You're right, we didn't. I'm John Adams and I'm pleased to meet you, in spite of the circumstances." She looks at him and smiles back. "I'm Ann Morton," then looking over a shoulder "and I think I hear water over there." indicating behind them.

John gives her a warm smile this time. "You're right, I think I hear a stream or something too." He quickly gets to his feet and offers her his hand. "Let's go have a look." She rises with his assistance, waits for him to take the lead then follows him through the woods.

John pushes a path through the bushes, getting snagged a few times on some brambles and thorns. He curses under his breath. As the beach disappears behind them, the lush smell of growing plants covers the salty tang of the beach. They make their way over a low hill, through more bushes to a clearing.

John fights his way through the last of the underbrush. He looks back at her. "This is the first good thing that's happened all day. Fresh water hopefully!"

Ann tries to peer around him as they enter the clearing. "Marvelous," she breathes, "It's beautiful here." She hurries to the small stream that runs down the middle of the clearing and drops down next to it. John does the same, taking a handful of water and splashing it on his neck before taking a small taste.

Ann looks at him anxiously. "Is it fresh?"

He turns to her and smiles. "Yes! And it's COLD!" She smiles her relief at him and begins bringing handsfull of water up to her lips. Ann drinks slowly to relieve the horrible thirst caused by the salt water and sun then bathes her heated face.

His thirst assuaged, John looks up following the stream with his eyes, seeing how it winds among the trees and bushes. "Let's follow it, see where it leads. Something's got to be feeding it, a spring or lake." Ann agrees and gets to her feet, then reaches down and tears off the trailing skirt of the ruined dress. "Now I can move easily." she states. His eyes are drawn to the long shapely legs now exposed, then swallowing hard he turns away.

John takes the lead, following the rocky creek upstream. He takes his time, getting aquainted with their immediate surroundings. Ann follows him closely carrying the cast off skirt material.

A few minutes of following the gurgling brook and they find their steps slowing on another slight hill. At the crest, it opens up into another clearing, the trickling stream emerging from a rock enclosed pool. Surrounding the glade, interspersed with palms and other tropical vegetation are fruit bearing trees. He turns to her, wide-eyed and hopeful. "This looks like a good place to..., well, I mean I think we ought to think about where we should, you know, set up some sort of camp."

Ann gasps softly at the lovely sight, and seeing the advantages of the place, quickly agrees. She throws the piece of skirt she was carrying over one of the large rocks and begins picking up fallen wood from under the nearby trees. John arranges rocks, building a makeshift pit. He sweats from the hot sun overhead.

Ann dumps an armful of dried wood next to his fire pit and says to him. "Do you have a lighter or matches?"

John shakes his head no. "If you have something that'll save me the trouble from trying to be a Boy Scout." Ann chuckles as she turns her back and then turning around hands him the Zippo lighter. "I was holding this for a friend." Her eyes cloud at the thought of the others on the ship. She shakes her head and blinks her eyes a few times. "We just have to believe they are alright too."

Noticing her face, he sets the lighter down next to the pit and reaches up to touch her arm. He feels the same pain. "I'm sure they are, I'm sure they are."

Ann rubs furtively at her eyes, then trying not to think pulls at her salt encrusted dress. "I don't know about you but..." her voice trails off.

The fire catches and John looks at his pants, chalky white with the dry salt mixed with sweat. "I think we're thinking the same thing."

"I have to get rid of this salt and so do you, plus you need to get those scratches washed out." she says at the same time. They both chuckle. John had` forgotten about his scratched up arms. He looks down at them and sees a few streaks of blood, some puffy flesh. "Hmmm, you're right."

Ann approaches the pool. "I think we can bath here. The water is running quickly and we won't contaminate it. I hope."

John agrees since the spring that feeds the pool comes from high in the rocks. He looks at the tarn, a few very large dark rocks lining it. "I think we need to rinse these things out, maybe lay them on a rock to dry out before the sun gets blocked out by the trees."

Ann blushes slightly, "Promise me not to peek?" She giggles nervously and turns her back to him as she begins pulling the dress off her shoulders. John gives a snort. "I don't have much of a choice, but I'll do my best." Seeing the dress fall from her shoulders, he politely turns away.

Ann loosens her hair and shakes the flaming red mass over her shoulders, then slides the dress the rest of the way down, revealing the narrow straps of the dark green bra and the matching panties underneath.

John, with his back to her, takes off his shirt and pants. Wearing just his boxers he slowly turns and moves near the pool, trying his best to keep from looking too obviously in her direction. He enters the pool, finding it tepid from the suns warming. He rinses out his pants and shirt then lays them over a nearly rock.

Ann kneels at the pools side and rinses out the dress and the torn off skirt. Spreading them over a rock, she also slowly enters the pool.

John removes his boxers, then wading over to the rocks, wrings as much water out as he can. He lays them out flat on the warm rocks. Needing to stretch out of the water to do so he is exposed to the warmer air for a few moments.

Ann looks quickly in his direction, then ducks her head in embarrassment. The sight of his strong nude body draws her gaze back.

John lowers himself back into the water and turning towards her, sees a slight flush to her skin. He gives a friendly laugh. "I thought you said 'no peeking'."

Ann stands in the waist deep water just gazing at him, her face turning a brilliant red, then she bends with a laugh and lowers the rest of her body under the water. The bra and panties will rinse well enough still on her, she figures. She rinses out her hair in the sparking liquid by going completely under.

John hears her laugh, a very good sign. Anyone who can still laugh after what they'd been through is a survivor. He also ducks under then stands up straight, water sheeting off his broad chest and shoulders.

Ann comes up from being completely submerged and shakes the long wet hair away from her face, then rubs the last traces of salt from the creamy skin on her shoulders. She stops moving and just looks at him. She says in a very low voice, "John..."

John had looked away, all the sudden feeling awkward. He rubs at his arms, rinsing them off. Halting his rubbing at the sound of his name, he looks at her. He stares for a long moment. "Ann?"

Ann breathes out. "We survived." as tears well up into her green eyes.

He looks at her, seeing her bottom lip quiver. She reaches a hand out towards him. Wading over to her he takes it. John looks into her lovely eyes, holding her hand as he moves closer. "It'll be ok Ann. We'll be ok."

Ann closes the distance between them, needing to feel his warm skin against hers. Listening to his heartbeat is an affirmation of life as she presses tight against him, her ear against his chest.

John wraps both arms around her as he consoles her. One hand rests on her back; the other hand strokes her wet hair while he holds her. John leans his mouth down to her ear. He whispers to her, slowly, low. "It'll be ok, really, we'll be fine."

Ann holds to him tightly, shuddering as she releases the built up emotion of not only the last night but also the months before. She cries until there is nothing left and she's nearly exhausted. As he moves his torso to support her better the reality of his being nude strikes her. His body had responded to her closeness in a definite manner. Giving in to an impulse she turns and catches his mouth with hers. Even though he's startled, John doesn't pull away. Instead he responds by moving his lips against hers. Her body is warm despite the cool water around them. She kisses him needing the knowledge of life still lived, then begins to respond slowly to him instead of the circumstances.

John pulls her heated body firmly against his and feels her press back. His lips taste hers, then separating the tiniest bit catches her lower lip and nips gently. Ann is caught by surprise and a soft moan raises from deep within. Parting her lips, she touches his upper lip with her tongue. Their tongues meet. Ann's hands rise from being clasped behind him to rest lightly on each side of his jaw as their mouths move on each other. John's left hand disappears beneath the water to rub at the small of her back as his right hand strokes her arm.

Ann breaks the kiss and looks at him in astonishment, and question.

John's right hand slides up to touch her cheek and brushes it with the back of his hand. He locks his gray-eyed gaze on her emerald one.

Ann rubs her cheek against his hand as her long lashes drift to her cheeks. Slowly sliding her arms up around his neck, she offers her lips to him again. John takes the kiss deeper, his mouth wide open, probing hers with his tongue. Both his hands reach around her to trace her curves. Ann tangles her fingers in his short brown hair as his further response to her closeness presses against her belly.

John slides his hands up her wet sides, up and down as her soft lips give to his. He hears a low moan escape the back of her throat and feels her shiver at his touch, her nerve endings crying out for more and more. His hands slip to her back to release the bra, then never leaving her soft flesh, he removes it. Covering each inch of the satiny skin, his hands travel between their bodies and he wraps them around her full soft breasts. Ann leans back slightly, releasing the kiss and looks down at his strong hands cupping her breasts, knowing he can feel the nipples harden in his palms. She looks back up into his eyes with desire flaming in the green depths.

John watches his hands cupped around her breasts, sees his fingers caressing and rubbing over the hardening nipples. He gives a gentle squeeze, his eyes meeting hers to see the reaction to the soft pinch.

Ann closes her eyes, the long lashes fanning on her cheeks as the sensations race through her body and start an aching emptiness in her groin. John watches her eyes close, the heavy eyelids breaking the glance. He licks his lips then leaning down, lifts one of her breasts to his mouth, wrapping his lips over the stiff nipple. He suckles, working his lips, nipping, pressing firmly against her pink flesh.

Ann groans as his mouth causes her knees to get weak. Her hands go back in his hair holding his head close. John presses his face harder against her bosom, his tongue tracing slow circles around the sensitive flesh.

Ann attempts to begin an exploration of her own, her hands slip over his strong shoulders and down to his broad chest where they come to rest with fingers splayed. John, feeling her fingers, lifts his head and stands up. Ann traces the outline of his ribs down to his hipbones, then around to the back where her hands press on his buttocks to bring him tight to her again. John's hands match her movements as they pull each other closer.

Ann feels his desire hard against her stomach as she nibbles on his throat and collarbone. John shivers at each touch of teeth and lips and tilts his head, offering more of his throat as he barely moves his hips.

Ann tries to speak. "John." He hears her gasp, then extends his tongue and licks her jawbone up towards her ear. He pants, whispering her name into it as they cling to each other. Ann gives up trying to talk and reaches between them to gently grasp his manhood. He pulls his hips away, then thrusts towards her as she holds him, her grip soft and gentle. John grinds slowly, almost imperceptibly. Ann feels the water streaming off her nude body as he grabs her ass tighter in his hands. He pushes her back a few steps so the water is just below their thighs, the air warm on their wet bodies. He lifts his mouth from her ear and slowly stands up straight towering over her as he looks down.

Ann looks up at him, wanting him, wanting to please him. John looks into her enormous eyes, his breathing heavy. He says "Oh, Ann, I want you!" John licks her cheek as he reaches down and scoops her up in his arms, lifting her just out of the water. Ann gasps and her arms encircle his neck.

John wades though the water with her pressed up tight against him, moving towards the rocks where their clothes are laid out. Ann points to the flattest one, "Over there, where I laid my skirt."

John carefully leans down, laying her on the dark warm rock, her feet dangling over and ankles still in the water. He stands in the water in front of her, his excitement apparent as he gazes down at her seductive body.

Ann reaches behind and spreads the skirt out on the rock under her, then slowly leans back and brings a foot up to rest on the side of his waist. John reaches out stroking her smooth legs as he looks down at her slender body. His fingers tug the silk panties down and his eyes narrow in desire as her pubic mound is revealed. It's the work of a second until her nude form is displayed for his enjoyment. He drops the panties. Ann keeps her gaze locked on his as she reaches out, and taking one of his hands, slowly pulls him towards her. John leans gently down onto her, feeling her moist body against his, the beads of the cool water running off and down her smooth silky skin.

John sways against her, his thick tool pressing against her, into her as he lies over her, ready. Ann whispers. "Take me John, make me yours." He lightly kisses her forehead, as he raises his hips, reaching down between them, positioning his weapon. John breathes slowly, and taking the shaft in his right hand, uses it to rub the swollen head against her secret place, his lips against her brow. Ann trembles as she waits, aching, wanting.

John pushes the massive head against her moist slit. He lifts his mouth from her brow and stares down into her eyes as he enters. The feeling is so intense that John throws his head back, then drops it forwards and lets his shaft slide into her, penetrating her so slowly. He props himself up on his arms, one on either side of her body with her legs draped over them. His weight is up off her as his hips thrust and plunge his thick manhood between her soft pink nether lips.

Ann feels every muscle vibrate in her taut body as his cock enters and fills her. John holds it within her for as long as he can, his eyes wide open staring down at her, his mouth agape. Then a withdrawal, to be countered by another push right back in. John pushes down into her, and withdraws slowly, repeating. Hips thrust and his cock disappears into her.

Ann, completely unable to stop the sensations he causes with his movements, embraces them and him and joins in the age-old dance, her hips moving in rhythm with his thrusts. John catches her motions, pulling away as she does so their timed motions crash into each other. John rides her, soft and slow. He watches her breasts roll, rocking as he moves above her and shaking her exciting body.

Ann's fingers dig into his arms, then release. She pants. Her body gleams with sweat and the pool's water. John feels her grip on his scratched arms, tiny half moons from her nails adding to the scrapes and marks from the earlier trek through the bushes. He grunts, low and loud, each push of his cock into her punctuated with a deep cry from him, a low moan from her.

John stares down into her eyes as he pumps his rod between her open legs, feeling her sex holding him so tight, gripping his hard shaft. He pulls out, and pushes in, out, and in, with each withdrawal he comes almost all the way out of her hot tight womanhood, his thick head barely between her lips before strongly arching, and diving back in.

Ann cries out, "Oh God..."

She feels the muscles surrounding him tighten down almost painfully as waves of pure pleasure begin their rush from her loins to her whole body and sweep her to unimagined heights.

Feeling the beginning of her climax he smothers her face with kisses and licks, urging her between breaths. "That's it Ann. Come on... yes... let go for me."

Ann screams.

John calls out, their piercing cries mixing in the quiet air, loud over the sound of the water bubbling behind them. "Ann! God... I'm gonna... I'm gonna... oh my GOD!" John 's hips crash harder and faster, fucking her, riding her as hard as he can. He grunts, fighting the ache but is unable to hold back.

Ann 's body twists under him, taking everything he gives her, feeling him swell and wanting to feel him explode deep inside. John stares into her eyes as he is propped above her, the wild eyed look he gives her lets her know how close he is. His eyes roll back and close, his head leaning far back as he begins to ejaculate. Each pulse teases a answering throb from inside her. John grunts, still thrusting into her. Filling her with his hot semen, he arches his back and slows. He keeps his swollen shaft moving between her tight lips and feels the last of her orgasm's contractions.

Ann pulls him on him, wanting to feel his weight. John collapses on top of her, finding her mouth with his, pinning her between him and the rock. Their breathing is deep. When it slows, she kisses him joyfully, knowing that life still goes on. They just proved it.

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